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Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management


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Microsoft PPM helps you deliver on business strategies through high-impact outcomes. You can think of the PPM as a lifecycle which comprises of three phases: Ideate, Plan, and Execute.

Ideate: Is the initiation phase in which ideas are collected and projects are proposed. The organization’s business drivers capture the company’s strategy and guide ideation.
Plan: This phase includes preliminary planning of the projects at a high level. Microsoft PPM helps prioritize the projects subject to budget and resourcing constraints. Once projects are approved the solution supports detailed and realistic planning.
Execute: The goal of this phase is to deliver the projects through collaboration of the involved stakeholders.
Built on Microsoft’s cloud Microsoft PPM weaves in cloud services that power the PPM solution with collaboration capabilities, advanced analytics that drive insights and the ability to customize and extend the solution to meet unique needs of your organization.
Microsoft PPM is built on Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure. This means you get enterprise-grade security and compliance, highly secure and geographically diverse data centers, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

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Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management

  1. 1. Microsoft Project & Portfolio Management David J. Rosenthal VP & GM, Digital Business Microsoft Technology Center NYC
  2. 2. Projects often fall short of their potential Do the right projects of surveyed companies reported high alignment between projects and strategy 43% 62% untapped potential current outcomes Do the projects right of projects meet their goals—a number essentially unchanged since 2012 Project Management Institute. “Pulse of the Profession: The High Cost of Low Performance.” 2016.
  3. 3. Microsoft PPM is a comprehensive and intelligent solution that propels successful execution from strategy to outcomes through the Microsoft Cloud Strategy OutcomeIdeate Plan Execute Collaboration Insights Extensibility Microsoft Cloud
  4. 4. Microsoft PPM is best equipped to transform strategy into high-impact outcomes Ideate Ideate and develop project proposals that advance corporate strategy Plan Select effective portfolios and devise pragmatic project plans Execute Orchestrate execution and help ensure performance and outcomes are on track Collaboration Boost teamwork through inherent collaboration through Office 365 Insights Gain at-a-glance insights to make informed and timely decisions Extensibility Customize and extend Microsoft PPM to best serve the business environment
  5. 5. Ideate Ideate and develop project proposals that advance corporate strategy Encourage ideation Capture business demand Translate strategy into actionable goals Establish standards and governance
  6. 6. Establish standards and governance Configure Microsoft PPM to meet the needs of the business Use workflows to help ensure projects follow a desired lifecycle Create custom templates or reuse out-of-the-box templates for each type of initiative (e.g., project, program, etc.) Create custom views and reports for simplified communications and decision making Implement and adhere to industry standards and preferred PPM techniques
  7. 7. Translate strategy into actionable goals Define business drivers to help achieve results that advance corporate strategy Define business drivers for each portfolio (e.g., product division portfolio, IT portfolio, etc.) Develop a quantitative impact scale for each business driver Assign weights to business drivers to help decision makers prioritize goals Communicate business drivers to all stakeholders
  8. 8. Capture business demand Offer a simple way to propose projects Input demand details, including benefits, estimated costs, required resources, and the impact on business drivers Assess all demand types, including large programs and projects, smaller initiatives, and ongoing work streams Easily customize data entry forms and approval routing workflows for each demand type
  9. 9. Encourage ideation Solicit ideas from across the organization and manage ideation funnel Empower individuals by including them in the ideation process Energize brainstorming through a collaborative ideation approach Control the ideation funnel to give structure to the ideation process and help ensure the right ideas are selected Create custom mobile apps to capture ideas on the go
  10. 10. Plan Select effective portfolios and devise pragmatic project plans Conduct high-level portfolio planning Select the right projects Develop realistic project plans Manage resource demand and assignments Manage large programs
  11. 11. Conduct high-level portfolio planning Gain immediate insights into benefits, costs, and strategic alignment of proposed projects Identify and visualize the impact project proposals have on defined business drivers Quickly understand the benefits, costs, and strategic alignment of proposed portfolios
  12. 12. Select the right projects Devise portfolios that maximize benefits and honor constraints Feed the optimization model with resource and financial constraints Force mandatory, preapproved projects, like regulatory initiatives, into the portfolio Model what-if scenarios to compare alternative portfolios for more informed portfolio selection Formalize project approvals by selecting the optimal portfolio Perform ongoing portfolio optimization as new work emerges or business priorities change According to Forrester, 75% of surveyed companies experienced better strategic and organizational alignment with Microsoft PPM Forrester. “The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Office 365 PPM.” 2015.
  13. 13. Develop realistic project plans Converge data points from across the business to create an accurate execution plan Get started fast with premade templates, or build one from scratch to meet specific requirements Create a work breakdown structure (WBS), map task dependencies and estimate work and task durations Forecast role-based demand for resources Devise a realistic project plan that considers multiple planning dimensions like resource availability, task dependencies etc.
  14. 14. Manage resource demand and assignments Support project goals and the execution plan through thoughtful resource management Compare resource demand forecasts to availability using visualized heat maps Assign specific resources or formalize requests with a built-in engagement process for project and resource (line) managers
  15. 15. Manage large programs Meet the unique management needs of large programs Establish program-specific standards, like templates, views, and reports Segregate program segments across different project managers as a best practice for managing large initiatives Use built-in collaboration tools to drive alignment and boost communications among program teams Gain program insights with detailed and highly visual reports
  16. 16. Execute Orchestrate execution and help ensure performance and outcomes are on track Boost efficiencies with self-reliant teams Assess the impact of new and updated work Visualize project metrics with built-in reports Gain at-a-glance portfolio insights
  17. 17. Boost efficiencies with self-reliant teams Empower team members to propose changes and submit time and task updates from anywhere Enter time and task status updates for all project and non-project work in a single place Empower team members to add new tasks and amend assigned work as projects evolve Encourage individuals to self-assign to “team tasks”
  18. 18. Assess the impact of new and updated work Understand how resource and budget requirements change as projects evolve Regulate change management by vetting submitted updates Compare progress updates to baseline plans to assess the impact on project goals Adjust and formalize project plans by publishing modifications for all stakeholders to see
  19. 19. Visualize project metrics with built-in reports Instantly create a variety of status reports to track and communicate performance Create powerful status reports (see partial list below) in one click to track progress and identify negative trends in progress • Burndown • Cost Overview • Overallocated Resources • Earned Value Leverage rich Power BI dashboards and reports to communicate project status and grab management’s attention
  20. 20. Gain at-a-glance portfolio insights Roll-up portfolio status highlights and steer executives to appropriate corrective actions Customize insightful dashboards and reports to reflect portfolio performance at a glance Help executives immediately identify root causes and drill into supporting data for informed and timely decisions Juan Manuel Sánchez-Quinzá, Director, Project Office, ABANCA Financial Services “A great advantage of Project Online is that senior management can get an updated report on each project and obtain a global view. Before, we invested considerable time and resources in creating reports, but now the process is quick and agile.”
  21. 21. Collaboration Boost teamwork through inherent collaboration through Office 365 Collaborate in the cloud Streamline information-sharing
  22. 22. Collaborate in the cloud Leverage the Microsoft Cloud to boost coordination across project teams Work across familiar, collaboration tools in Office 365 to drive better outcomes through more connected teams Enable real-time access to project information from virtually anywhere to connect geographically dispersed project teams Leverage native mobile apps for collaboration on the go Launch ad hoc communications with Skype for Business for accelerated decision making
  23. 23. Streamline information-sharing Collaborate on all pertinent project information to increase efficiencies and quality Share plan updates with team members to reduce time- consuming status meetings Provide project teams a single repository in the cloud to store and share project documents Host all team discussions in one place using an intuitive social feed Surface and manage risks and issues in SharePoint Online
  24. 24. Insights Gain at-a-glance insights to make informed and timely decisions Derive advanced analytics with Power BI Visualize data in new ways
  25. 25. Derive advanced analytics with Power BI Build custom dashboards and reports to see PPM data in different, more-applicable ways Build and share custom Power BI dashboards and reports using a variety of visualizations, like maps, to meet specific needs Integrate data from multiple sources (e.g., Microsoft PPM, financial systems, etc.) into Power BI analytics Perform ad hoc analysis with natural language query and built-in predictive analytics capabilities Access Power BI dashboards and reports from virtually anywhere to make informed decisions on the go
  26. 26. Visualize data in new ways Discover new insights with a Power BI Content Pack built for Project Online Download Power BI templates from a newly released Content Pack for Project Online Choose from 13 different templates that visualize data under three lenses: • All-up portfolio • Resource management • A single project View Content Pack templates and resulting data dashboards on a native Power BI iPad app built for Project Online
  27. 27. Extensibility Customize and extend Microsoft PPM to best serve the business environment Manage projects your way Use the right tool for the job Enhance and tailor the PPM experience Take PPM to the next level of intelligence
  28. 28. Manage projects your way Gain project management flexibility with native agile and waterfall support Leverage agile templates, reports, and Scrum- or Kanban-style board views to track projects your way Create new agile projects or apply agile views to existing waterfall projects Use a combination of agile and waterfall methodologies for a bimodal, balanced approach to meet specific project needs
  29. 29. Use the right tool for the job Tap into the Microsoft productivity ecosystem for more project management options Enable casual work managers to track task-based initiatives more effectively with Office 365 Planner Connect Project tasks to Planner plans so all stakeholders can see progress updates in their solution of choice Use tools like Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) or JIRA for software development projects Embrace multiple tools and methodologies to match the preferences of different project managers and teams
  30. 30. Enhance and tailor the PPM experience Customize user experiences with enhanced apps and partner solutions Create codeless PPM apps to enhance mobility and other scenarios, like ideation, with PowerApps Download specialized PPM add-ins developed by trusted Microsoft PPM partners from AppSource Leverage partner solutions to integrate Microsoft PPM with third-party systems, like SAP or JIRA Develop custom integrations and workflows with Azure Logic Apps and Flow Rely on in-house development capabilities to build custom solutions using a dedicated Software Development Kit (SDK)
  31. 31. Take PPM to the next level of intelligence Harness a variety of powerful Microsoft intelligence solutions to boost PPM efficiencies Pair big data with Cortana Intelligence Suite to perform predictive analytics and surface powerful insights Include inputs from connected IoT devices for scenarios like preventative maintenance projects Use Microsoft bots for labor-intensive and low-return PPM chores Derive insights from text, speech, and visuals with APIs from Microsoft Cognitive Services
  32. 32. Value of Microsoft Harness cutting-edge cloud technology to boost the Microsoft PPM experience
  33. 33. Build on a leader in PPM Microsoft PPM a leader in market and analyst reports 20 million users at more than 15,000 companies worldwide
  34. 34. Company-wide and scenario-specific One platform that meets PPM needs across industries and scenarios “Microsoft Project improves the preparation of reliable project schedules, the staff’s view of the progress of projects, the anticipation and resolution of problems, and facilitates communication within the teams. It is, without doubt, an important factor for improving project management.” Christian Borel Central PMO Manager Airbus Group Large program Kirt Eberts IT Manager, Enterprise Scheduling Team Intel “We can consolidate applications onto the Project platform… With the rich functions and features of Project, we no longer need to buy other products.” IT PPM Alain Simard Project Control Officer, Portfolio and Project Management, Cascades Canada “With Project Online, we are able to continuously implement the right projects that align with Cascades business strategy and then execute those projects efficiently.” Services
  35. 35. Harness the power of the Microsoft Cloud Incorporate other Microsoft Cloud services for a powerful PPM solution Enjoy all the benefits of the Microsoft Cloud, a leader in public cloud, through Microsoft PPM Adhere to broader cloud strategy by adding Microsoft PPM Leverage a broad set of innovative cloud services to satisfy growing PPM needs PlannerAzure VSTSPower BI Office 365 Dynamics 365 Microsoft PPM Microsoft Cloud
  36. 36. Continuous PPM innovation Benefit from accelerated delivery of new PPM capabilities through the cloud M i c r o s o f t PPM S a a S Getting started experience OData in SSIS Accelerated reporting Power BI integration Unlimited instances Heatmaps Server 2016 Accessibility PSA connector Advanced team collaboration 30,000 projects online Multiple timelines Resource Engagement Planner connectivity Refreshed Power BI Content Pack Native agile support
  37. 37. Be compliant and gain peace of mind Microsoft PPM is built on the highly secure, private, and compliant Microsoft Cloud Microsoft holds key certifications and attestations across various industries Standard Industry or government “At Microsoft, we believe that for the full benefits of these new technologies to be realized, we must build a solid foundation of trust. …To earn your trust, we have pledged to build Microsoft’s cloud services on four foundational principles: security, privacy and control, compliance, and transparency.” Brad Smith President and Chief Legal Officer Microsoft HIPAA/HITECH Healthcare SOC 1, 2 & 3 Financial Services FERPA Education FedRAMP United States EU Model Clauses European Union EU-US Privacy Shield European Union & United States Canadian Privacy Laws Canada ISO 27001 & ISO 27018 Broad IT security GDPR (2018) European Union DPAs Applies to more than 40 specific security commitments worldwide For more information please visit:
  38. 38. Drive successful implementation and adoption Take advantage of Microsoft programs and a trusted partner network to achieve success Choose Razor Technology for support in implementation and faster value realization Benefit from the familiarity of an intuitive Office 365 experience Rely on Microsoft standard support options and free, online training to boost user adoption 301% is the expected ROI for companies that adopt Microsoft PPM 6.7months is the expected payback period for companies that adopt Microsoft PPM Forrester. “The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Office 365 PPM.” 2015. Claus Paulsen CIO, DT Group Retail “The initial implementation of Project Online took very little time. We started with the portfolio management part and got the overviews that we wanted. Many project managers were familiar with the tool, and getting the collaboration sites to the project was a great advantage to them.”
  39. 39. Choose the best-fit Microsoft PPM solution A variety of Microsoft PPM products, built on the Microsoft Cloud, meet almost any need Benefits of cloud licensing Per user, not per device Subscription model Lower cost of entry Predictable budgeting Up-to-date software User role Product Price Portfolio managers Resource managers Project Online Premium Contact Razor Technology per user per month Team members Project Online Essentials Contact Razor Technology per user per month Project managers Project Online Professional Contact Razor Technology per user per month Kim Etheridge Head of P3O Centre of Excellence, Capita Professional Services “The answer was almost knocking on my door, telling me that it would be 50 percent cheaper for us … to move everything onto Microsoft Project Online. … The list of benefits in terms of fulfilling our collaborative mission was enormous.”
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