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GSX Monitor and Analyzer for Microsoft Exchange Online - Presented by Atidan


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GSX Monitor & Analyzer
Microsoft Exchange 2013
How do you manage and monitor your Hybrid Cloud infrastructure to increase efficiency and get a better control on the overall availability of your messaging environment?
Today the hybrid approach is giving the best of both worlds by allowing customers to maximize the benefits of a hosted delivery model and an On-premises model. IT department are encouraged to adopt the Cloud to lower the infrastructure Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). IT Managers need solutions that transition the organization as smoothly as possible, reducing MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) and supporting them in making this move efficiently without impacting the business line.
GSX Monitor & Analyzer is a powerful and intuitive monitoring and reporting solution that enables administrators and IT managers to ensure Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, BlackBerry Enterprise Server, IBM applications performance and availability.
With GSX Monitor & Analyzer, IT administrators can ensure optimal service availability in both On-premises and in the Cloud environments with powerful synthetic transactions and valuable analytics metrics to optimize costs linked to migration.
Bundled with GSX Monitor, GSX Analyzer can provide you with extensive analysis and reporting features to manage your Service Level Agreement (SLA) and gain valuable insights into the overall health of your infrastructure.
● When performance is optimized and controlled, users are more confident in using enterprise solutions
● Lower the TCO of the IT infrastructure, dropping infrastructure and management costs
● Allow IT administrators to anticipate potential business line performance outages
● Give an easy way to maximize the ROI of the Exchange infrastructure offering the perfect solution for cost optimization prior to any migration to the Cloud
● Prove the quality of service delivery to the business line, reducing performance issues by 70%
Why GSX Monitor & Analyzer is the #1 solution?
Business continuity is a concern for many industries and none can afford to find themselves in a situation where emails are not distributed because the server is down or the service is interrupted.
GSX enables to:
● Reduce MTTR by pinpointing infrastructure bottlenecks intuitively
● Better control in service delivery from a business line perspective
Key Features
● Real-time Monitoring Intuitive Dashboard: GSX Monitor & Analyzer is based on automated discovery of all servers in the Exchange organization, discovering services that are On-premises and in the Cloud. The Exchange Overview has been designed specifically for Exchange 2013 and Exchange Online, and offers a comprehensive dashboard to pinpoint potential bottleneck and capacity issues ahead of business impact.
● End-user Performance Management leveraging synthetic transactions On-premises and Online at the same time: GSX Monitor & Analyzer tests the performance of the services delivered by Exchange

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GSX Monitor and Analyzer for Microsoft Exchange Online - Presented by Atidan

  1. 1. GSX Monitor & Analyzer When end-users performance… …Matters! GSX Solutions© 2014 1
  2. 2. About GSX Solutions ! Founded 1996, Headquartered in Switzerland ! Offices in USA, UK, France, Switzerland, China ! Indirect channel across more than 40 countries 600 customers In 40 countries GSX Solutions© 2014 2
  3. 3. GSX Solutions at a Glance GSX Solutions© 2014 3 Fortune 500 + 30% of Fortune 500 are customers 6 M + Monitored mailboxes 6 millions mailboxes monitored By GSX Solutions Banking Insurance Manufacturing Consulting IT Services Consumer Goods and retail Healthcare + 600 Customers High customers satisfaction with over 90% maintenance renewal
  4. 4. Certifications and Recognitions GSX Solutions© 2014 4
  5. 5. Customers References GSX Solutions© 2014 5
  6. 6. GSX For Microsoft Unified Communications Microsoft Exchange & Exchange Online Microsoft SharePoint Lync GSX Solutions© 2014 Automatic reports and SLA tracking Full integration with enterprise management tools Collects services availability and server statistics Agentless End-to-end tests Alert by profile if threshold is exceeded 4
  7. 7. GSX for Microsoft Exchange Online GSX Solutions© 2014 On-premise, Hybrid and Cloud Support Services Availability and Server Statistics Fully Integrated with SCOM, HP, Etc… ! Support for Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013 & Exchange Online ! Full Auto-discovery of your Exchange Online Organizations ! Discover and manage multiple organizations at multiple locations ! Simulate End-Users through End-User & Mail Routing scenarios ! Manage the overall capacity of your Exchange Infrastructure in Hybrid configuration ! Identify underutilized servers and load-balancing issues among servers and pinpoint bottlenecks in your organization in Hybrid configuration ! Instantly detect and alert admins of bottlenecks across your multiple locations Advanced Synthetic Transactions 5
  8. 8. GSX for Exchange- Synthetic Transactions GSX Solutions© 2014 8 Mail routing Open Mailbox Create a meeting Create a Task Create an Email Search item Download Attachment Resolve user
  9. 9. End User Scenarios – Under the Hood! End User Scenario are a Step by Step simulations that use Exchange On- Premises or Exchange Online exactly as a User Mail Routing ! Exchange Online to Exchange Online ! Exchange on premise to Exchange Online ! Exchange Online Round trip to external service ! Exchange one way to External service ! External service one way to Exchange Online Open Mailbox ! Connect to the Exchange organization ! Authenticate as a user ! Display the name of the Mailbox ! Count the number of items in that inbox ! Discover and count all folder into that inbox ! Check the number of unread item in this inbox GSX Solutions© 2014 Create a meeting ! Create an appointment locally with all its characteristics ! Invite attendees ! Upload an attachment ! Save the meeting into the mailbox ! Send the meeting to all recipient 9
  10. 10. Creating Custom Linked Scenarios Linking scenarios is the only way to measure complex interactions made by users-Exchange or Hybrid Environment ! Manipulation of Exchange Objects • Open a mailbox • Create task/folder/email with attachment • Search this created item in the Mailbox • Download the attachment of the searched Item • >>Is Exchange able to manipulate and use the items that are created? GSX Solutions© 2014 10 What is the Performance For a Complex End User Set of Actions? ! Simulate actions of a 9am random user “Joe User” • “Joe User” first “Opens his mailbox” • Then Joe “Resolves user” in order to “Create a meeting” with the user he just resolved • Joe then “Searches” for mail in his mailbox • Then he “Creates an email with an attachment” to notify the attendee of an upcoming meeting • >>What is the performance for a basic 9am set of actions? GSX constantly checks and reports on that! What is the Performance of Exchange Online Complex Operations? What is the Availability and Performance of Hybrid Environment? ! Interconnection of the Hybrid Infrastructure • Create a meeting Online • Send the meeting to On-Premise users • Symmetric resolving users between Online and the On-Premise Exchange • Mail routing between Online to On- Premise & vice versa • >>Is Exchange Online able to connect and work with your On- Premise Environment?
  11. 11. Detect Any End User Latency Issues! ! The only way to track Exchange Online Performance delivered to your End Users! ! Configure as many Scenarios as you want ! Simple or custom complex scenarios with real time latency monitoring ! Detect peak of charge or latency issues and be alerted instantly ! Set up multiple scanning engines and track each of your critical locations’ end user performance ! Automatic, Simple & Easy to Use GSX Solutions© 2014 8
  12. 12. Diagnostic Network/Internet Latency! Compare Exchange Online Scenarios & Exchange Portal Latency Test case examples ! Exchange Online Performance issue: Performance of Scenarios are dropping while the performance of the Exchange Online Portal remains stable ! Network issue: Increase of the latency of the Exchange Online Portal as well as Increase of Scenarios latency. To be crosschecked with an external website (like Bing) and if possible with an internal URL (intranet) ! Exchange Online Upload Bandwidth issue: Exchange Online Portal latency raises as well as Scenarios latency, in the same proportion and your second URL checks (like Bing) doesn’t have any problems Exchange Scenario Latency from Location A Witness URL (Exchange Online Portal, Bing, etc.) Latency from Location A GSX Solutions© 2014 9
  13. 13. End-User Scenarios Benefits ! Detect Performance Issues from end-user locations before users are impacted: Reduce support calls and TCO GSX Solutions© 2014 ! True End User Experience from multiple locations: GSX is one of your users! ! Mail Routing tests to ensure email delivery from any location to: 13 • Any site • External email services • Roundtrip tests (echo) ! Centralize GSX Alerts in your SCOM dashboard Site 2 - Station 2 Site 1 - Station 1 16
  14. 14. GSX Test Case Example Health Checks & Migration to the Cloud Readiness Assessment GSX is the only agentless tool, up and ready in minutes that automatically: ! Discovers the Exchange on premise environment ! Collects statistics about the usage of the mailboxes (size, quota, location, logon, etc.) ! Measures the performance of the service of the internal Exchange infrastructure ! Assesses the load of each server (CAS, DAG, Mailboxes, Hub, number of connections, inbound & outbound mail flow, etc. ) ! Evaluates the level of services delivered to the end users (through the end user scenarios) ! Alerts in case of any performance issues ! Reports on the performance of multiple locations on the same web-based Dashboard GSX Solutions© 2014 14
  15. 15. GSX Test Case Example Check the result of the Migration to the Cloud before it really happens! Pre Migration performance tests from any of your critical locations: Fix problems before they happen! ! Create 2 monitored test mailboxes, one in the current environment, one in the future one ! Compare with GSX the service delivered to these test mailboxes from your critical locations ! Identify any bottlenecks automatically ! Checks the ability of your current Infrastructure to work with the new one by running complex scenarios that involve both environments, for example: ! Creation of a meeting with these two test mailboxes involved ! Symmetric resolving users between the current and the new Exchange environment ! Mail routing between both environments ! Constantly checks the performance of your Executive VIP Mailboxes! ! Track the performance of each location on every Exchange Environment! GSX Solutions© 2014 15
  16. 16. GSX Analyzer One Reporting tool for all of your Exchange Locations ! Compare instantly the performance of your scenarios from your different locations ! Detect in seconds bottlenecks in your environment ! Access through profiles for instant Self-Service Reports ! Automatic PDF reports for management, service line & customers ! Establish base line and performance SLA for your Exchange Online environment GSX Solutions© 2014 16
  17. 17. GSX for Exchange Online Benefits ! Provide real insight on the quality of service delivered to your end users to ensure End User Satisfaction and user adoption ! Take back control on the performance delivered to your End User and justify it easily! ! Identify Infrastructure & network/internet issue(s) that impacted the service delivered to your users ! Secure your migration to Exchange in the Cloud by testing the results before you start from any critical location ! Decrease migration & support Costs by proactively pointing out any performance problems at any site and/or critical locations GSX Solutions© 2014 17
  18. 18. GSX Monitor Integration with SCOM GSX Solutions© 2014 GSX MONITOR Management Pack for SCOM Instantly integrates GSX Monitor's capabilities straight into your SCOM Administration tab. Communicate automatically with your centralized Incident Management Platform and Team Capture GSX Monitor's SNMP traps and display them into SCOM monitoring window under: - Critical Alerts - Warning Alerts - Information Alerts Facilitate and unify your reporting by forwarding GSX Monitor information to your global monitoring console Provide End User Scenarios, Server, Usage Alerts directly in the SCOM Console Easy reporting on any critical KPIs and SLAs 47
  19. 19. GSX Monitor & Analyzer - Trial FREE TRIAL AVAILABLE ! 30-day ! Full features ! Unlimited users GSX Solutions© 2014 19
  20. 20. GSX Solutions© 2014 20 Contact us GSX Solutions @GSX_Solutions GSX Solutions Friends of GSX