Psdc night 2010 presentation


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Psdc night 2010 presentation

  1. 1. Arrival of VIP
  2. 2. MC Introduction
  3. 3. Open Ceremony
  4. 4. Game 1 :Rock the Sushi
  5. 5. How to play• This game will be divided to two rounds• 1st round - 6 participants will separate to two teams. - Questions will be ask, each of the group requires to answer quickly. The group who answer 1st get 1 point. The Team with 2 points win the 1st round and may proceed to 2nd round. -Losers get to eat the Sushi….
  6. 6. How to play• 2nd Round - 5 Questions will be ask - Participants who answer correctly will get 1 point. - After 5 questions, the one with highest points wins.
  7. 7. ROCK KING
  8. 8. How to play• Hands on the back, do not touch the game equipment.• Stand in the ready position, do not move when the game started.• Participant must with your own way until the toy fall into the basket.• The first two participant who makes the toy fall into the basket will be winner.• 2 winner and 2 losers will form another team to a Team Toy.• Participant have to swing the toy to the partner’s basket.• Any team that finish the game first will be the final winner.
  9. 9. How to play• The game is 5 vs 5 match• Team require to pass a rubber band from both of the end to another end.• Used only mouth to hold the straw.Participants Participants• Hands on the back, cannot touch the straw.• Used straw to pass the ring from 1 player to another player.• The fastest team will be the winner.
  10. 10. 1st Runner-Up• Ooi Thye Seng• Khor Kai Zi• Lim Wei Jenn• Soon Jin Fong• Lim Kean Tsong
  11. 11. CHAMPION• Ooi Wei Keong• Loh Ming Wei• Lim Tze Khai• Tan Shufu• Gooi Chun Siong
  12. 12. 1ST Runner-Up• Saiful Bin Darus• Pritiviraj A/L Nadaraja• Yogaraj A/L Nadaraja• Adha Bin Sohaimi• Yogeswaran A/L Harikrishan• Mohd Hafih Bin MGT Saad
  13. 13. CHAMPION• Mohamad Nor Azri• Ong Chun Choong• Fakrul Iqhwan• Muhammad Dzul Amri• Muhammad Ahmad Shan• Muhammad Faris
  14. 14. Lucky Draw (7 Lucky Draw)
  15. 15. Performance 4: Rock Band
  16. 16. Announcements of ROCK King and ROCK Queen
  17. 17. ROCK KING
  18. 18. ROCK Queen
  19. 19. ROCK KING ROCK Quee
  20. 20. Grand prizes of the night (3 Lucky Draw)
  21. 21. Adios