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Data Access Options - external data - SharePoint


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Data Access Options - external data - SharePoint

  1. 1. APPS FOR SHAREPOINT DATA ACCESS OPTIONS ACCESS EXTERNAL DATA FROM YOUR APP USING ANY OF THE VARIOUS DATA ACCESS OPTIONS GET EXTERNAL DATA INTO YOUR APP Web Proxy JS/.NET client OMs External Content Type App External Data Cross-Domain Library Custom Proxy REST APIs SCENARIOS App Can read data from up to 20 different domains, and each response can be up to 200 KB David, web developer Goal: To read small amounts of data from different sources Wants to build a SharePoint-hosted app App Mark, enterprise developer Needs to sort and filter the data App Goal: To query data from another service within her company The external data is behind a firewall External content type Easily expose data from the LOB application to SharePoint using the OData protocol Goal: To perform CRUD operations against an LOB application Yvette, entrepreneurial developer Web Proxy Cross-domain library with Custom proxy Perform the requests at the client level, so there’s no need to open ports on the firewall © 2014 Microsoft. All rights reserved. JS/.NET client OMs External data Use existing third-party libraries to process and manipulate data REST External data Easily manipulate data using standard REST query options $filter and $orderby JS/.NET client OMs Can use current expertise in JavaScript External data