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BrightWork Solution Datasheet - From Atidan


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Published in: Technology
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BrightWork Solution Datasheet - From Atidan

  1. 1. Project, Portfolio and Work Management on SharePointBrightWork is the first collaborative project managementapplication for Microsoft SharePoint. BrightWork enables "One of the things I really loveany organization to instantly deploy an affordable about BrightWork are theamount of project, portfolio and work management, templates. They are very helpful,delivering immediate visibility and control. The unique great to look at and when webest practices template approach pioneered by want to implement something,BrightWork allows organizations to start small and then we have a great place to start.”evolve and grow by adding more templates and San Francisco State Universitydashboards when needed. BrightWork can be deployedin the cloud or on-premise. Free Trial at “With the roll-up reporting capabilities of BrightWork, we feel we’ve developed a very powerful tool to make IT Project work visible to the rest of the organization. It’s a point and click type operation with no programming required.” Childrens Hospital Boston Phone: USA +1 617-357-9000 EU +353 91 514492 Email:
  2. 2. Phone: USA +1 617-357-9000 EU +353 91 514492 Email: Project Management Success Made Easy“BrightWork allows everyone - the CEO,project managers, department managers, team members – to see any project at any time. We can see status, we can seeresources, we can see everything. It allowsus to keep a finger on the heartbeat of all projects.” Vision-Ease Lens