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SQL Server 2012 Data WarehousingThe world of data is changing with     to empower everyone in the           performance fo...
“The Microsoft platform has                 Immersive Insight,                                     demonstrated that it ca...
Fastest Time to Solution                  Time to Solution across every form         having the widest pool of IT skills  ...
administration tools as well as         configuration that deliver a pre-      requirements.integration with Microsoft Sys...
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Microsoft SQL Server_2012_data_warehousing

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Microsoft SQL Server_2012_data_warehousing

  1. 1. SQL Server 2012 Data WarehousingThe world of data is changing with to empower everyone in the performance for data warehousesbusinesses facing an explosion in organization to analyze the data of any size, a solution can driveinformation volumes, new data and without needing to break IT both current and future needs oftypes generated from transactional budgets. the business.growth and an increase in With SQL Server 2012 Data Next-Generation Performanceunstructured data, image files, and Warehousing, customers receive a with In-Memory Technologiesdata from new sources - such as data warehouse platform that SQL Server 2012 Dataweb logs, social media, and sensor processes any data, any size, Warehousing features xVelocity in-networks. IT organizations are anywhere, provides immersive memory technologies that providebeing asked new sets of questions insight, wherever you are and at next-generation performance;that incorporate new types and the fastest time to solution at benchmarks and customershapes of data for business lowest cost. examples show 10-100x timesinsights. As a result, IT improvement. Unlike other in-departments must adapt to Highlightsprovide value in this changing memory technologies, xVelocity isdynamic while still under pressure  Any Data, Any Size, Anywhere an intrinsic capability in the SQLto lower spend. Server 2012 primary database  Immersive Insight, Wherever engine allowing customers to getCompanies are doing this today You Are the benefits of next-generationwith a Microsoft SQL Server Data performance with current IT  Fastest Time to Solution atWarehousing solution which hardware and software Lowest Costprovides a mission critical, infrastructure.enterprise data warehouseplatform that can scale to the Any Data, Any Size, “By using SQL Server 2012 xVelocity,highest data requirements, handle Anywhere we were able to extract about 100 million records in 2 or 3 secondstraditional structured sources while Performance, high-availability and versus the 30 minutes requiredalso embracing complex data previously.” - Atsuo Nakajima, scalability are essentials for any Assistant Director, Bank of Nagoyatypes and non-traditional sources, data warehousing (DW) solution.that gives customers familiar tools By ensuring fast, predictable
  2. 2. “The Microsoft platform has Immersive Insight, demonstrated that it can deliver theEnterprise Scalability and 99.99 per cent availability and fast Wherever You Are performance that KeyBank needs fromAvailability its mission-critical applications. Our IT The top barriers to BI adoptionA realization many organizations reliability and performance have never across the enterprise are been better.”are making is that SQL Server has complexity of the solution and - Paul Gleason, VP SQL cost. Microsoft BI eliminates bothgrown up from its roots to be a Administration Team, KeyBanktrue enterprise platform that runs by providing BI capabilities in themission critical applications familiar Excel and SharePoint tools. Harness Big Datarequiring the highest scale and BI is no longer the sole domain of More information gives greateruptime. savvy analysts and top-level potential for obtaining important decision-makers; but for everyone insights; however, data may not beSQL Server has customers that in the organization. in a format that is easy tohave multiple Petabytes of data in consume. Increasingly,production. With SQL Server 2012, organizations want to incorporateMicrosoft offers both scale up and unstructured and semi-structuredscale out solutions. Parallel Data data, such as Word documents,Warehouse is Microsoft’s scale out videos, PDF files, pictures, andsolution which uses the Massively RFID data into their analyses. ByParallel Processing (MPP) integrating unstructured data fromarchitecture to meet the largest a Hadoop cluster with SQL Server Figure 2: SQL Server Report Builder 3.0customer requirements. data warehouse, organizations can Microsoft SQL Server is the only gain new insights to drive theTo support a 24/7 global operating major Data Warehousing offering business forward.environment, Microsoft has that ships with major componentscapabilities to ensure the high As well, Microsoft is releasing a of an integrated BI and enterpriseavailability of a system to meet a Microsoft based distribution of information management (EIM)customer’s required 9’s of Hadoop for Windows Server (on- platform as a core part of theavailability. With hardware premise) and Windows Azure database license. Customers canredundancies built-in to Parallel (cloud). This edition will give streamline installation for DW, EIMData Warehouse, customers will customers the ability to manage a and BI at the same time – takingnever need to worry that their Hadoop cluster within the advantage of this unique platformsystem will go down. Additionally, Microsoft ecosystem ensuring and workload integration.AlwaysOn for SQL Server 2012 enterprise-grade security, easy-to-ensures high availability while use management tools, andsimultaneously making more integration with the Microsoft dataefficient use of hardware warehouse and businessresources. intelligence (BI) solutions. Figure 3: Power View data visualizations
  3. 3. Fastest Time to Solution Time to Solution across every form having the widest pool of IT skills factor. available, Microsoft significantlyat Lowest Cost lowers the cost of operation.While many vendors in this market Default software installations can Studies have shown that Microsofthave concentrated on expensive be completed within minutes and solutions’ Total Cost ofand complex data warehouse have been proven to install 4X Administration is 460% less thansolutions, Microsoft has been faster than other leading vendors. 1 other leading vendors.1recognized by customers and Reference architectures giveindustry analysts for a strategy that customers options of following “By migrating data from Teradata todelivers on the best value with a pre-certified best practices our existing Microsoft platform, we increased processing speeds by abouthighly favorable price/performance stepping them through how to 15 per cent and reduced ITand ongoing cost of ownership. build the hardware and how to administrative and maintenance costs by more than $600,000 over the firstStein Mart, Volvo Aero, and tune the software. Finally, two years.”Protective Life Corporation have all Microsoft offers pre-built - Mark Underwood, Second Vicemigrated from their previous Data appliances that have been co- President, Protective Life CorporationWarehouse implementations to engineered with open x86the Microsoft solution each saving hardware partners to deliver Built-in BI and Enterprisehundreds of thousands of dollars a customers an entire solution. Information Managementyear in maintenance and cost of Other data warehousing offeringsownership. in the market include separate Lowest Cost additional modules to purchase“Microsoft exhibits one of the best The cost of initial acquisition isvalue propositions on the market with such as BI and enterprise usually only part of the story. Thea low cost and a highly favorable price information management tools./ performance ratio” Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) With SQL Server 2012, theExcerpt from the Gartner Magic gives the fuller picture of the true licensing costs compare veryQuadrant for Data Warehouse costs of running a solution.Database Management Systems favorably with other vendors; Microsoft offers one of the more furthermore, customers will receive competitive licensing costs in theFastest Time to Solution BI and EIM tools at no extra cost. data warehouse market as well asWhile the industry solves slow the lowest cost of ownership. This “You buy one piece of software and it’sdeployment times of their solution includes ongoing cost of all there - integration, analysis, andby offering customers their most administration, maintenance fees reporting, with a consistent GUI. My analysts can pull the data and buildexpensive appliance, Microsoft to the DW vendor, and operations basic reports themselves.”understands that you may want to costs. Because of the combination - Tim Lum, Head of BI, Kelkooacquire other form factors such as of using open, industry standardsoftware only or reference software and hardware, a focus on Manageabilityarchitectures due to having a lower delivering software that is easy to Management is another keyprice point. deploy, install, and manage, and contributor to TCO because a dataMicrosoft SQL Server Data warehouse that is easy to manageWarehousing gives the Fastest 1 improves productivity. With a A Comparative Study on Total Cost of Administration (Alinean) comprehensive set of built-in
  4. 4. administration tools as well as configuration that deliver a pre- requirements.integration with Microsoft System tested best practices guide to build Appliances for Smaller WorkloadsCenter, administrators have the hardware box and setup/tunediscovery, monitoring, and the software for an optimized HP Business Data Warehouse andnotification functionality across the configuration. Microsoft partners Dell Quickstart Data Warehousemanagement of data, BI, with leading industry hardware give customers with small DWdevelopment, applications, and the companies (HP, Dell, EMC2, Cisco, requirements a pre-built appliancepublic or private cloud. IBM, XIO, Nimbus, Bull, and HDS) to address their needs. giving companies access to the latest generation of servers and Summary storage combined with the cutting Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Data edge features of SQL Server 2012. Warehousing provides a true Pre-validated Reference enterprise data platform with the Architectures eliminate complex ability to process any data, any hardware and software balancing size, anywhere, that delivers and take guesswork out of systemFigure 1: System Center Diagram view immersive insights, and provides configuration. the fastest time to solution at the lowest cost of acquisition andMicrosoft Data Appliances (Pre-Built) ownership. Appliances are co-engineered byWarehousing Offerings Microsoft and key hardware Additional ResourcesMicrosoft has a comprehensive partners to deliver a fully SQL Server Data Warehousing:lineup of data warehousing integrated hardware and software that include software- solution giving customers the ions-technologies/data-warehousing.aspxonly solutions (self-build), fastest time to value. All SQL Fast Track Data Warehousereference architectures (guided- Server appliances for data and appliances (pre-built) warehouse include the most ions-technologies/data-warehousing/fast- track.aspxofferings. optimized software and hardware configuration that is specifically Parallel Data WarehouseSoftware (Self-Build) tuned and configured for the data ions-technologies/data-warehousing/pdw.aspxSQL Server 2012 software enables warehouse workload.customers to build custom Microsoft Big Data Solutiondepartmental data marts and even Parallel Data Warehouse data warehouses based on ions-technologies/business-intelligence/big-their specific hardware needs. SQL Server Parallel Data data-solution.aspx Warehouse (PDW) is a scale-out Join the conversationReference Architectures pre-built appliance from HP and Dell. PDW provides the highest Or follow us! /sqlserverFast Track is a guided-build scalability and performance for thereference architecture most demanding data warehouse May 8, 2012

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