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Nintex Intelligent Process Automation


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Achieve immediate benefits
By deploying powerful and easy-to-use capabilities from Nintex.

Process Management
Map and maintain the processes that span your business, drive accountability, and improve efficiency with Nintex Promapp™.

Process Automation
Utilize advanced workflow, document generation, e-signature, and digital forms to quickly streamline and automate processes across teams and systems of record.

Process Optimization
Leverage Nintex Hawkeye™ process intelligence and third-party services to gain insight into the effectiveness of your processes.

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Nintex Intelligent Process Automation

  1. 1. Tr u s t e d I T S o l u t i o n s . E x p e r t I n t e g r a t i o n . R e l e n t l e s s I n n o v a t i o n . © 2019 Razor Technology Strictly Confidential and Proprietary Intelligent Process Automation With Nintex
  2. 2. Agenda • The Nintex platform – Intelligent Process Automation • Use cases • HR • Healthcare • Finance • Insurance • Banking • About Nintex and Additional Information
  3. 3. Intelligent Process Automation The Bottom Line Transform time-consuming processes into intuitive, integrated, and intelligent workflows that contribute to success. Automate, orchestrate, optimize with the no-code Nintex Platform Advanced Workflow Process Intelligence Mobile Apps Document Generation Modern Forms
  4. 4. End-to-end automation for a digital experience that represents the modern employee journey Advanced Workflow
  5. 5. Gain the visibility to measure, govern and optimize HR processes. Use people analytics to make better, faster decisions Process Intelligence
  6. 6. Create faster, more intuitive employee interactions that are easy to build, automate, and maintain Modern Forms
  7. 7. Accelerate time-consuming paperwork with dynamic, data- driven, and compliant employee documents Document Generation
  8. 8. Empower employees in the field to interface with HR processes regardless of whether they are online or offline Mobile Apps
  9. 9. Use Cases
  10. 10. Automate, Orchestrate, and Optimize Human Resources Activities RECRUITMENT ONBOARDING EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT Resource Requisition Quickly raise new headcount requests with just a few clicks, and automatically route for approval. Interview Coordination Automatically coordinate interviewer calendars and eliminate scheduling delays. Job Advertising Connect to job boards and post approved JDs with the touch of a button, saving time and resources. Synchronize Feedback Collate mandatory interview feedback via dynamic forms facilitating faster decisions around candidates. Offer Letter Easily generated employee contracts create a quick and painless experience. Equipment Provisioning Automatically setup equipment and accounts for new starters ensuring they hit the ground running. Background Checks Mitigate risks and delays with automated background checks for new employees. Benefits Enrollment Schedule new starter packs with digital enrollment forms, eliminating the need to print, sign, scan, send. Leave Requests Automatically check the qualifications of new medical professionals during recruitment. Compliance Training Schedule regular procedure training for staff to drive compliant work practices and mitigate risk of breach Growth + Talent Programs Recognize success and automate custom growth plans for employees with just a few clicks. Performance reviews Proactively manage and prepare for performance reviews and offer development programs to support growth.
  11. 11. Use Case: Onboarding IT equipment set up Other follow-on tasks Employee accepts offer Request new employee forms Employee forms received Employee provisioning Allocate software licenses Add to HR systems Employee starts Order credit card/ business cards Send swag Assign desk One month after start Schedule orientation Welcome lunch Manage reimbursements Reviews and check-in meetings
  12. 12. Automate, Orchestrate and Optimize Healthcare Services ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES INFORMATIONAL SERVICES SUPPORT SERVICES Policies and Procedures Management Maintain compliance with protocols by ensuring they are up-to-date and employees are adequately trained. Employee Recruitment Streamline hiring with workflows for coordinating site visits, scheduling interviews, and managing travel logistics. Physician Contract Management Leverage forms to auto-generate contracts, securely store and route to stakeholders for review, and obtain e-signatures. Patient Satisfaction Survey patients within days of discharge, then circulate the results for internal analysis and to regulators. Admissions Processing Eliminate clipboards, pencils, and patient frustration with forms-based data gathering and automated workflows. Medical Record Requests Create customizable forms and workflows to expedite record requests and sends both internally and externally. Computer Information Systems Provision new hires with equipment and support the service needs of employees with forms and workflows for submitting tickets. Employee Records Management Support compliance procedures to ensure all pre-hire certifications are complete and on-going training requirements are up-to-date. Central Supply Manage acquisition approvals and track asset lifecycles to ensure critical on-demand supplies are available. Clinical Engineering Minimize equipment downtime with simplified, form-driven service request submissions and workflow tracking. Maintenance Equip any employee to request maintenance—no paperwork, phone calls or emails required. Security Enhance security protocols for building and restricted areas while accelerating access.
  13. 13. Use Case: Physician Contracting Job requester submits Contract Request Form Completed form data automatically generates Contract Request Doc Workflow triggers review request alert for Chief Medical Officer, Legal, VP of Operations, Compliance, etc. Approvals trigger notice to 3rd party valuation firm requesting hourly rate, monthly hours, etc. Reimbursement variables entered into form populate Dr. Contract Template Dr. Contract routed to Compliance, CMO, Legal, Ops, etc. Final draft approved Sent to doctor for e-Signature Doctor reviews Signed Executed Contracts stored in system of record Approved Approved/denied notification
  14. 14. Automate, Orchestrate, and Optimize Financial Processes ACCOUNTS PAYABLE/RECEIVABLE FINANCE LEADERSHIP COMPLIANCE Purchase Requests Control purchases before they occur to ensure that budget is spent as intended. Invoice Processing/Coding Simplify the time-intensive process of receiving and coding incoming invoices through the use of modern forms and advanced workflows. Tracking Approvals Streamline invoice approvals and reduce cycle times through intelligent approval follow up and reporting. Delinquent Account Follow-up Automate the process of following up on late payments from clients based on smart workflow logic so your team members can focus on more strategic projects. Budget Forecasting Drive tighter EOQ and EOY budget tracking through automated communications requiring budget owners to validate actuals at preset times. SOX Compliance Simplify how you test (and retest) for compliance with to generate audit-resistant results. Audit Management Simplify the complexity of audits with automated workflows, forms generation as well as secured and intelligent archiving. Stakeholder Communications Quickly pull compile routine stakeholder communications pulled from connected systems so you can concentrate on the big picture. Contract Reviews Auto-generate necessary paperwork, manage redlining, initiate e-signatures and then securely archive. Documentation Retention Categorize and archive compliance documentation based on meta-data in case of audit. Compliance Management Simplify the complexity of compliance with automated workflows, forms generation as well as secured and intelligent archiving. Post-Breach Action Plans When time is of the essence, quickly initiate post-event action plans using advanced workflows to minimize adverse impacts and remedy situations as quickly as possible.
  15. 15. Use Case: Accounts Receivable List of accounts which are past due by 60 days is imported Notification activity is logged into the system of record Payment received? Account’s past due status in system of record is removed Slightly stronger email messaging is sent to account contact notifying them of past due amount After 90 days, Accounts Receivable is sent an email to follow-up with a phone call Client value rating for account Account record in the system of record updated to “past due” Softer email messaging is sent to account contact reminding them of past due amount Notification activity is logged into system of record Account Manager and Accounts Receivable are notified of communication After 5 more days, the Account Manager calls contact at account Account’s past due status in the system of record is removed Payment received? After 90 days, Account Receivable is notified to follow-up with a phone call Client value profile incorporates factors such as: 1. Strategic account importance 2. Prior payment history 3. How the account compares to similar clients Client notifications are sent at times that historically have had open/response rates No Yes No Yes Lower Higher
  16. 16. Automate, Orchestrate and Optimize Insurance Activities APPLICATIONS & QUOTING UNDERWRITING & PURCHASING POLICY & CLAIMS ADMINISTRATION Create Cross-sell/upsell Identify client preferences based on interactions to create cross-sell/upsell opportunities. Client Personalization Intelligently market complementary solutions to clients based on existing portfolio, life cycle stage, and more. Application Completion Enable prospects to quickly complete modern forms that only ask for relevant information for applications. Field Underwriting Equip field agents to quickly and consistently qualify prospects based on preset criteria. Policy Underwriting Streamline the underwriting process from application to policy issuance. New Client Onboarding Provide an effortless digital client onboarding process that ensures the right information is collected to enable you to craft personalized experiences at scale. Payment Delinquency Streamline the follow-up of delinquent payments to drive recovery and retain clients. Risk Assessments Better inform yourself on the risk profile of applicants using machine learning and cognitive analysis. Claims Assessment Triage assessments based on incident details to either documented self-assessment or leverage a professional. Fraud Detection Employ advanced cognitive logic to route potential fraudulent instances to reviewers. Claims Processing Route claims based on payment thresholds and machine learning to eliminate unnecessary steps. Client Self-Service Empower clients to make changes to their policies and accounts 24/7.
  17. 17. Use Case: Claims Processing Client submits claim form with supporting information Valid policy? Claim declined; Notification sent to client Claim data entered into system of record Claims payment optimization Settle claim Claim payment processed Claims audit Leakage determination Risk assessment result Negotiations between parties until settled claim Additional review by human investigators Negotiate Normal No High Pay Approvals through workflow Powered by machine learning Notifications sent throughout the process through email or SMS Yes
  18. 18. RETAIL BANKING BUSINESS & COMMERCIAL INVESTMENT BANKING Loan Originations Accelerate loan origination processes to do more with less while driving visibility, governance and client experience. Know Your Customer Compliance Automate the process of verifying new client identities and securely archive the supporting materials to stay compliant without sacrificing client experience. Account Closure Focus your resources where they make the most sense in the account closure process. Intelligently triage closure requests based on factors such as customer lifetime value and probability of retention. Client Onboarding Provide an effortless digital client onboarding process that ensures the right information is collected to enable you to craft personalized experiences at scale. Lending Money in Documentary Form Automatically create letters of credit, performance bonds and more with intelligent document generation. Fraud Detection Leverage machine learning to scan for fraud-like patterns and advanced workflow to handle notifications. Cash Management Provide a way for corporate clients to modify positive pay registers to reduce check fraud. Commercial Loan Origination Accelerate loan origination processes to do more with less while driving visibility, governance and client experience. Compliance Management Employ process automation to ensure timely compliance and risk management. M&A Due Diligence Drive accountability and visibility into due diligence reviews complete with e-signatures and secure document archiving. Pitch Deck Creation Ensure all data and information is instantly updated when creating customized pitch decks. Underwriting Securities Automate the completion of supporting documentation paperwork such as NDAs and the SEC Form S-1. Automating, Orchestrating and Optimizing Banking Processes
  19. 19. Use Case: Loan Origination Mortgage application submitted to lender Notify applicant of declined status Requests for applicable supporting documentation sent Lender receives documentation and reviews Firm commitment letter issued to borrower Record posted in system of record (CRM) Lender submits documentation to mortgage insurer Closing date set Executed contracts intelligently archived in secured location Closing 3 day waiting period Legal work ordered Application pre-populated with form content Routed based on workflow rules Automatically comply with policy-based waiting periods Pass basic qualifications?No Yes
  20. 20. Summary Information
  21. 21. Retail & CPG Manufacturing Energy 8,000+ enterprise customers Financial Services Healthcare Technology 30% of Fortune 500 have automated, analyzed, and optimized business processes Services Entertainment & Media Government
  22. 22. Stats and Facts
  23. 23. COMPLEX SIMPLESOPHISTICATED LOWHIGH Lack Visibility into the Breadth of Operating Processes Too Hard to Implement - Heavy Coding Required Lack Power - Only for Simple Processes Orgs Operate with Inefficient Processes Because: Complexity of Business Processes AutomationImpact 3 2 of all enterprise processes remain highly manual 1 68% Despite Efforts to Digitally Transform Business Operations…
  24. 24. The Nintex Process Advantage Best Power & Ease of Use Process Management Map and maintain 100s/1000s of business processes, drive accountability and process improvement through Nintex Promapp™. Process Automation Utilize digital forms, mobile apps, workflows, DocGen™ and connectors to quickly automate processes across teams and systems. Process Optimization Leverage Nintex Hawkeye process intelligence and 3rd party AI services to monitor, analyze and enhance business processes.
  25. 25. Nintex Makes it Easy to Manage, Automate & Optimize Processes Across Departments and Business Systems Simple to Sophisticated Processes
  26. 26. Technology Manufacturing Government Financial Services Retail & CPG Services Healthcare Energy Entertainment & Media Serving More Than 8,000 Customers 30% of the Fortune 500 have standardized on Nintex with 100s/1000s of process apps per company
  27. 27. Manage & Automate - Industry Specific Processes Sophisticated to Complex Processes Insurance Providers Banking S&Ls,CUs Wealth Mgmt Healthcare Providers Pharma Companies Medical Devices Industrial Manufacture Public Sector Policy Underwriting Claims Processing Payment Delinquency Customer Service Client Onboarding Loan Origination KYC Compliance Account Closure Annual Reviews Referral Management Pitch Deck Creation Estate Planning Physician Contracting Patient Onboarding Medical Asset Service Patient Sat Surveys CRO Site Selection Clinical Trial Recruitment Investigator Forms Adverse Event Reporting GxP Protocols Clinician Onboarding Site Inspection Reports CRO Contracting Regulatory Approvals Product Quality Equipment Service Supplier Onboarding Public Records Management License Applications Proposal Management Incident Management
  28. 28. Easily Manage Quickly Automate Dynamically Optimize Processes Across All Business Department, Users and Use Cases Improves the Way People Work through Process Management & Automation
  29. 29. The Nintex Platform Removes Barriers to Digital Transformation
  30. 30. Process Management & Automation 1. Fastest Way to Build Apps • Flexible Drag & Drop Designer, No Rigid Wizard • Advanced Workflow, Forms, & State Machines • Orchestrates Process, People and Systems 2. Lowest Total Cost of Ownership • Modern Usage Based Pricing • Enterprise Wide Plans Available, at Scale <$5/Emp/Mo • Much Lower Cost (ex. MS Flow Plan 2 $15/User/Mo + PowerApps $40/User/Mo) 3. Highest Overall Satisfaction • Industry Leading 70% NPS, 2X MS Flow & PowerApps • Ease & Power Leads to Largest Deployments in the Industry, 1,000’s of Processes Automated is Common • Strong Partner and Connector Ecosystem Top Reasons MSFT Customers Choose Nintex Microsoft Awards • Microsoft Office and SharePoint Application Partner of the Year • The Leading MSFT Co-Sell Partner for FY19 Wins • Winner of various Office App Awards every year since program inception in 2014, with 2018 1st Place wins: • Nintex Workflow for Office 365 awarded Best Overall App • Nintex Forms for Office 365 awarded Most Business Value Nintex vs. Others • Offers IT and Process Pro Power, without End-User Limitations or Heavy Coding • Purpose-Built Simple to Sophisticated Process Management and Automation • Not Limited to End-User & Team Productivity Use-Cases
  31. 31. Global Standard for Process Management & Automation. Helping shape the future of the Intelligent Process Automation market with our partners. Leading Pioneer Workflow & Content Automation Aragon Tech Spectrum, 2018 2018 Leader Quadrant Digital Business Platform Aragon Globe, 2018 #1 in Strategy Digital Process Automation Forrester Research Wave, 2017 Company Overview • Founded in Australia in 2006 • HQ in Seattle (Bellevue) since 2013 • 500 employees worldwide, with offices in Auckland, Bellevue, Dubai, Hong Kong, Irvine, Kuala Lumpur, London, Melbourne, San Francisco, Singapore and Sydney Market Scale & Leadership • 3M+ workflow applications in production • Billions of process executions annually • More than 8,000 enterprise customers • Clients in more than 90 countries • Profitable for more than a decade • High rated NPS of 70%+ Platform Capabilities • Promapp™ Process Mapping & Management • Forms & Mobile Apps • Advanced Workflow • Document Automation • Process Intelligence • Xtensions™ Framework Nintex - The Trusted Global Standard Industry Partners • Hundreds of partners • Diverse Industry partners
  32. 32. Contact Information © 2019 Razor Technology, David Rosenthal VP & General Manager Digital Business @DavidJRosenthal Slideshare Blog: 5 Tower Bridge 300 Barr Harbor Dr., Suite 705 West Conshohocken, PA 19428 Cell: 215.801.4430 Office: 866.RZR.DATA LETS KEEP IN TOUCH