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Microsoft Teams Meetings and Devices


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Meetings for everyone with Microsoft Teams Meetings. By leveraging a single hub for communications and collaboration, Microsoft Teams meetings enables you to meet anywhere, meet with intelligence and meet with confidence.  
Teams allows you to schedule and join a meeting with others without technology getting into the way.
Through the Teams client you can organize your day, review meeting notes, chat offline with others, and follow up on action items
Run more productive meetings by being able to easily discover, organize and share relevant content.
Stay more engaged and bring your meeting to life by expressing you and your surroundings when you are remote.
Microsoft Teams is conveniently connected to the rest of the Microsoft ecosystem in order to bring you a seamless experience.
Microsoft Teams is integrated with the Office 365 suites of product you know and use such as Exchange, Skype, SharePoint, OneNote, and more!

Teams supports a range of intelligent devices and services which can understand the spoken, and even unspoken nuance of meetings even when we’re not in the room, carry those insights into our broader team experiences, and create opportunities for everyone to collaborate in more immersive ways. Teams allows you to schedule and join a meeting with others without technology getting into the way.

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Microsoft Teams Meetings and Devices

  1. 1. Microsoft Teams Meetings & Devices David J. Rosenthal VP & GM, Digital Business Microsoft Technology Center, NYC April 3, 2019
  2. 2. Our customer’s employees are more mobile, increasing remote collaboration Video is becoming the norm 72% 56% 1/3 of meetings 38%
  3. 3. In a commissioned report, Microsoft learned more about the challenges employees face today STRESSES OF TODAY’S MEETINGS 60% 57% are unsatisfied with their current meetings find meetings unproductive Other 2% Collaboration 22% Status 27% Sharing 19% Formal 12% Customer 18% ~50% of meetings are status or collaborative • Longer than planned • Attendees multi-tasking • Attendees unprepared • Late attendees • Not on time • Hard to schedule everyone • Too many meetings ACROSS ALL MEETING TYPES: MULTIPLE TOOLS NEEDED MORE MODERN MEETINGS NEEDED
  4. 4. Meetings for everyone Consistent experience while at home, on the go, at your desk and in-room Supports all types of spontaneous, scheduled and formal connections: 1:1, team to large groups. Choices for internal, external and broad communication Meetings just work - Great audio/video and sharing over Wi-Fi and cellular networks. Worldwide infrastructure and global peering points for optimized traffic Built on the same security, compliance and manageability of Office 365 Meet anywhere Meet with confidence Ongoing, contextual collaboration keeps people connected and gets work done faster Bring your meeting to life with video. Easy sharing with content at your fingertips. Leverage AI for meeting assistance before, during, and after connections Meet with intelligence
  5. 5. Meet anywhere Simple & fluid experience across all end points Enjoy familiar, consistent experiences across mobile, desktop, web, room devices & desk phones Easy to schedule, start and Join Start 1:1 or group video calls anytime, or start a meet up in a channel Schedule channel or private meeting in Teams or using Outlook. Invite external partners/customers as federated or Guest or by Email . Manage meeting lobby. Web-based join in Chrome and Edge browsers. Worldwide coverage, including audio conferencing for 90+ countries. Communicate broadly with Live Event to 10,000 attendees Great on the go experience (mobile) Join on-to-go with 1-click, companion join and call me back. Collaborate via mobile using screen share, live camera feed share, PowerPoint presentation Range of platform and devices Choose from a room portfolio covering the spectrum of space types from huddle to boardroom. Includes Surface Hub, Skype Room System, and a range of devices for group and personal use. Meet anywhere
  6. 6. Meeting room Mobile Desktop Join and collaborate quickly from any experience Budget Allocation Budget Allocation Budget Allocation
  7. 7. PowerPoint Navigate Present PowerPointsShare Optimized for mobile: Share PowerPoints, screen or live video Budget Allocation
  8. 8. Teams (desktop, web and mobile) M365 Live Events in Teams “Quick Start” Budget Allocation
  9. 9. Meet with intelligence Meeting lifecycle: Experience before, during and after a meeting Chat with attendees before the meeting to keep Collaborate on documents and presentations Calendar – review upcoming meetings, Review meeting agenda During the Meeting: Have the same chat & documents available at your finger tips Post Meeting – Review & share meeting notes and action items. Continue the post meeting discussion in the same meeting chat thread Take notes, Record your meeting and view post meeting. Search transcript for keywords and jump to point in time Content sharing at your finger tips Share desktop and applications Present recent Power Point at one click, private preview & co- navigate Share Photo, Video, PPT from mobile, Share mobile screen (iOS) Innovative audio and video Meet with F2F video & view content in high definition Use video background blur to help focus and eliminate distractions
  10. 10. Insights, history, and deeper context Meet with intelligence Meetings lifecycle
  11. 11. Meet with intelligence Meetings lifecycle Invite external guests to join a meeting via web Review upcoming meetings Schedule meetings for team members or external guests Access previous meeting recordings and transcripts, search for relevant discussion topics Chat with attendees before the meeting to keep them informed of updates and action items Collaborate on documents and presentations before a meeting Access previous meeting recordings and transcripts, search for relevant discussion topics Chat with attendees after the meeting to keep them informed of updates and action items Review Meeting notes to review assigned follow ups Schedule additional meetings Join online meetings from your PC, mobile, web, or conference room with HD Video, VoIP or dial-in audio conferencing Pre-set your meeting settings before join a meeting (device, a/v, & muting ) Manage external guest from a meeting lobby Plugin-less join experience from browser Hi-Fidelity screen share (1080dp and 15fps) and content share Stream video, speakers, and content to thousands with live events
  12. 12. Meet with intelligence
  13. 13. Meeting Recording and Playback
  14. 14. Designed for mobility Seamless WiFi to cellular network handoff Better video loss recovery mechanisms Adaptive AV experiences over variable bandwidth network (e.g. turn off video, callback via PSTN) Network & device resiliency More robust AV device failure recovery and software codec failover with dynamic device black list Support Media over HTTP to better traverse through corporate proxies even when O365 IP ranges Automatic roaming and reconnect support across all end points in case of network switches and transient network glitches Intelligent user facing diagnostics Smart device selection: Automatically pick the right AV device for the user Speak-while-mute: Let the user know they are muted while speaking; Poor network: Suggest turning off video when there is poor network quality Echo avoidance: Prompt the user to join muted and avoid the echo chamber experience Meet with confidence
  15. 15. Auto-reconnect Call me back Dial inLow battery Poor network  Intelligent mobile connectivity
  16. 16. Next Gen Infra & Global footprint Azure based, global, highly resilient infrastructure Millions of miles of fiber across 1000s of CPU cores with 1500+ peering agreements Available for 90+% of the internet connected population Intelligent Cloud & Intelligent Edge Better audio/video/sharing quality - backhaul traffic over the Azure network instead of the internet Media Relays enable optimal media (A/V/sharing) path Support dynamic regionally hosted meetings Hi-Fidelity screen share 1080p and 15fps Office 365 compliance, security, and manageability Meetings Policy through the Modern Portal and Power Shell Device Policy & Management O365 compliant cloud With go local, GCC Troubleshoot Call quality & Actionable insights Call Quality Dashboard: KPIs with near real-time telemetry Call Analytics: enables call quality issue troubleshooting Tenant-based monitoring and proactive Tenant outreach via messaging center Optimized ISP experiences Leveraged analysis of network statistics of Skype consumer calls all over the world and use the data to identify ISP peering problems & engaged these ISPs to resolve the issues Meet with confidence
  17. 17. Next-gen infrastructure US-E US-W EU-D Asia-HK Asia-S EU-A AMERICAS EMEA APAC US-C Built on Azure Intelligent Cloud & Intelligent Edge Powers enterprise-grade voice, video, and meetings and calls Global, highly resilient infrastructure Great audio, video & sharing quality over Wi-Fi & cellular networks Maintenance and upgrades with minimal disruption Operated by our engineering team
  18. 18. Bring the Teams experience to every meeting Introducing the next generation of Skype Room Systems
  19. 19. Spaces Microsoft Graph Microsoft AI Cortana The foundations Personal work space Mobile work space Shared collaboration spaces Small or large conference rooms Windows10 Microsoft Teams A range of certified devices in every size, for every space and working style Personal devices Shared devices Skype Room Systems Interactive whiteboardConference Room Phone Mobile phoneMobile phone stationHeadset Speaker puckDesk phone
  20. 20. Room systems Room phones Personal devices
  21. 21. • Tested for highest quality audio & video • Supported by Microsoft and our partners • Millions of devices shipping each year • All work with Microsoft Teams All the benefits of Certified for SfB plus • Closer integration with Microsoft Teams • Integrated Teams notifications and invocation • Optimized for voice skills in Microsoft Teams • Devices coming in CY19
  22. 22. Advanced features and capabilities • Teams can do more than Skype for Business Online • Rapid innovation based upon a rich Intelligent Communications roadmap Modern user experiences • State-of-the-art cross-platform and mobile experiences • Collaboration across Teams and Channels Performance by design • Re-imagined client built on cloud infrastructure • Teams provides improvements in quality and operational metrics Why upgrade to Teams? 420,000+ 89 60 companies with 10,000+
  23. 23. Available today ✓ 1:1 to Group Call Escalation with Teams, Skype for Business, and PSTN participants ✓ Anonymous Join ✓ Audio Conferencing in over 90 countries ✓ Blind Transfer ✓ Boss and Delegate Support ✓ Broadcast Meetings (preview) ✓ Call Blocking ✓ Call Forwarding ✓ Call Queues ✓ Call Park ✓ Caller ID Masking ✓ Cloud Recording ✓ Consultative Transfer ✓ Direct Routing (Hybrid connection to Teams) ✓ Distinctive Ring ✓ Do not Disturb breakthrough ✓ e911 Support ✓ Enable Existing Calling Plan Support ✓ Extension Dialing ✓ Federated Meetings ✓ Forward to Group ✓ Group Call Pickup ✓ Hide/Share/Mute Chat ✓ Hold ✓ Improved Device Selection ✓ Interactive Troubleshooting ✓ Large Meeting Support (~250) ✓ Lobby for PSTN callers ✓ Lobby Support ✓ Location-Based Routing (preview) ✓ Multi-call Handling ✓ Mute Other Participants ✓ Organizational Auto-Attendant ✓ Out of Office Support ✓ Participant Management ✓ Persistent 1:1 and Group Conversations ✓ Private and Channel Meetings ✓ PSTN Fallback ✓ Safe Transfer ✓ Schedule in Outlook & Teams ✓ Shared Line Appearance ✓ Simultaneous Ringing ✓ Speed Dial ✓ Suggested Contacts ✓ Team + Channels for Teams Productivity ✓ Transfer to PSTN Call ✓ User Facing Diagnostics ✓ Voicemail ✓ Application Sharing ✓ Conversations ✓ Desktop sharing ✓ Enable Meeting Lifecycle with Pre/During/Post ✓ Give and Take Control in Sharing ✓ Immersive Meeting Experiences ✓ PowerPoint Load and Share ✓ Whiteboard and Meeting Notes ✓ Contact Groups ✓ Federated Chat between Teams and Skype for Business ✓ Guest Access for External Users ✓ Import Contacts from Skype for Business ✓ SfB-Teams Calling ✓ Skype for Business Interop with Persistent Chat ✓ Teams-SfB 1:1 Chat Interop ✓ Unified Presence ✓ Cloud Video Interop services ✓ Edge, Chrome Browser Support for meetings ✓ iOS and Android support ✓ Skype Room Systems Support ✓ Surface Hub Support ✓ Support for existing certified SIP Phones ✓ Trio 1 Touch Teams Meeting Join ✓ TTY Support ✓ USB HID control ✓ Call Quality Diagnostic Portal ✓ eDiscovery/Hold/Archiving of Messages ✓ Enable Call Quality Analytics ✓ Message Retention Policies ✓ Messaging Interop IT Policies ✓ Messaging User-Level Policies ✓ SfB-Teams Interop Policies ✓ Tenant Policies ✓ User-Level Meeting Policy Skype to Teams Roadmap: delivered
  24. 24. Teams has a real impact
  25. 25. Charting your journey to Teams.
  26. 26. 1 Plan your upgrade to Teams Only ROUTE 1 Upgrade to Teams Only 2 + Coexistence “Islands” mode (side-by-side) when: • Pure Skype for Business Online environment (recommended path) • Desire to quickly move to Teams Teams Collab or Collab+Meetings when: • More complex organizational environment (on-premises and hybrid) • Expect a long co-existence period Journey from Skype for Business to Teams For organizations already using Teams
  27. 27. 1 Envision teamwork for your organization ROUTE 2 Pilot Teams Deploy Teams Adopt Teams Plan your upgrade to Teams Only Upgrade to Teams Only 2 3 4 5 6 + Coexistence “Islands” mode (side-by-side) when: • Pure Skype for Business Online environment (recommended path) • Desire to quickly move to Teams Teams Collab or Collab+Meetings when: • More complex organizational environment (on-premises and hybrid) • Expect a long co-existence period Journey from Skype for Business to Teams For organizations not yet using Teams
  28. 28. + Project Stakeholders Project Definition Technical Readiness and User Readiness Deployment and Implementation Operational Excellence Planning for a successful upgrade A proven framework for driving technical and behavioral change Learn more at Gather the right sponsors and project team Define your project scope, goals and timeline Assess network readiness; test for quality Assess user acceptance and design readiness Implement pilot, coexist and upgrade strategy Drive value through optimization and adoption growth
  29. 29. Understand the impact of change • Assess impact to the organization, reflect in adoption plan • Build user engagement into your communications plan • Use cases and role-specific benefits help users understand the value of Teams Pilot before rolling out broadly • Identify early adopters and evangelists to champion deployment and provide feedback • Target users and departments with unique needs and edge-case requirements • Evaluate awareness building, training, and support – iterate based upon feedback and analysis Focus on driving sustained results • Frequently communicate project progress, to-dos, and next steps • Consider devices as part of your overall strategy, including personal computers, meeting room systems, and peripherals Identify champions and critical stakeholders
  30. 30. Teams upgrade paths.
  31. 31. Islands mode: Teams and Skype for Business run side-by-side Chat and Calling • Users can initiate calls and chats from either client • Incoming VOIP calls and chats land in same client as originator • Presence is separate • No interoperability Skype for Business Online customers should start with Islands mode so users can experience the full functionality of Teams at their speed. Once organization adoption of Teams hits 100% saturation, move to Teams-Only mode. Meetings • Users can schedule meetings from either client
  32. 32. Meetings First: move meetings workload to Teams first Skype for Business Server for Chat and Calling Teams for Meetings Skype and Teams co-exist
  33. 33. Teams Only mode: Teams is used for everything Chat and Calling  Receive and initiate all chats and calls in Teams  Interop (IM/call) with any Skype for Business user  Redirects to Teams if users try to sign in to Skype for Business. Data that gets migrated  Existing contacts from Skype for Business including federated  Existing meetings Meetings  Newly scheduled meetings take place in Teams  Previously scheduled Skype for Business meetings still happen in Skype for Business
  34. 34. Upgrade support.
  35. 35. Teams adoption and upgrade support Programs and resources to enable your success Upgrade planning and guidance from Microsoft • Microsoft will help you and your customer design a strategic plan based upon a proven change management framework and the specific needs of your organization1 • Access upgrade tools, guidance, planning workshops, blocker mitigation, and monitoring • We’re here to help you with your customers’ upgrade Teams Adoption Toolkit • Understand business outcomes, best practices and real-world use cases for Teams • Download assets to onboard your Helpdesk 1 All customers have access to online tools and training. FastTrack-led engagements available for qualifying customers. Guidance Start planning your upgrade Training Learn with free, live, online training Roadmap Evaluate your needs relative to Teams capabilities and timing Knowledge Explore technical documentation, rollout and adoption resources
  36. 36. Let’s plan your journey.
  37. 37. Upgrade Guidance Skype to Teams Upgrade – Get Started us/MicrosoftTeams/upgrade-start-here Upgrade Success Kit Teams Upgrade FAQ Coffee in the Cloud Skype to Teams Overview Videos Instructor-Led Teams Training On-Demand Teams Training for Admins us/microsoftteams/itadmin-readiness On-Demand Teams Training for End Users us/microsoftteams/enduser-training Teams Success Kit Teams Adoption Guide Drive Operational Excellence with Teams Tech Community Teams Blog /Microsoft-Teams-Blog/bg- p/MicrosoftTeamsBlog Plan your journey to Teams with our guidance, training, and resources Onboard users and begin using Teams to explore the possibilities for your organization Drive Teams adoption for collaboration, meetings, and calling Fully upgrade to Teams and accelerate business value realization Additional Teams upgrade resources
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  39. 39. Appendix/Resources
  40. 40. Surface Hub Budget Allocation
  41. 41. Infrastructure: Azure Intelligent Edge Audio/Video/Sharing media ingress & egress closest to your users, backhaul across Azure network