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pikkle social games japan


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pikkle is japan's leading social game provider

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pikkle social games japan

  1. 1. Social Game Publisher Shimizu Building 4F, Shinjuku 8-14-18, Tokyo 160-0023, Japan 03-3360-2007 | | dc Pikkle KK is Japan’s leading social game publisher. We are looking for games from overseas to launch in Japan.
  2. 2. Pikkle is Japan’s leading social game publisher Developer R&D Phase JooJoo portal Social Game Publisher Series A Mixi Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
  3. 3. JooJoo: Social Game Portal Social Entertainment Virtual Goods Games <ul><li>Social game portal </li></ul><ul><li>Raise pets with your friends </li></ul><ul><li>Non-realtime Battle games with other users </li></ul><ul><li>Paid gifts and other virtual items </li></ul><ul><li>Write blog articles to raise your in-game level </li></ul><ul><li>Your avatar shows up in games and also on your blog and home page </li></ul>
  4. 4. Rhythm☆Star Get together with your friends to form a dance group! Play mini-games to level up your character, and then compete in the arena dance battle!
  5. 5. Pocket☆Aquarium Special limited fish from around the country you can trade as Gifts with your friends. “ Coupling” allows fish to have babies – try and create new rare fish!
  6. 6. Mobile specific features Mobile specific viral channels and messaging APIs Location-based functions Operator billing integration. Handset optimization
  7. 7. Touchpoints on Mixi container Feed: your fish is hungry! Feed: your friend just came and cleaned your tank! Application invitations A gift from your friend! Community: come and look at my fish tank! Mail: do you want to trade items? Blog post: Kumiko found a rare fish you can only get in Hokkaido
  8. 8. Operation: events, goods, community, metrics <ul><li>In social games the post-launch service operation is a critical success factor. Pikkle has deep experience in running these services. Japanese users also expect a high-level of customer support. We also know how to build activity in the fan communities around our games. </li></ul>Hina Matsuri Halloween Christmas Easter eggs “ Girls Day” Japanese festival Limited period virtual goods
  9. 9. Pikkle Social Game Enabling Platform RASH: Mobile Flash Server Render Facebook Adapter OpenSocial Game Game FB billing API Mixi ドコモ webmoney Game: Function items, Trophies, Ranking, Leveling Analytics: CVR, LTV, Billing CVR, A/B testing Viral: invitations, gifts, teams, feed management Simulation engine Collection + Trading Common items: avatars 新規 ゲーム 仕組み 派生タイトル オリジナル ソーシャル ゲーム メカニック 共通 プラットフォーム パートナー依存 API や課金 battle rpg Mobage town
  10. 10. Pikkle Virtual Goods expertise ごく短期間に 6,000 個強を売り上げたアバターアイテム、タマッゴ(予定日になると孵化して別のアイテムになる、という特殊な扱いのアバターアイテムです)。 事前・終了直前・事後の告知に注力し、成功を収めました。 ジュジュの仮想通貨(ズズダマ)が「オマケ」としてついてくる、特殊なアイテムです。さらに、レア・貴重なアイテムを「オマケ 2 」として付与。 支払い方法は、 DoCoMo ケータイい、 WebMoney 、まとめて au 支払いに対応。 不思議な生き物、チャームを探して集めて育てる、ジュジュで一番人気のコンテンツ。 捕獲・育成に必要なアイテムの数量・質を調整、アバターと比肩するほどの人気コンテンツに成長しました。 Consumable items Gifts with hidden contents! Bundling and special offers Offer walls and affiliate ads
  11. 11. Pikkle investors Ameba KDDI Gree Pikkle’s 5 major investors are a who’s who of the japanese mobile social landscape. We are the largest single investment for Mixi’s app fund, and share a board member.
  12. 12. Pikkle partner program Partner with us to launch your titles in Japan! Contact: David ‘dc’ Collier | [email_address] Business Network Investor or board-level contact with all major networks Joint Development Proprietary technology for dynamic mobile flash Bilingual engineering staff Know the ins and out of all Japanese devices Service Operation Content refresh timed to Japanese events Community management and user support Constant tweaking of the viral channels Metric analysis and tweaking of payment funnel