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Evolve Your Web Applications with Microsoft Azure


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Today, every company runs many different applications that are essential for success – both internal business applications but also external-facing applications for customers and partners (such as the company website, customer self-service portal, e-commerce sites, or mobile apps).

And then, there's data. Every user interaction with any application works with data, consumes data and generates data. Today, every business collects tremendous amounts of information - and the challenge is how to turn this data into actionable insights and intelligence to provide a superior customer experience.

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Evolve Your Web Applications with Microsoft Azure

  1. 1. Evolve your web applications with Microsoft Azure David J. Rosenthal VP & GM, Digital Business Microsoft Ignite - November 6, 2019
  2. 2. Customer-facing applications Internal applications B2B applications Business is powered by applications
  3. 3. Speed 79% won’t return to a slow website Your end users have high expectations Customer experience is more important than ever “More than any other factor, customer experiences determine whether companies thrive and profit, or struggle and fade”* *Source: Forrester Research, "Outside In" Personalization 38% won’t come back if they have to repeat themselves Cross-device 65% get frustrated with an inconsistent experience
  4. 4. Modern web applications challenges Digital engagement has evolved greatly beyond static web content – delivering richer interactivity, and functionality Fast, fluid, and reliable experience Quick functionality and content updates Cross-platform engagement Intelligent customization Authentication and identity, sensitive data handling HELLO CUSTOM OFFER ☺ New ways to interact with customers
  5. 5. Small teams achieve more with fully managed services in Azure Provide a superior experience through guaranteed SLAs and automated, flexible scaling Respond to your end users needs faster and speed up shipping new content and functionality Use pre-built components and connectors – both in the cloud and on-premises for hybrid solutions Stay up-to-date and comply with privacy & security regulations automatically Security Agility Quality of service Integration
  6. 6. Statistics based on five-year, risk-adjusted figures for a composite organization constructed from aggregated interviews with eight Microsoft Azure IaaS customers. Source: “The Total Economic Impact Of Microsoft Azure PaaS,” a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, June 2016 Focus on customer experience Free up time to build robust apps and open new revenue opportunities Deliver more functionality faster Maximize value added per cycle and get to market in half the time Differentiate with innovation Focus on evolving your apps and spend less time on administration 466% return on investment 50% faster service deployment 80% IT time saved Azure managed services deliver cost savings, speed and innovation for your web apps
  7. 7. Customers are succeeding with web apps in Azure eCommerce apps Moving to Azure enables Komplett to focus on creating innovative features and services rather than maintenance and operations, and led to the best Black Friday they’ve had so far B2B custom apps Hotailors reduced its time to market for supplier integration from between 4-6 weeks to just 2 weeks by taking a serverless approach in Azure Public websites By taking advantage of fully managed services in Azure, GeekWire’s WordPress site can scale on- demand while cutting costs by 45%
  8. 8. Evolve your web apps with Azure App Service High-productivity for devs & ops Enterprise-grade capabilitiesFully-managed platform Global reach and local presence Hybrid support Azure Active Directory integration Security and compliance certifications Auto scale and load balancing High availability with auto patching Reduced operations costs Backup and recovery Free up time to focus on customer experience and differentiate through innovation Migrate to a fully managed platform with built in DevOps for faster delivery Staging and deployment slots Testing in production App monitoring and diagnostics Built-in CI/CD Full integration with Visual Studio and DevOps tools Only fully managed service for any .NET application Unified security and identity with support for hybrid workloads
  9. 9. Web apps migration journey to Azure Migrate Optimize Determine if your website is a good candidate for Azure App Service by scanning its public URL – for free and just within a few minutes Choose your path to the cloud by redeploying your code, containerizing your application, or lifting-and-shifting with migration tools Take advantage of proactive and intelligent analytics, DevOps practices, or pre-built AI components, to offer an enhanced experience Assess
  10. 10. Learn more at Prepare for your migration with a free, custom assessment report Start by just providing a public endpoint of your site to be scanned, generating a uniquely accurate assessment report for you with a detailed list of technologies used and their compatibility with Azure App Service OptimizeMigration journey Assess Migrate
  11. 11. Use the Migration Assistant tool Automate the migration of your .NET and PHP applications with the App Service Migration Assistant Bring your code Redeploy code using your existing CI/CD pipeline Bring your container Containerize your application and deploy using a Docker image Lift and shift Redeploy Containerize Migration Assistant Bring your code Bring your container Azure App Service Learn more at OptimizeMigration journey Assess Migrate
  12. 12. OptimizeAssess Migrate Readiness checks Guided migration Download the Migration Assistant to run readiness checks on common issues (port bindings, protocols, certificates, app settings, connection strings…) – get recommendations for potential remediation steps Step-by-step migration of .NET and PHP apps* through the local Migration Assistant wizard – get detailed, code-based assessments and a walk-through of the migration process Migration journey Azure App Service Migration Assistant Free and simple tool to automatically migrate ASP.NET or PHP web apps *More types of applications to be supported in the future
  13. 13. Develop OptimizeMigration journey Assess Migrate Develop Build Deploy Monitor .NET Languages IDE tools Pre-built CMS images Source code repos CI engines CD tools Deployment options Slots Web ARM Docker Kube Docker Compose Zip War Proactive, intelligent analytics Remote debugging Use the technology stack of your choice and easily deploy through your CI/CD pipeline Bring your code
  14. 14. OptimizeMigration journey Assess Migrate Bring your code Sample architecture, workflow and tooling Browser Phone & tablet Traffic Manager CDN SendGrid email Identity provider Azure App ServiceContinuous integration and deployment Developers Visual Studio Blob storage for images SQL database contacts Redis cacheTwitter Logic Apps Twitter feed SQL DB Twitter data Power BIFunction Optional brand and campaign management template Application Insights
  15. 15. OptimizeAssess Migrate Accelerated outer loop Flexibility & choices Tight integration with Docker Hub, Azure Container Registry Built-in CI/CD with Deployment Slots Simple troubleshooting and remote debugging Actionable insights and analytics IntelliJ, Jenkins, Maven, Visual StudioSingle Docker image, multi container with Docker compose, or Kubernetes Pod Definition From CLI, portal, or ARM template Windows and Linux containers Migration journey Bring your container Easily deploy and run container-based web applications at scale
  16. 16. Sample architecture, workflow and tooling Developers Local Git repository VS Code GitHub repository Kudu Azure Container Registry Web App for Containers MySQL database CDN End users Monitoring log aggregation Azure Database for MySQL Azure App Service Docker Compose Monitoring service Backend payment API Cache Front-end ordering app OptimizeMigration journey Assess Migrate Bring your container
  17. 17. Learn more at Azure Database for MySQL Community MySQL fully managed and tailored for web applications Azure SQL Database The best destination for fully managed SQL workloads in the cloud Azure Database for PostgreSQL Fully managed community PostgreSQL with multilayered security Connect your data Reduce the complexity of your database transition to the cloud using the Azure Database Migration Service – a free, comprehensive service designed as an end- to-end solution for moving on-premises databases to the cloud OptimizeMigration journey Assess Migrate
  18. 18. OptimizeMigration journey Assess Migrate Azure Monitor Collect, visualize, and analyze your application performance, enabling you to take proactive corrective action Azure DevOps & GitHub Plan smarter, collaborate better, and ship faster with a set of modern dev services for planning, testing, building and releasing Cognitive Services Bring advanced capabilities such as knowledge mining, face recognition, speech and language to your applications Identify and resolve issues quickly Infuse intelligence in your apps Azure Bot Service Introduce a more natural way to interact with your end users via conversational bots, expediting customer service and interaction in real-time Azure Functions Add new functionality faster and without dedicated resources, responding to events happening elsewhere Logic Apps Create business processes and automate workflows. Connect to 3rd party software or on-premises apps using 200+ out-of-the-box connectors Integrate with hundreds of services Build a productive backend in minutes Streamline deployments and collaboration Speak your customer’s language
  19. 19. How to buy Azure App Service hosting plans Pay monthly, no more up-front capital expenses Pricing is based on the size and number of instances Choose the plan that fits your needs within these models Use Azure cost management tools to easily track utilization and cost savings recommendations Contact Razor Technology for more details. SHARED Free – Shared DEDICATED Basic – Standard – Premium ISOLATED App Service Environment Base tiers designed for dev/test environments, running on shared resources Dedicated instances for production workloads, with increased capabilities Dedicated instances and virtual networks for high-performance, security and isolation ► Learn more about Azure App Service pricing
  20. 20. Start your web apps migration Try Azure for free Get $200 credit Try Web Apps in App Service Assess your web application in minutes Get a free assessment of your website with the Azure App Service Migration assistant tool Move your apps and data to Azure Use our free migration tools at Find a partner that can help with your migration
  21. 21. Additional resources Docs and Learn Tutorials Webinars Other Azure App Service documentation Refactoring an on-premises .NET app with a SQL database Migrate legacy .NET apps to the cloud Learn about FastTrack for Azure Web apps learning path Refactoring a Linux web app with a MySQL database Find a partner Migration and performance tuning guides Bring your custom Linux container to App Service Migrate web apps with Azure App Service and Azure Database for MySQL Grow your business with Azure Marketplace Best practices for running web apps on Azure Bring your custom Windows container to App Service Reach more customers with Microsoft AppSource
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