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Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation - Profit from Your Projects


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Project Service Automation is an end-to-end solution that provides project-based organization a single system of customer engagement for sales, resourcing, delivery and billing.
 Project service automation (or as I will now refer to as PSA from now on) is an integrated customer experience for organizations that deliver
customer-facing, revenue-focused, project-based services including
* planning, estimating and pricing multi-day projects, 
* optimizing resource utilization, 
* tracking and approving project tasks and finances, and 
* monitoring performance metrics 

As project-based organizations and service delivery businesses are people-first businesses, ensuring the rich, collaborative internal and external interactions that deliver value at each stage of the project lifecycle is THE critical tenet of customer engagement model.
(It is equally critical to empower the customers and employees to engage through their medium of choice whenever and wherever for increased productivity, improved efficiency and successful project experiences.)

PSA enables this by bringing the people, process and technology together deliver value at each point of engagement along the project lifecycle and beyond.

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Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation - Profit from Your Projects

  1. 1. Complex challenges 1. Figure 2 2. Figure 4 3. Figure 21 SPI Research analysis for Microsoft based on 2017 Services Industry Maturity™ Benchmark study for 165 organizations with over 100 employees and an average size of 1,315 employees. Decrease in new client penetration over the last 3 years 19% Increase in employee attrition over the last 3 years 26% Decrease in billable employees in the last year 35%
  2. 2. 56.7% 80% 90.0% 41.4% 44.8% 68% 72% 29.6% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Bid-To-Win Ratio Billable Utilization On-Time Projects Profit Margin Top 20% of organizations has implemented structured business processes and utilize integrated information systems to assure there is “one view of the business” Top 20% Other 80% Process maturity drives business performance Learn more about the Professional Services Maturity Model while assessing your company’s maturity in less than 15 minutes. The assessment will pinpoint your current levels of maturity and visualize the steps required to advance to the next level Get your organization's maturity scorecard
  3. 3. What’s top of mind for service delivery leaders Deepen engagement Empower teams Optimize growth
  4. 4. $ € Mobile Cloud Global
  6. 6. Solution selling Forecast profitability and prioritize deals based on a unified sales management dashboard for both product and project-based opportunities Customer-centric Engage and collaborate real-time with customers on the quotes, project scope and resource requirements through customer portals Streamlined contracts Create project contracts, track labor rates and generate SOWs using an enhanced and integrated sales force automation experience Opportunity management increase in services revenue by decreasing the sales cycle by 30% 70% Digital Transformation of Sales, Microsoft Survey Report by TOPO, July 2016
  7. 7. Account Manager
  8. 8. Customer collaboration portal Account Manager End Customer
  9. 9. Collaborative execution Make it easy for sales managers to collaborate with PMs to estimate and define the work using standard project templates Predictable results Visualize cost, effort, and sales value of the work during proposal management for credible ‘estimate to completion’ planning, and financial integrity Enhanced and robust Use the robust project scheduling and management capabilities of Microsoft project to complement the sales planning in Project Service Automation Project planning 72% Project overruns attributed to incorrect estimation process Joint 2014 Study on 'Project schedule and cost overruns' by KPMG and PMI
  10. 10. End Customer Project Manager Account Manager
  11. 11. End Customer Project Manager
  12. 12. Intelligent Optimize resource assignment through a consolidated scheduling engine across modes of service and ensure right people on the right projects at the right time Utilization focused Pivot the business on resources to enable business development and portfolio investments to align with skills and talent management Consultant-centric Empower consultants and sub-contractors to identify and apply directly for available relevant project roles, and update skills profile through mobile devices Resource management revenue as a factor of salary billable resource should bring in for practice profitability2.5X Booked Up and Billable Best Practice, ConnectWise with Microsoft Azure POV 2015
  13. 13. Project Manager Resource Manager
  14. 14. Project Manager Resource Manager Partner
  15. 15. Productivity Provide powerful, easy-to-use, mobile-ready O365 productivity tools for project teams, customers and partners to update deliverables and monitor status SMAC Incorporate ‘social, mobile, analytics and cloud’ experiences and technologies to enable timely and relevant communication and collaboration Greater agility Respond quickly to scope changes and project risks by adding and managing critical KPIs while ensuring consistent and profitable service delivery Team collaboration 122% improvement in on-time project delivery with an Enterprise collaboration strategy in place Aberdeen Group, Sept. 2014
  16. 16. Team Member End Customer
  17. 17. Intuitive and familiar Simplify management of estimated and billed project time by integrating the tasks and deliverables across project and work calendars Accountability Provide real-time financial insights to customers and empower them to collaborate on timely corrective actions Efficiency Streamline the submission, approval, processing and reconciliation through web, mobile apps and Office365 for timely billing Time and expenses average cost per year for failing to accurately track time$110k 3 Amazing Facts You Didn't Know About Time Tracking Software, Flipsnack 2015 study
  18. 18. Project Manager Team Member $
  19. 19. Timely and effective Provide project managers a one-stop-shop dashboard to review, override, track overruns and approve all costs and time impacting their projects Accuracy Ensure the project invoices reflect the terms of the contract and approved work and expenses for customers visibility to projected v/s actuals budget Automated Automate generation, approval and distribution of reconciled invoices in email and on the web with back-office financials integration Customer billing 3% decrease in revenue for 5 day increase in Days Sales Outstanding SPI Research 2016 Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark study
  20. 20. Project Manager €
  21. 21. Unified platform Leverage Dynamics 365 business apps and PowerBI platform for a strong basis for reporting, integration, and analytics 360 project view Understand project performance, team and resource feedback and voice of the customer to ensure on-time, on-budget delivery model Trends and forecasting Identify trends, explore what-if scenarios, and forecast outcomes to prioritize service offerings, skills development and adopt best practices Service analytics increase in earnings for organizations using CRM integrated with ERP and PSA3.6% SPI Research 2016 Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark study
  22. 22. Practice Director
  23. 23. Requirements Breakdown Tracking (Universal Resource Scheduling) Contour multi-day resource requirements on project tasks to better reflect the desired pace of work progress. Resource Substitutions (Universal Resource Scheduling) Maintain integrity of booking requirements and mitigate risk with ‘like for like’ resource substitution and reassignment process. Schedule Board Resource Attributes (Universal Resource Scheduling) Increase business productivity by scheduling resources through enhanced filtering with custom attributes to support any customer engagement business process. Project Resource Hub for Mobile Enhance project resource efficiency with simplified user interface for Time and Expense reporting including direct camera launch for expense receipts capture. Performance Enhancements Optimize project operations with improvements in key capabilities including work breakdown structure, auto team generation and time entry.
  24. 24. Opportunity Management Project Planning Resource Management Team Collaboration Time And Expenses Customer Billing Service Analytics COO / Practice Director Account Manager Partner Manager Project Manager Team Member End Customers Resource Manager Mobile Cloud Global Empowerment along the customer journey and across the enterprise $ €
  25. 25. Productive Single system of customer engagement for project based organizations Purpose Built Real-time project performance insights recommend timely actions Intelligent Tailor service offerings for your business and industry needs Adaptable Familiar tools enable connected and collaborative project experiences
  26. 26. Build trusted relationships and deliver outstanding projects
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