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Free Project management Template for SharePoint from BrightWork and Atidan


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Atidan and our partner BrightWork, are pleased to release the latest free template for Microsoft SharePoint that gives you just enough project management to create and track a project with the greatest of ease. Add extra project management with the new Structured template that delivers a more coordinated environment to manage a project on SharePoint - along with an optional sync to Microsoft Project Professional.

Download these templates and you will get:

Best Practice Template to Initiate, Plan, Track, Manage and Close a Project

Project Deliverables including Goals, Tasks, Risks, Issues and Documents

Discussions, Lessons Learned, Email and Team Calendars

Project status reports, My work, Metrics, Gantt Charts and Resource Reports

Optional two-way sync to Microsoft Project Professional

Access to the Free Templates Community for helpful tips, more free resources and guidance information from other free template users.

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Free Project management Template for SharePoint from BrightWork and Atidan

  1. 1. Free Structured Project Management Template for SharePoint 2013 David J. Rosenthal President & CEO Atidan David.Rosenthal@Atida Your Presenter: We will be starting at 9.30am PT/12.30pm ET Twitter Chat: #freeprojectmanagementtemplate
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  3. 3. #1 Today’s AgendaFree Template Overview Organize Your Project: Project Statement, Tasks, Documents & More Get immediate visibility with: Project Status Reports, Issue Reports, Metrics, Gantt Charts & Resource Reports #2 #3 Keep track with: Work Reports, Discussion Forums, Lessons Learned, & Team Calendars #4 #5 Evolve project management (two-way MS Project sync; BrightWork)
  4. 4. Poll Time – We Love Your Feedback!
  5. 5. 1. Free Template Overview
  6. 6. Download Install Setup
  7. 7. Templates
  8. 8. Free Structured Template
  9. 9. 2. Organize Your Project
  10. 10. Project Statement
  11. 11. Project Tasks
  12. 12. Documents
  13. 13. 3. Get Immediate Visibility
  14. 14. Visibility
  15. 15. Project Status Reports
  16. 16. Issue Management
  17. 17. Metrics
  18. 18. Gantt Charts
  19. 19. Resource Reports
  20. 20. 4. Keep Track
  21. 21. My Work Reports
  22. 22. Even More Work Reports
  23. 23. Project Calendar
  24. 24. 5. Evolve Project Management
  25. 25. Two-Way Sync with MS Project Professional 2013!
  26. 26. BrightWork
  27. 27. SharePoint Solution Project and Portfolio Management Delivers Immediate Visibility & Control Flexible to Evolve and Mature as Needed What is BrightWork?
  28. 28. The BrightWork Approach
  29. 29. Demo Time!
  30. 30. 31 Poll Time – We Love Your Feedback!
  31. 31. Free Resources and Free Advice
  32. 32.
  33. 33. Free Template Community
  34. 34. Please use the Question Pane in GoToWebinar to Ask Questions! ASK QUESTION NOW!
  35. 35. Thank You For Attending! Want to learn more about how to manage projects with SharePoint? 1-215-825-5045 x5001 Download free template HERE event=25#.U3HmdvldWuL