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Observations made by the group (Edited)


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Observations made by the group (Edited)

  1. 1. Observations @ Khoo Teck Puat Hospital Done by Lim Jing Jie, Sean Phua Aik Han, Neo Wei Hong and Tang Wen Yue
  2. 2. General (Bad Examples) Too many dead ends Too many obstacles- Construction, Wet puddles
  3. 3. Roads (Bad eg.) Too many cracks Sharp turning No shelter - For rain, sun Drain covers make it harder to push wheelchair
  4. 4. Roads Gaps in between road and drain Steep slopes There are some motorcycles that block the road.
  5. 5. Food court There should be trays on wheelchair so that the handicapped can carry their food and move around on their own Stall holders should help to deliver the food to the handicapped
  6. 6. Food Court The wheelchair may block others from moving around Queues are quite long at some times.
  7. 7. Food court (Good eg.) Large variety of food, there are also useful health tips about the food Clean and hygienic, stalls have a rating of A which means the food are clean and safe. Food court is air-conditioned which improves the atmosphere
  8. 8. PHARMACY (GOOD EG.) Enough space between racks for wheelchair movement Medicine on the racks are labelled systematically so that it can be easily found Television is provided so that people who are waiting to be served have some form of entertainment
  9. 9. Lift  There is not enough space for people and those in wheelchairs to go in together.  There is a panel for wheelchair- bound people to use which is of an accessible height.
  10. 10. Women’s clinic (Good eg.) • It is air-conditioned and the staff are friendly and helpful • There are more than 1 clinic so that they can handle large amount of patients at one time without overcrowding any clinic • The staff are quick and efficient so that the patients do not have to wait too long • The place is neat and tidy so that the atmosphere is not too cramped
  11. 11. Children’s clinic There are toilets so that the children do not have to rush out of the clinic if they need the bathroom urgently There are many seats so that the children can sit down while waiting to be tended to The room is air-conditioned and the lights are dim, thus making a very soothing and calm atmosphere There are lots of dead end so that naughty children who run around may knock into walls and injure themselves
  12. 12. BASEMENT 2 (GOOD EG.) • The doors are very wide so that wheelchairs can pass through easily
  13. 13. BASEMENT 2 (BAD EG.) • The doors are automatic and swing back without warning, this is dangerous as people who are caught off- guard may get injured Warning is quite small and might be easily missed.
  14. 14. Ciao ios A d THE END Thank You for Listening ir Revo Au