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Microsoft 365 eEnterprise E5 Overview


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Platform + Intelligence + Partners
This new understanding has led us to build new solutions for our customers. It informs our entire approach across three critical elements:
Building a platform that looks holistically across all the critical end-points we talked about – building security into our platform as well as providing security tools and technologies to you
Acting on the Intelligence that comes from our security-related signals and insights – helps you and us to detect threats more quickly
Fostering a vibrant ecosystem of partners who help us raise the bar across the industry – we know we’re not your only security vendor, and we want to work with the industry and take a holistic approach to technology
Microsoft 365 provides holistic security that is aligned to these four pillars of security.

By helping enterprise businesses secure corporate data and manage risk in today’s mobile-first, cloud-first world Microsoft 365 E5 enables customers to digitally transform by unifying user productivity and enterprise security tools into a single suite that enables the modern workplace.

Identity & Access Mgmt
Protect users’ identities and control access to valuable resources based on user risk level

Information Protection
Ensure documents and emails are seen only by authorized people

Threat Protection
Protect against advanced threats and recover quickly when attacked

Security Management
Gain visibility and control over security tools

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Microsoft 365 eEnterprise E5 Overview

  1. 1. Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5 Security Overview David J. Rosenthal VP & GM, Digital Business November 1, 2018 Microsoft MTC New York City
  2. 2. Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph 450B monthly authentications 18B+ Bing web pages scanned 750M+ Azure user accounts Enterprise security for 90% of Fortune 500 5B threats detected on devices every month Shared threat data from partners, researchers, and law enforcement worldwide Botnet data from Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit 1.2B devices scanned each month 400B emails analyzed 200+ global cloud consumer and commercial services OneDrive Xbox Microsoft accounts Bing Azure Outlook Windows
  3. 3. Microsoft Secure global security vision Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5 A single suite that unifies enterprise security with user productivity to meet the needs of today’s modern workplace Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5 security products Securing the enterprise with Microsoft 365 Realities of digital transformation How Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5 Fits In
  4. 4. Realities of digital transformation
  5. 5. The intelligent, connected cloud introduces both opportunity and risk REALITIES OF DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION of companies have embraced the cloud 2018 State of the Cloud Survey (Rightside) (1.88B) of the global workforce will be mobile by 2023 Global Mobile Workforce Forecast Update 2017-2023, Strategy Analytics Technology has changed the way enterprises conduct business Requiring a new approach to protect company assets of European companies say they are GDPR compliant “The State of GDPR Readiness: GDPR Readiness Progresses, But Strategies Depend Too Heavily on IT” Forrester, January, 2018 of successful enterprise attacks will be on Shadow IT resources by 2020 How to eliminate enterprise shadow IT, Gartner, April 11, 2017 96% 43% 1/3 Only 26%
  6. 6. Complexity is the enemy of intelligent security REALITIES OF DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION $1.37M On average that an organization spends annually in time wasted responding to erroneous malware alerts “The Cost of Insecure Endpoints” Ponemon Institute© Research Report, June 2017 1.87M Global cybersecurity workforce shortage by 2022 Global Information Security Workforce Study 2017 70 35Security products Security vendors Is the average for companies with over 1,000 employees Nick McQuire, VP Enterprise Research CCS Insight.
  7. 7. Balancing security capabilities with a manageable security posture REALITIES OF DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION
  8. 8. Reducing complexity can eliminate many security challenges: REALITIES OF DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION Lack of specific recommendations on how to improve security posture Too much time spent managing security vendors Too many alerts to investigate Learning how to configure and manage disparate security solutions slows deployment Integration is time-consuming and increases total cost of ownership User productivity is compromised for the sake of security, resulting in users bypassing security measures
  9. 9. Securing the enterprise with Microsoft 365
  10. 10. Identity & Access Management Threat Protection Security starts with great user authentication Data is your most important company asset Correlate threat information and automatically respond Optimize with security insights and configuration tools Information Protection Security Management SECURING THE ENTERPRISE WITH MICROSOFT 365 E5
  11. 11. Protect users’ identities and control access to valuable resources based on user risk level Gain visibility and control over security tools Protect against advanced threats and recover quickly when attacked Protect sensitive information wherever it lives or travels Threat Protection Identity & Access Management Information Protection Security Management Intelligent security for the modern workplace Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5 unifies enterprise security and user productivity SECURING THE ENTERPRISE WITH MICROSOFT 365 E5 Holistic security across your digital landscape
  12. 12. SECURING THE ENTERPRISE WITH MICROSOFT 365 E5 For enterprise customers that embrace the Microsoft productivity suite, significant gains can be realized in security
  13. 13. Holistic security capabilities that can reduce the number of vendors you manage Microsoft 365 security suite advantages SECURING THE ENTERPRISE WITH MICROSOFT 365 E5 Individual components are purpose-built to integrate, which decreases TCO Because security is built-in, deployment and on-going management is simplified Security tools are fed by trillions of signals to provide insights across the global Microsoft ecosystem Security capabilities extend beyond Microsoft to secure 3rd party platforms, apps and services Standard integration capabilities connect to your other security tools (3rd party or homegrown) Intelligent, adaptive security gives users more freedom in how they work, from anywhere on any device
  14. 14. Security capabilities only available in Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5 SECURING THE ENTERPRISE WITH MICROSOFT 365 E5 Control access to sensitive data, even when its shared outside of your organization or accessed via a 3rd party application Discover shadow IT so it can be secured and managed, reducing your exposure to data leakage through inappropriate sharing and unsecured storage Because users log in with a single user ID to any application from any device from any location, you have the context to detect and investigate suspicious activities Recognize users and devices and dynamically change what level of access is allowed and how users authenticate based on parameters such as location, device risk, user risk or document confidentiality level Security automation detects potential threats and correlates alerts to identify a specific attack vector, investigates and remediates threats, reauthenticates high-risk users, and takes action to limit access to data
  15. 15. Identity and Access Management Protect users’ identities and control access to valuable resources based on user risk If a user’s identity or device becomes compromised, automatically block or limit access, or require MFA Alert me when a user's credentials are for sale on the dark web and elevate their risk level Discover 3rd party cloud apps that are in use and assess their risk level, so you can sanction or block them Discover, restrict, and monitor privileged identities and their access to resources A single solution that can protect identity across on premises and cloud directories Eliminate passwords by using biometrics or pins
  16. 16. Information Protection Protect sensitive information wherever it lives or travels Automatically apply data security policies if a user's access to that data changes, the user becomes compromised or the data reaches a certain age. Identify potentially sensitive information, like credit card numbers or bank routing numbers, and automatically apply a label and protection to the file Protect sensitive data when it travels outside of your organization via email, USB, or a 3rd party SaaS app Scan historical on-premises data files for potentially sensitive information Allow select partners and customers to access sensitive information
  17. 17. Threat Protection Protect against advanced threats and recover quickly when attacked Detect attacks from both on premises and cloud signals Endpoint monitoring with the ability to quarantine the endpoint for investigation and wipe the device, if compromised Advanced email protection against phishing attempts, and unknown (zero day) threats Detect and remove ransomware, then recover my files Automatically detect anomalies and suspicious behavior without needing to create and fine tune rules Reduce false positives by contextually aggregating alerts together to identify a specific attack vector Automatically investigate endpoint alerts and remediate threats, removing them from all impacted machines
  18. 18. Security Management Gain visibility and control over security tools A quantifiable measurement of your security posture Recommended actions you can take to improve your security posture Incident and event forensic reporting Detailed reports on the latest threats, so you can answer questions, like "How well am I protected against the latest threats?" Teach users to guard against email phishing by simulating an attack in a safe environment Benchmark your security score against companies in your industry or of similar size
  19. 19. “Using Cloud App Security as a magnifying glass, we gain amazing visibility into our SaaS environment. Cloud App Security works with Azure Information Protection to alert us if someone is trying to share sensitive data. Our vision is to use Cloud App Security together with the Azure conditional access policies that we have already defined, such as for our SuccessFactors app.” Muhammad Yasir Khan Head of IT Infrastructure Nakilat, Qatar Gas Transport Addressing the risks inherent in a growing shadow IT environment
  20. 20. “Identity is the new firewall of the future. We can’t continue to use our old way of controlling application access, because business isn’t happening exclusively in our network anymore. With Azure Active Directory Premium, we can stay in control, no matter where our users roam.” Whole Food protects apps with Microsoft 365 security MICROSOFT 365 E5 SECURITY PRODUCT SUITE WILL LAMB Infrastructure Coordinator Whole Foods Market, United States
  21. 21. “With Azure Active Directory, we can set policies that treat employees outside the office more strictly than those inside it and that prompt for Multi-Factor Authentication on unmanaged devices or for certain applications. With Microsoft 365, we no longer have to choose between mobility and security—we have both.” Bryan Ackermann Chief Information Officer Korn Ferry, United States Korn Ferry authenticates and protects Office 365 apps and 60 third-party applications, including SAP and
  22. 22. “We set Azure Information Protection so that when you click ‘confidential,’ the file will be encrypted automatically and access will be restricted to designated users—even if you accidentally send it to the wrong person.” Erlend Skuterud Chief Information Security Officer Yara, Norway Yara In just a few months, Yara deployed Azure Information Protection for 14,000 users and 10,000 devices.
  23. 23. “Teams across different divisions and different countries can now easily build and safely store and share documents. In the past, there was nothing comparable.” CONOR O’HALLORAN Head of Identity Management Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
  24. 24. “As we see the security landscape evolving with more sophisticated attacks, we trust Microsoft to stay ahead of the latest threats to protect our network and our data.” CHRIS KREBS Chief Information Officer Fruit of the Loom
  25. 25. “Today, we trust EMS and Surface devices running Windows 10 as a highly reliable platform that protects our data—such as the proprietary running shoe designs that make our name— in a mobile environment.” EDWIN IDEMA IT Manager, EMEA Asics
  26. 26. Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5 security products
  27. 27. Security solutions in Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5 MICROSOFT 365 E5 SECURITY PRODUCT SUITE Azure Information Protection Office 365 Data Loss Prevention Microsoft Cloud App Security Windows Information Protection Microsoft Intune BitLocker Azure Advanced Threat Protection Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection Office 365 Threat Intelligence Microsoft Cloud App Security Azure Active Directory Microsoft Cloud App Security Windows Hello Windows Credential Guard Microsoft Security & Compliance Center Windows Defender Security Center Microsoft Secure Score Identity & Access Management Threat Protection Security Management Information Protection
  28. 28. Identity & Access Management Threat Protection Security Management Information Protection Security categories M365 Enterprise E5 covers Security categories other Microsoft solutions cover What Microsoft Services/ MSSPs cover What Microsoft integrates with What Microsoft doesn’t do • Single Sign-on • Multi-Factor Authentication • Access Control • Privileged Access Management (PAM) • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) • Data Encryption • Information Protection • Data Classification • Data Governance • Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) • Key Management • Mobile Application Management • Secure Email Gateway • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) • Endpoint Protection (EPP) • Anti-malware/phishing • Anti-spyware • Antivirus Software • User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) • Anomaly Detection • Threat Intelligence Feeds • Remote Browser • Intrusion Detection System (IDS) • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) • Security Scoring • Reporting • Secrets Management • Database Security • Encrypted Cloud Storage • Back Up • Disaster Recovery • Virtual Private Networks (VPN) • IoT Protection • Cloud Workload Protection • DDoS Protection • Incident Response Services • Asset Discovery • Pen Testing/ Risk Assessment • Vulnerability Assessment • Web Application Testing • Managed detection and response (MDR) • SOC • Security training • SIEM (SIM/ SEM/ Log management) • Incident Ticket System • Firewall/ Network • Mobile Threat Detection tools • Host intrusion prevention system (HIPS) • Network traffic analysis (NTA) • Container Security • Anti-subversion software • Anti-tamper software • Deception • Cloud-based Management • Cross-platform endpoint protection
  29. 29. Productivity, Creativity and Teamwork solutions Azure Active Directory P1 Windows Hello Credential Guard Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics Windows Defender Antivirus Device Guard Azure Information Protection P1 Office 365 Data Loss Prevention Windows Information Protection BitLocker Secure Score Microsoft security and compliance center Windows Security Center Identity and Access Management Information Protection Threat Protection Security Management Analytics eDiscoveryCompliance Office Applications Outlook/ Exchange Microsoft Teams Skype for Business Delve Azure Active Directory P2 Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection Office 365 Threat Intelligence Azure Advanced Threat Protection Azure Information Protection P2 Microsoft Cloud App Security Office 365 Cloud App Security (additional management reports and capabilities) Advanced eDiscovery, Customer Lockbox, Advanced Data Governance Skype Audio Conferencing Phone System Power BI Pro, MyAnalytics Microsoft 365 Enterprise Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5 (includes E3 solutions) E3 E5 E3 vs E5
  30. 30. Microsoft Cloud App Security Discovers cloud app being used in your enterprise, identifies and combats cyberthreats and enables you to control how your data travels Azure Information Protection P2 Protects sensitive enterprise data, even when it travels outside of your organization Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection A unified endpoint security platform that protects against advanced attacks and automatically investigates and remediates evolving threats Azure ATP Detect and investigate advanced attacks on-premises and in the cloud Azure Active Directory P2 Identity & Access Management that is automated across your entire digital footprint Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection Protects your email, files and online storage against unknown and sophisticated attacks Security Office 365 Threat Intelligence Research threats, track phishing or malware campaigns aimed at your users, and search for threat indicators from user reports and other intelligence sources MICROSOFT 365 E5 SECURITY PRODUCT SUITE E5 My Analytics Customer Lockbox Power BI Pro Audio Conferencing, Phone System Advanced Data GovernanceCompliance Analytics Voice Advanced eDiscovery
  31. 31. I need to be compliant with data protection regulations, like GDPR. How can Microsoft help me discover, classify and protect my sensitive data? I have solutions from many vendors in my enterprise IT environment, how can Microsoft help me secure our entire digital landscape? Eventually, we will experience a breach. How can Microsoft help me detect and respond to a breach fast? Microsoft 365 addresses real-world security challenges MICROSOFT 365 E5 SECURITY PRODUCT SUITE How do I find and manage shadow IT and rogue devices, and put in place policies to ensure we remain compliant and secure? How can Microsoft help me understand my current security posture and get recommendations on how to improve it? If a user becomes compromised, how can I configure security policies that automatically enforce additional layers of authentication to keep my organization safe?
  32. 32. © 2018 Razor Technology, LLC David Rosenthal VP & General Manager Digital Business @DavidJRosenthal Slideshare Blog: 5 Tower Bridge 300 Barr Harbor Dr., Suite 705 West Conshohocken, PA 19428 Cell: 215.801.4430 Office: 866.RZR.DATA LETS KEEP IN TOUCH
  33. 33. © Copyright Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Appendix
  34. 34. Jason’s Deli January 11, 2018 As many as 2 million payment cards were stolen and sold on the dark web. FedEx February 15, 2018 Personal information was found on an unsecure cloud storage server. Under Armour March 29, 2018 An unauthorized party acquired data from 150 million cloud app users Saks Fifth Avenue April 1, 2018 Hackers stole 5 million credit and debit cards and sold them on the dark web. Real life data breaches