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Introduction to Nintex Foxtrot Robotic Process Automation


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Robotic Process Automation
Using Nintex RPA, enterprises can leverage trained bots to quickly and cost-effectively automate routine tasks without the use of code in an easy-to-use drag and drop interface. Users are now equipped with a comprehensive, enterprise-grade process management and automation solution that streamlines processes fueled by both structured and unstructured data sources.

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Introduction to Nintex Foxtrot Robotic Process Automation

  1. 1. David J. Rosenthal VP, Digital Business December 2, 2019 Microsoft MTC NYC
  2. 2. What’s a bot? I need something done I create a project within the designer tool My bot (virtual worker) takes this project and completes it 1 2 3 Task one must be completed before… Think of it as a linear task list…. Task two can be tackled, before… Task three can be done. This means you need more bots to scale and complete tasks faster.
  3. 3. How do you manage all these bots? Your bots Your projects Orchestrator
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Two general flavors of RPA
  6. 6. Typical use cases Read & write to databases Data migration and entry Move files and folders Log into applications Connect to system APIs Make calculations Data extraction from PDFs, docs, etc Process data extracted from PDFs, docs, etc Web data scraping Open emails and attachments
  7. 7. Options for RPA
  8. 8. Typical RPA package Bot $10k - $15k/bot With minimums Orchestrator $20k Designer $10k Licensing Costs Professional Services often are 3x the cost of the licensingProfessional Services = $$$ Easily six figure deployments
  9. 9. Nintex Foxtrot RPA Bot No cost Orchestrator Comes with enterprise edition Designer No cost Licensing Costs Aren’t needed to get initially started Professional Services Botflow (aka projects) How we charge Same pricing as workflows!
  10. 10. Tackling common RPA challenges Transparent pricing providing the most value Unlimited use of bots per project Fast time to valueEasy-to-use, yet powerful tools Confusing pricing and TCO Complexity using bots Time to valueSpeed costs more Traditional RPA challenges What Nintex Foxtrot RPA delivers
  11. 11. The Foxtrot RPA Approach to Automation Traditional Competitor Approach Approach Who builds them Tools experience Time-to-value Reach and benefits Limited to developers and/or technical staff Reliant on coding and scripting Months - years Siloed, controlled users Business analysts & process owners Focused on a visual drag & drop UX Days - weeks Expansive, inclusive, viral
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