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Mass Media and Society Chapter 16: The Future of Mass Media


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Mass Media and Society Chapter 16: The Future of Mass Media

  1. 1. Mass Media and Society Chapter 16: The Future Of Mass Media April 14, 2014
  2. 2. Chapter 16: Future of Mass Media • Changes in mass media • Delivery methods • Current trends • New technology and the public • Mobile and wearable technology
  3. 3. Traditional vs. new • Traditional media: Pre- Internet, includes print, broadcast (TV, radio), film. • New media: electronic games and entertainment, Internet, social media • New media advantages: speed, cost, reach
  4. 4. Delivery methods • Most people use multiple sources for news • Pew State of the News Media 2014: Digital native sites competitive with traditional news (Buzzfeed nearly equals Washington Post; HuffPost, Yahoo 1-2 among news sites)
  5. 5. Pew report • 82% of Americans said they got news on a desktop/laptop; 54% on a mobile device • Traditional news organizations are cutting jobs; digital organizations (Buzzfeed, Gawker, Yahoo, new startups) are adding jobs in news
  6. 6. Advantages of modern delivery • Speed • Plenty of content available • Cheaper than traditional media • More voices and outlets
  7. 7. Disadvantages of modern delivery • Misrepresentation and misinformation online • Unreliable sources (Wikipedia), Partisanship • Digital Divide • Many of these disadvantages exist in traditional media
  8. 8. Current trends • Increasing focus on mobile, mobile apps • 1 billion-plus app downloads from Apple App Store • Wearable tech: Google Glass • Online deals and location- based services
  9. 9. Google Glass • Head-mounted device that allows user to take photos, surf the web, record video, and perform other tasks • Voice command • Limited availability ($1,500) • Usability, privacy worries
  10. 10. New technology and the public • Innovators: first to acquire new tech, before early adopters • Early and late majority acquire new tech when it becomes popular • Laggards are resistant
  11. 11. New frontiers • Open-source citizenry? (Clay Shirky) • WWE offers Internet- exclusive TV channel; more disruption for TV? • What will be the next new thing, and what will be the next big flop?