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Dylan and hannah

  1. 1. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart By: Hannah & Dylan h
  2. 2. Introduction You know how famous composers are always known? Well, it just so happens to be we are doing a presentation on a famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart! He was born on January 27, 1756 in Vienna. Mozart’s nickname was Wolfie. Mozart plays the piano and violin and has an older sister named Nannerl. Nannerl also plays the violin. Mozart was called a child prodigy performing for royalty at the age of 6. Nannerl was not aloud to play the violin because it was not lady like. Mozart followed what his dad did. Which was playing for royal queens and kings. Mozart had hard times when Beethoven was trying to ‘beat’ Mozart at the piano.
  3. 3. Early Life When Mozart was little, he watched his eldest sister being taught piano by his dad. Mozart started composing mini pieces by the age of five . At the age of six, he started composing bigger pieces. He started composing at such an early age, people refused to believe he wrote them. He was the youngest out of all seven children. Five of his elders had died in infancy. His father played most of the songs Mozart composed. Mozart performed around Europe as a child prodigy. Mozart was taught piano from his father but, when Mozarts skills went beyond what was taught, his father quit composing and teaching . Mozart also played and composed music for the violin.
  4. 4. Adult Life In his life, Mozart’s compositions were remarkable. Some of his pieces are; Mozart Concerto 23 A major K 488, Symphony No.6 F major KV. 43, Sonata No. 8 a minor K 310 1Mov & Mozart Symphony #40 in G Minor, K 550 - 1. Molto Allegro. Mozart had become famous with his music in this period of time. Mozart had an unbelievable memory for music able to work out whole pieces in his mind. He produced more than 600 compositions and wrote with great clear, elegant, orderly, balanced and with ‘good feeling.’ He performed for royalty and regular concerts.
  5. 5. Later Life & Death Toward the end of his life, Mozart lost his abilities of performing, we mean that he wasn’t invited to lots of concerts. Mozart made his living out of performing for concerts which means that since he wasn’t performing very much, his income shrank. During this time, it was very difficult for musicians because of the Austro-Turkish War. In view of that, most people were at war. Mozarts audiences shrank and he lost money while trying to pay taxes.
  6. 6. Conclusion Thank you for watching this presentation on Mozart. I hoped you liked it.
  7. 7. The End Thankyou for listening to this presentation on Mozart. I hoped you liked it…
  8. 8. Thank You