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Online Music

  1. 1. * From streaming to storage,how to get the best of online music resources. Danielle Johnson Stone Bank School 03.06.12
  2. 2. *
  3. 3. * Automated music recommendation service* Mission: play only music you’ll love.* Users provide positive & negative feedback to customize future song selections.* Based on Music Genome Project, team of musician- analysts predicts songs you’ll love based on songs you already love.* Can create up to 100 unique “stations” by entering favorite artists or songs.* Offers option to buy songs as you listen.* Some limitations result from Pandora’s compliance with U.S. copyright law. *
  4. 4. ControlsCreate a New Station Your Stations Information about Song Currently Playing
  5. 5. Station Details Screen: Add or remove artists & songs to customize each station
  6. 6. *
  7. 7. * Popular in Europe for years, launched in U.S. summer 2011* Different from Pandora: * Choose what you want to listen to – if you enter Rolling Stones, you listen to Rolling Stones instead of Pandora selecting similar artists * Skip songs you don’t like - unlimited skipping, unlimited stations * Ability to import songs from personal collection * Can only play a single song a limited number of times * Capped at 20 hours of listening per month* Available with internet connection (computer or mobile device) or save playlists & listen offline.* Social networking option – connect with Facebook and see what friends are listening to.* Premium account available. *
  8. 8. * Online music search engine & streaming service* Can search for, stream & upload music to play immediately or add to a playlist* Option for paid service to gain additional functionality & remove advertisements* Users can create radio stations (like with Pandora) or add to a list of “Current Songs”* Community section allows for social networking *
  9. 9. * Social media website that allows users to interactively share music* Launched in May, 2011* Create “rooms” that other users can join* Users – called “DJs” choose songs to be played to everyone in that room & all users can chat through text interface* Users who are in audience vote on songs, too many “lame” votes triggers the room to skip to the next DJ* App available *
  10. 10. * Slacker Personal Radio* Rhapsody – Subscription Music Service* – Listen to Free Music Online* – Internet Radio (based in UK) *
  11. 11. *
  12. 12. *Would you like to listen to your music library from anywhere? There are free online music storage sites that provide the ability to stream your music via Web browsers or apps. This is an excellent way to organize and store your MP3s to save space on your computer & gain access from anywhere.
  13. 13. * Cloud storage service of up to 20,000 songs* Store on Internet and stream to any computer or Android device* Supports iTunes content (including playlists)* Can sync music to computer or mobile device so you can listen while not connected to Internet* Music store also available through website & app *
  14. 14. * Store digital music on Internet & listen using application on any computer or Android device* Can also store other digital media like videos & photos* 5GB storage for free* Additional storage costs $1 per GB per year* 8 device limit* If you purchase music from Amazon MP3 service, automatically stored in Cloud Drive, but doesn’t count toward storage limit. *
  15. 15. There are lots of options when it comes tostreaming & storing music online, but Pandora & Grooveshark are, by far, the most popular streaming music services and Amazon & Google are legions ahead when it comes to storage of your personal music collection.If you’re interested in more information or have questions about online music, please don’t hesitate to contact me: