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Mission Espada


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This was a project that Devin did for his history class at The Atonement Academy.

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Mission Espada

  1. 1. MISSION SAN FERNANDO DE LA ESPADA Mission Persuasion Presentation By Devin Gonzalez
  2. 2. THE MEANING OF ESPADA Mission Espada has a meaning to it. Espada means SWORD.
  3. 3. When it was foundedMission Espada was fist found in the year 1690.In the year 1731 the mission was moved to San Antonio and renamed as Mission Espada. This was the very first mission in San Antonio
  4. 4. Enviroment  The Mission was very large and spacious, there were many trees in that surrounded it and gave it a lot of shade.  The only way to get water was to go to the nearest river
  5. 5. The Natives The Native Indians were the “Nabedache’’ it means ‘blackberry place’ in the caddo language. These Indians were not friendly. When the Mission was moved to San Antonio the Coahuiltecan Indians were friendly Indians.
  6. 6. Transportation The people that lived in the Mission got around by walking, usin g horses, oxen, mules
  7. 7. Structure The structure on the Mission was mostly made of bricks and large pieces of wood that framed the doors and windows.
  8. 8. Resources There was not that many natural recourses but there was water and soil. The aqueducts where built to water the farmland
  9. 9. FOOD The things they used to get food was using oxen, mules for there farming. They ate there livestock and wheat and maze.
  10. 10. WEATHER THE weather in Mission Espada was never to hot or cold it was warm and cool.
  11. 11. THINGS TO DO In Mission Espada you needed to farm to get food. You also needed to farm and work in the fields. Guard the Mission from the enemy Indians.
  12. 12. THINGS TO DO They also did their own blacksmithing
  13. 13. SIGNIFICANTThe one thing that interesting is that there are three main bells on top of the churchThis Mission was the only one to make there own bricks
  14. 14. MISSION LIFE The Mission Espada you would be able to go to school at the Mission and there in a church for you to go to mass. The missionaries strove to make life in the mission resemble that of Spanish villages. They taught mission Indians specific vocations like carpentry, masonry, and stonecutting.
  15. 15. THE CONVENT The Mission had a convent for the nuns. The nuns would teach the children. The church was fairly small.
  16. 16. OTHER INDIANS Some of the other Indians where the apache and the Coahuiltecan. The Coahuiltecan where friendly Indians the apache were not friendly.
  17. 17. MY WEBSITES photo/mikeandkelsey/4/1268341899/mission-san-jose--- rose-window.jpg/tpod.html day-three-and-corpus.html Live Pictures : By Devin Gonzalez
  19. 19.  THE END