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Introduction to Microsoft Outlook - From Atidan


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Published in: Technology
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Introduction to Microsoft Outlook - From Atidan

  1. 1. Outlook is the hub of your digital communications.
  2. 2. W W W
  3. 3. A new look 5 Consistent experience – the new look is spread across the Outlook family Less distractions – Lines removed, information consolidated, more readable Hiding of unneeded elements – ribbon, contextual actions, Mail Apps for Outlook Animations to aid understanding
  4. 4. Productivity peek-a-boos 7 Contacts peek: See your most frequently used See only one of each contact Typedown search Tasks peek: See tasks at a glance Flag completed Calendar peek: View your day at a glance Switch days from day picker View meeting information
  5. 5. Apps 9 Mail Apps for Outlook Widely available Contextually-based Easy to install Buy online IT control Easy to develop
  6. 6. Share some time with your colleagues 11 Easy calendar sharing Month view with agenda Add a Lync meeting with ease
  7. 7. 12
  8. 8. Help finish the project 13 Site mailboxes Store information where it was meant to be stored Drag and drop access to SharePoint See past information when you join a new project Show up in Outlook, appearance and access can be IT managed Users can hide a site mailbox
  9. 9. Bring it all together 14 Email account aggregation: MAPI EWS POP3 IMAP4 Exchange ActiveSync
  10. 10. 15
  11. 11. Take it offline 16 Outlook Web App now has cached mode Create Reply Flag Categorize File Delete
  12. 12. 17
  13. 13. Keep a secret 18 Password protected No local data storage Read and create IRM-based email
  14. 14. Talk to me 19 Voice-enabled user searches Look in contacts Search in the GAL Voice-enabled calendar meeting setup Understands days, times, and common terms
  15. 15.