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Microsoft Vision and Roadmap - The New Era in the Workplace from Atidan


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Microsoft Vision and Roadmap - The New Era in the Workplace from Atidan

  1. 1. Microsoft Enterprise Vision & RoadmapThe new era in the workplaceDavid J. Rosenthal, President & CEO, AtidanNovember 12, 2012
  2. 2. What we hear from customers Help us… Lower costs Drive and gain innovation efficiencies Grow our Meet business today’s technology expectations
  3. 3. Four IT megatrends will dominate the next decade Mobility Social Cloud Big data >80%distributed/ in 49% ofpriority for BI as the CIOs rank 91% Social networking will of new apps 85 mobile apps top project 2012 follow not just people 2012 will be of organizations expect to spend BILLION will be downloaded in 2012 but also appliances, devices, and products deployed on clouds Total digital content will grow 2.7 zettabytes on mobile devices in 2012 The strategic focus 48% from 2011 in 2012In 2012, mobile in the cloud will shift in 2012 2/3 of mobile appsintegrate developed in 2012 willdevices will Mobility from infrastructure 32% with analytics offerings =outship PCs by to applicationmore than 1/2 of platforms of businesses2:1 34% companies are likely to Data security concerns expect to use invest in BI internal social of CIOs say technology as a and analyticsand generate more network apps in 2012revenue than PCs service (cloud) will have the in 2012 most profound effect on thefor the first time CIO role in the future
  4. 4. We live in an amazing time!Microsoft Research is exploring the future of technology
  5. 5. Empowering IT to meet the needs of the business …integrate my existing line-of-business apps …help maximize end user productivity …ensure that corporate information is protected …manage all devices on the network, local and remote
  6. 6. Reimagined Delightful Best productivity Proactive PC experience mobile devices experience business solutionsMicrosoft is themost excitingcompany in tech, Third- Modern Mission-critical Managementhands down. generation Cloud OS data platform of private and virtualization public clouds —, June 2012 A new era in the workplace
  7. 7. DemoIntroducing thenew era of technology 10
  8. 8. The new era of productivityDevices Social Cloud Control
  9. 9. Modern platform for the world’s apps transforming the datacenter enabling modern apps Cloud OS unlocking insights on any data empowering people-centric IT
  10. 10. Technology to differentiate your business Maximizing IT flexibility with open, interoperable technology that connects your business and works with what you have. Accelerating innovation with the enterprise-class technology and business partnership that you expect.Empoweringyour peoplewith an unparalleled rangeof integrated, connectedsolutions that help youget more done, faster,without limits.
  11. 11. NOW: Break. Stretch your legs, visit the Experience Lounge, and get ready for the next session.In 15 min.: Learn about The New Era of Productivity