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Personal Finance for Kids


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Use these online tools to teach your kids to be financially literate.

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Personal Finance for Kids

  1. 1. Personal Finance for Kids Danielle Johnson Stone Bank School District Library Opportunities 03.20.12
  2. 2. This presentation will introduce you to some great technology tools to help teach children about personal finance. If you have questions about anything in this presentation, contact Ms. Johnson by email will introduce you to some popular online tools
  3. 3. Online Games: Planet Orange Created by ING Direct, Planet Orange is a game site aimed at kids in 1st – 6th grade to help them learn about earning, spending, saving and investing. Kids create an account and can visit the site regularly to travel the planet and learn about money. Information collected includes: first name, grade, state, gender and parent’s email address. Information is not shared with anyone. Features: Create an Astronaut Avatar, Parent Center, Video that lets you tour Planet Orange
  4. 4. Online Game: Savings Quest Created by Wells Fargo Advisors Game that tests ability to save for things you want while paying for things you need. Kids create a character and pick a job. Features: earn a paycheck, build a budget, pay bills, pay unexpected expenses, save money for what you want.
  5. 5. Online Games: PracticalMoney Skills for Life Created by partners like Visa, educators, and financial institutions, this website features tools to help anyone gain financial literacy. For kids, there’s a page with games that will appeal to all ages There are also plenty of resources available for parents & teachers. Features games like: Financial Football, Peter Pig’s Money Counter, Ed’s Bank,and Money Metropolis
  6. 6. App: Kiddy Bank For Apple devices $0.99 Allows you to keep track of your child’s allowance. Can credit child’s account automatically on allowance day, or you can manually add funds on special occasions. When child spends money, you can deduct from balance.
  7. 7. App: FamZoo Family Finance For Apple devices Free, but works in conjunction with paid online subscription service. More than just credit & debit, use to track goals, charitable giving, and even loans.
  8. 8. App: A+ Allowance For Apple Devices Free Virtual chore chart and allowance tracker in one. You & your children can pick weekly chores, assign a dollar value to those and track allowances.
  9. 9. App: iAllowance For Apple devices $3.99 or Free for Lite version Set up weekly allowance, or pay out special reward. Pleasing & easy-to-use interface No need to find real money to pay out allowance; automatically set up into “banks” through this app Get a summary of amounts received and spent by email, like a bank statement
  10. 10. Website: Zefty FREE website designed to teach kids about responsible spending and saving; subtitle is “Simpler Allowances for Kids (And Parents)” Parents set up virtual accounts for kids (no real money involved) and decide how much allowance kids get, and how often. Parents are the bank. Allowances can be automatically deposited, Parents manage withdrawals & deposits, Kids can print ZeftyChecks to give their parents Kids can use ZeftyCalc to see how long they will have to save for a purchase, Parents can use Zefty Calc to find a reasonable amount for allowance.
  11. 11. Website: Biz Kid$ Website featuring Biz Kid$ educational videos, a blog, newsletter, games, and lesson plans. Presented by American Public Television, A Smarter Choice, and Really well-designed website, especially for older kids (grades 5 and up). Biz Kids is also a program on public television. The website offers an option to search local listings.
  12. 12. Website: The Mint Sponsored by Northwestern Mutual This educational website aims to provide kids and teens with information about making, saving, spending and giving money through text and game-play. Features: “When Will You Be a Millionaire” Calculator, “What Kind of Spender Are You” Quiz, Saving Calculator, Debt Calculator and more
  13. 13. Website: Sense & Dollars Website designed to give kids in middle & high school a leg up on acquiring money knowledge. Presented by Maryland Public Television with grants from U.S. Department of Education Star Schools Features: Games, links, information; Kids can practice effective ways of earning, spending, saving, and investing money. Can explore budgets, credit card and interest rates.
  14. 14. Website: CNN Money 101 1/lesson12/index.htm The Money 101 website was created to help educate people about money management. This lesson is all about Financial Education for Kids. According to CNN, this parent’s guide to kids & money will, “help put your children on the road to handling money responsibly.” Features: Articles like “Top Things to Know,” “Making Allowances,” and “Saving and Spending.”
  15. 15. I hope you’ve found this information helpful.Your kids should be financially literate in no time with these easy tools!