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Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro - presented by Atidan


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Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro - presented by Atidan

  1. 1. David J. Rosenthal President & CEO, Atidan Microsoft Technology Center, New York City May 5, 2014 More of what your business needs Windows 8.1 Pro Update
  2. 2. “Windows 8 is the best business platform we’ve ever shipped. Buying Windows 7, when you could get Windows 8 is just leaving value on the table.”
  3. 3. Windows 8.1 Pro Update Business should take a closer look
  4. 4. One experience for everything in your life
  5. 5. Easing the move to the modern platform Some apps including Microsoft Office sold separately; vary by market. More predictable desktop experience Improved mouse and keyboard control Pin modern apps to desktop taskbar Optimized to work on low-cost hardware Start screen made easier Sideload apps without requiring VL-keys
  6. 6. Windows 8.1 Pro Update improves user experience on the Start screen Easier access to common commands like shutdown and search The familiar right-click has been extended to the Start screen, bringing up a convenient menu of controls Your Start screen prominently displays the ‘all apps’ button and ‘new apps notification’ for better visibility
  7. 7. Windows 8.1 Pro Update: The best of both worlds Taskbar: Seamlessly switch between modern and desktop apps Instant access to the taskbar, whatever app you’re in Title bar: Familiar minimize and close functions are easily accessed, whatever app you’re in Bing Smart Search: Get new apps faster, with search suggestions that now include apps from the Windows store
  8. 8. Foundation for the future Windows releases
  9. 9. More familiar More choices More access More security Skip the learning curve and get straight to work by booting directly to the familiar, fast, and fluid desktop you know and trust. Find, save, and share files instantly on the best Windows desktop ever created. Stay on budget, go mobile, and find the power you need, all within an impressive array of unique-to-Windows devices. Finding a device to fit your business and your budget has never been easier. Be productive wherever and whenever with immediate access to your docs, contacts, apps, and essential tools like Office*, SharePoint, and OneDrive across all your devices. Invest in growing your business, instead of costly security add-ons, with built-in business-grade security features like BitLocker, Trusted Boot, Windows Defender, and out-of-the-box malware protection and data privacy. Windows 8.1 Pro. More of what your business needs. *Sold separately.
  10. 10. Windows 8.1 Pro: Better than Windows 7 Pro Windows 8.1 delivers Windows 7 capabilities plus… Security risks Incompatible apps, including the new Office No one to call Potential downtime Faster boot times Longer battery life Better performance Flexibility in work styles; boot directly to the desktop or the Start screen Multi-monitor improvements 3x more secure than Windows 7 Windows Store apps and desktop apps Save and access your files, docs, and pictures from anywhere with OneDrive Support for Windows XP ends April 8, 2014
  11. 11. Windows 8.1 Pro: The best choice for non- touch devices Faster boot More secure Through your Microsoft account, your personal settings and Start screen sync seamlessly across multiple form factors Multi-monitor improvements Easier navigation through improved mouse gestures Windows Store provides access to over 100,000 modern apps that work great with your Windows 8.1 Pro PC Plus, you get more . . .
  12. 12. More Familiar The best Windows desktop ever created
  13. 13. Desktop enhancements Boot directly to desktop Improved file explorer Improved task manager Start button
  14. 14. Windows 7 Pro Windows 8 Pro Windows 8.1 Pro Windows 8.1 Pro Update Taskbar Seamlessly switch between desktop and modern apps using the taskbar Sideloading Install Windows 8 apps directly without going through the Store Pin apps Pin modern apps onto your familiar taskbar Boot to desktop Choose the work style you prefer Automatic apps update All Windows Store apps will update automatically Auto backup Your personal settings sync across devices through Microsoft account Remote data removal Secure your data with the ability to control data on your lost or stolen devices Trusted Boot Protects devices and data by helping prevent viruses and malware at start-up Still on Windows 7? You are missing out! X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
  15. 15. More Choices The widest range of devices available
  16. 16. Touch | Lighter, Thinner, Faster Long Battery Life | Modern Security New Form Factors | Sensors and Connectivity Increased performance and battery life Enhanced security hardware Apps stay up to date, and ready to go Supports touch displays on large and smaller screen sizes Project your display with the latest standard: Miracast* Large selection of modern devices to fit any budget Windows 8.1 Pro devices deliver more innovation Requires supporting hardware*
  17. 17. One platform for all your devices Notebooks AIO's & DesktopsPhones & Small Tablets Retail Customer service Field Work Large Tablets and 2-in-1’s Sales, Manufacturing, Insurance, Real estate, Medical, Hospitality, Executives, Management Accounting, Administration, IT, Engineering, Call center, Development Operations Human resources Marketing More choices | Less training | More productivity
  18. 18. More Access Work from wherever, whenever
  19. 19. Communicate in real-time with Lync Manage your email and Calendar with Outlook Protect sensitive content with Information Rights Management Access your documents from virtually anywhere on Windows devices Experience full fidelity of Office documents across devices Some apps including Microsoft Office sold separately; vary by market. Select Windows 8 small screen tablets include Office Home & Student 2013. Check the PC specifications. Productive on the go with Microsoft Office
  20. 20. Your Apps and Data Always With You Replacement Device User Settings on Replacement Device Work folders or Windows Device Lost or Damaged Device User Data on Replacement Device for Business
  21. 21. Apps for the way you work Microsoft Office LOB desktop apps Windows Store apps
  22. 22. More Security Built-in and ready to protect your business
  23. 23. More security than ever before Trusted Boot Improved fingerprint log in support Backup to OneDrive Built-in anti-malware Device encryption BitLocker/BitLocker To Go Remote business data removal
  24. 24. Group Policy Simple group policy configuration for domain-joined computers Mobile Device Management Security enhanced communications with cloud- based management Extended Mobile Device Management Enroll with any MDM provider, such as AirWatch, MobileIron, Windows Intune Auto-triggered VPN Apps automatically trigger VPN connections Domain Join Join and access resources from a managed Windows environment More management options for your business
  25. 25. Reasons to go Pro Windows 8.1 Pro The edition built for business All the benefits of Windows 8.1, plus More security and control Business class capabilities Grows with your business BitLocker BitLocker To Go Domain Join Group Policy Assigned access (kiosk) Remote Desktop (Host) Client Hyper-V Sideloading apps Eligible for future volume license upgrades Eligible for Volume Licensing, including Windows Enterprise and Software Assurance 24/7 support and training, and more – all through Software Assurance
  26. 26. Enterprise upgrade can be purchased with Software Assurance for additional benefits Standalone upgrade licenses can be purchased in Open License and Select Plus How to License Windows To Go Creator DirectAccess BranchCache Virtual Desktop Infrastructure AppLocker Create a corporate Windows 8.1 environment on a USB stick Connected to corporate networks, seamlessly and more securely Users in the branch office can download documents and apps faster Improved end-user experience Specify what software is allowed to run on a user's PCs Start Screen Control Control the Start screen layout that users will see through centrally- managed Group Policies. + Includes all features found within Windows 8.1 Pro Windows 8.1 Enterprise Edition Features
  27. 27. Take a closer look at Windows 8.1 Pro Exciting offers Buy new device Buy at retail Upgrade existing device How to get it OEM offers Get2Modern offers Need help with migration and deployment? Migration services
  28. 28. 1-215-825-5045 x5001
  29. 29. Appendix
  30. 30. Easier, faster, and more fun to work with touch and keyboard together on a PC More and more apps are touch-optimized like the new Office Intuitive touch screen devices are quickly becoming the new standard Is it worth buying a touch PC? With the rising popularity of touch devices, the price gap between touch and non-touch has never been smaller$
  31. 31. Improves Internet Explorer 8 compatibility IT controls which sites are in Enterprise Mode; enabled by Group Policy Lowers upgrade costs and preserves existing web app investments Update to Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 Introducing Enterprise Mode Internet Explorer for IE11 Enterprise Mode Icon F12 Developer Tools
  32. 32. Easier access to what's most important Power, search, and PC settings are now right on the Start screen, in addition to being accessible from Charms, so you can instantly shut down, search, or change your settings. You can now pin Windows Store apps to the taskbar alongside desktop apps for immediate access to the apps you use most. Instantly access the taskbar with the mouse from any screen, including Start or a Windows Store app, so you can quickly switch between open apps and launch apps you’ve pinned to the taskbar.
  33. 33. More intuitive mouse and keyboard experience Whatever app you’re in, move your mouse to the top of the screen to access the familiar functions of minimize and close. Moving your mouse to the bottom of any screen gives you instant access to the taskbar for fast app launching or switching. The familiar right-click mouse function has been extended to the Start screen, bringing up a menu of common controls rather than an app bar.
  34. 34. It's simpler to find new apps you'll love The Windows Store comes pinned to your taskbar so it’s always one click or tap away, speeding your discovery of great new apps. Suggestions from Bing Smart Search now include apps in the Windows Store so you can find and get new apps faster than ever. Windows Store apps are more prominently displayed in Bing Smart Search results, making it easier to match apps to your needs. Your Start screen points you to your newly installed Windows Store apps, so you don’t forget about the great apps you have.
  35. 35. Now, a Windows device for any budget Choose from a wider range of Windows devices, including value notebooks and tablets. Get the best of Windows and Office* on budget-friendly tablets and notebooks. *Sold separately.