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Integrated Workflow with Microsoft Teams


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The Microsoft Power Platform is a suite of low code development tools that includes Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate (formerly known as Microsoft Flow). We feel that integrating Power Platform with Teams really enhances both Teams and the Power Platform tools – they make Teams more powerful, no pun intended, and Teams allows you to put all these tools into one place, and really take advantage of the conversational nature of Teams.

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Integrated Workflow with Microsoft Teams

  1. 1. Integrated workflow Streamlinebusinessprocesseswithintegratedappsandworkflows DavidJ.Rosenthal VP&GM,DigitalBusiness March23,2020
  2. 2. Pressures of today’s workplace 66% of IT budgets are spent maintaining legacy systems¹ Employees spend 61% of their time on routine tasks2 It takes ~23 minutes to regain productivity after an interruption³ IT departments expected to do more Organizations need to be agile Individuals struggle to stay focused ¹ Eric Garton, Harvard Business Review, “Is Your Company Actually Set Up to Support Your Strategy?,” November 22, 2017 2 McKinsey Global Institute, “The social economy: Unlocking value and productivity through social technologies,” July 2012 ³ UC Irvine study, “The Cost of Interrupted Work: More Speed and Stress,” June 2015
  3. 3. Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork in Microsoft 365 Chats & Collaboration Meetings & Calling Apps and workflows
  4. 4. Teams is a platform for your apps and workflows Microsoft Teams Productivity apps Low-code dev and automation Support and info Processes and custom apps Departmental tools Employee resources Processes and workflow Integrated apps, processes automation, and business intelligence
  5. 5. Low-code dev & automation: Teams + Power Platform Power BI Seamlessly connect and transform data into accessible visualizations, to make decisions quickly and confidently Power Apps Easily create custom apps to modernize processes to meet your needs with your data, enhancing efficiency and collaboration Power Automate Quickly automate intelligent, data-powered workflows, from simple tasks to radical transformations, improving agility and productivity
  6. 6. EnhanceproductivityscenariosinOffice365 Automate collaboration tasks, and take actions directly in chat Discuss data effortlessly to enable data-driven decisions Create productivity tools, and put them where your team works Integrate with Office 365 and other productivity apps
  7. 7. Havi customer video
  8. 8. Demo Streamline business process with Microsoft Teams Power Automate for reminders Transform work with Microsoft Power Automate and Azure Cognitive Services
  9. 9. PROCESS EXAMPLE: Sales Cycle Team drafts the bid Seller submits customer order Create sales opportunity & model data Submit proposal for approval Meet/call to close the deal
  10. 10. Team drafts the bid Sellers submit customer order Create sales opportunity & model data Submit proposal for approval Meet/Call to close the deal Team drafts the bid Sellers submit customer order Create sales opportunity & model data Submit proposal for approval Meet/Call to close the deal PROCESS EXAMPLE: Sales Cycle
  11. 11. Admins can manage and customize their Teams + Power Platform experience Manage apps available to your organization (or individual users) Highlight the tools that your organization should use Benefit from security and compliance features of Microsoft 365* * Requires a Microsoft 365 license or separate security licenses, features vary by license type
  12. 12. The Power Platform in Teams is protected by Microsoft 365 security Identity & Access Management Secure identities to reach zero trust Threat Protection Help stop damaging attacks with integrated and automated security Information Protection Protect sensitive information anywhere it lives Security Management Strengthen your security posture with insights and guidance Holistic security across your digital landscape * Requires a Microsoft 365 license or separate security licenses, features vary by license type
  13. 13. Enhance productivity scenarios in Office 365 Automate collaboration tasks, and take actions directly in chat Create productivity tools, and put them where your team works Discuss data effortlessly to enable data-driven decisions Integrate with Office 365 and other productivity apps Overcome complex business challenges Use CDS for an out-of-the-box enterprise grade database Connect custom tools with Dynamics and line-of-business apps Embed Artificial Intelligence into custom tools and automation Empower your organization to self-serve using custom bots
  14. 14. Unlock value everywhere with additional Power Platform features Advanced & customer connectors Common Data Service Power App Portals AI Builder Connect to Azure database or partner data sources using pre-built connectors Easily create your own custom connectors to a range of sources Seamlessly utilize data in a fully-managed, enterprise-grade datastore Control access and speed development with business logic and security built-in Grant external users access to apps anonymously or via authentication Manage content access and security using intuitive interface and guidance Leverage AI in your apps and workflows with intuitive, step-by-step experiences User forms processing, object detection, and text and binary classification
  15. 15. “By being able to visualize how well our students are reading, we’ve been able to make better choices for them. Putting (Power Apps & Power BI) in Teams made it easy for non-technical teachers to find and use those solutions. Even better, these tools help our educators to get creative, think outside the box and provide solutions for others—it‘s re- energizing!” Lauren Taylor, Assistant Vice Principal Tacoma Public Schools Business outcomes Information loss reduction Paper-based processes were digitized, ensuring that valuable student data is recorded and analyzed Greater insights Admins use more data to track student reading scores, allowing fast and targeted interventions Top integrations leveraged
  16. 16. “Onboarding new employees was an extremely slow, tedious task. Sometimes, it would take us up to a few weeks to get someone through the systems. We needed a better way… We invested in Teams and the Power Platform, and today we now centralize onboarding—so it begins and ends in Teams—and we have reduced the time from weeks to just 40 minutes.” Thomas Pagnoux, Head of End User Services Havi Business outcomes Automation Streamlined their entire employee onboarding process, automating the it in a Teams-based app Time savings Cut out many manual touch- points and ensures new team members can hit the ground running Top integrations leveraged
  17. 17. “What’s transformative is the way we’re connecting people, making data accessible to a broader employee base and giving them the skills to analyze the data to make better informed decisions. That can have obvious benefits, like increasing efficiency, but also an impact on topics that are central to our business, such as sustainability.” Jane Moran, CIO Unilever Business outcomes Increased business agility New apps and BI tools give insights into how to improve the supply chain and conservation efforts Centralized information Connected their engineers around the world with Teams, allowing for global collaboration Top integrations leveraged Power Apps
  18. 18. Next steps Start using Microsoft Teams today • Pick one project or process • Do all collaboration on that project in Teams • Download the mobile app • Get deployment & adoption support from Razor Technology Build and integrate Teams • Explore Power Platform training resources • Engage Microsoft preferred partners to support you • See how our customers are using the Power Platform • Establish a center of excellence in your organization
  19. 19. Contact Information © 2020 Razor Technology, • David Rosenthal • VP & General Manager • Digital Business • @DavidJRosenthal • Slideshare • Blog: 5 Tower Bridge 300 Barr Harbor Dr., Suite 705 West Conshohocken, PA 19428 Cell: 215.801.4430 Office: 866.RZR.DATA LETS KEEP IN TOUCH
  20. 20. Appendix
  21. 21. Seamless integrations for the Microsoft and partner apps Native integration with the Office 365 apps that you use for your productivity Outlook appointments and meetings pulled into your Teams calendar Hundreds of partner apps available in the app store Endless integration possibilities for the custom apps you already have built
  22. 22. Create solutions with shared data and files in SharePoint Gather and collaborate on 30 million items pictures, people, URLs and locations custom formatting, custom forms dashboards Import data from and export to Excel item-level security enterprise-grade compliance
  23. 23. Automate routine tasks with Microsoft Power Automate Automate existing business processes 300+ cloud and on-premises prebuilt templates advanced scenarios * Some features vary by license type
  24. 24. Build custom apps with Power Apps apps for PC and mobile for use within a Teams channel Share the apps you create with your organization to use in Teams Connect to business data
  25. 25. Uncover insights with Power BI beautiful and insightful visualizations tab in Teams' channel custom dashboards insights during meetings create reports AI to get insights faster
  26. 26. Collect information with Microsoft Forms web parts and chatbot integration Collect data question branching and file uploads SharePoint lists polls, quizzes, and surveys Share forms
  27. 27. Teams provides access to the ecosystem of 250+ ready-made apps
  28. 28. Microsoft 365 + Power PlatformStreamline business processes with integrated apps and workflows in your hub for teamwork Microsoft Teams Microsoft Power Automate Power Apps Power BI SharePoint, Microsoft Forms, Excel Microsoft 365