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Wp digital strategiesmadebetterwithintegrations2013

  1. 1. Digital MarketingStrategiesMade Better Through anIntegrated Marketing Platform7
  2. 2. PAGE 2Make Your Website asDynamic and Personalizedas Your Emails .............................................4Video: “Personalizing the Web Experiencefor Every Customer Through a CMS Integration” .....5Send Personalized, TimelyCart Recovery Messages ....................... 6Success story: DEMCO ......................................................7Employ Both MarketingAnd Sales Data To EnhanceLead Management .................................... 8Success Story: InsideOut...................................................9Incorporate ProductRecommendations And RatingsInto Emails....................................................10Success Story: SmartPak...................................................11Video: “Integrating Ratings andRecommendations into Your Content” ......................1112354Use Sophisticated Real-TimeMultivariate Testing to DriveEngagement and Success .........................12Success Story: Peter Glenn Sports...............................13Find New Ways To Improve Salesand Marketing Alignment .......................14Video: “Enhancing Marketing-Sales Alignmentand Lead Nurturing via a CRM Integration” ...........15Use Predictive Analytics To BoostCampaign Performance ..........................16Video: “Using Predictive Analytics& Data Management Tools” ............................................17Conclusion....................................................18Footnotes.........................................................................................18Additional Resources...............................18Silverpop Partners....................................1967Contents
  3. 3. PAGE 37Digital Marketing Strategies Made BetterThrough an Integrated Marketing Platform“Nooneknowseverything.Buttogether,we knowawholelot,”saidbusinessauthorSimonSinek.And giventoday’ssophisticated,social-savvybuyers,today’smarketers needtoknowawholelotabouttheircustomersandprospectstodeliverthecontenttheywant,whentheywant.In manycases,reachingthislevelofsophisticationrequiresmorethangoingitalone.Andthatmeansintegratingyourvariousmarketingsolutions.Dependingonyourbusinessneeds,extendingyourdigitalmarketingtoolboxbyintegratingwithrelatedmarketingtechnologiescanhelpsolvethetwocriticalchallengesfacingeverycompanytoday:theneedtocollectdata,andtheabilitytoactonit.Every day, customers and prospectsare interacting with businesses indifferent ways. Some are reading youremail on their tablets and clickingthrough to surf your website. Othersare perusing your Facebook,Twitterand LinkedIn pages on their desktopcomputers. Still others are standingin your store or at your booth withsmartphones in hand, checking in,scanning a QR code or sending yourcompany a text message. And so on.Amidst this deluge of data, integratingmarketing systems can help you gainseamless access to information rangingfromWeb behaviors to buying patternsto product recommendations and ratings— and much more.Ofcourse,whileit’sfantastictohaveallthisdata,itwon’tdoyoumuchgoodifyoucan’tdoanythingwithit–orifincorporatingitintoyourcampaignsisanarduous,time-consumingtask.Integrationsenableyoutotakethatdataanddosomethingwithit,whetherit’spersonalizinganemail,customizingaWebpageoralertingsaleswhenaleadstatuschanges.Hereareseven digital marketing strategiesmadebetter throughan integratedmarketingplatform,includinghowtheycanenhanceyourmarketing programs, tips for implementingthem,andsuccess stories from the field.TWEET THIS!ReadingSilverpop’s“7DigitalMarketingStrategiesMadeBetterThroughanIntegratedMarketingPlatform”
  4. 4. PAGE 4Make Your Website as Dynamicand Personalized as Your EmailsSavvymarketersarealwayslookingforwaystomaketheiremailsmorerelevanttoeachrecipient,sendingcontactsdowndifferentmessagingtracksorservingupdynamiccontentbasedonthatperson’spreviousbehaviors,interestsordemographics.In an ideal world, that level ofcustomization would extend to as manytouch points as possible. But creatingand managing content across multiplechannels and devices often involvesinefficient silos of data and technology.Consider the average company website.Typically, every person who visits seesthe same articles, offers and images,regardless of who they are or how they’veinteracted with that company in otherchannels.The result can be a less relevant,less satisfying customer experience.HowAn Integrated PlatformCan HelpIntegrating your digital marketingplatform with certain contentmanagement systems enables you todeliver more personalizedWeb content ata specific point in time — but also allowsthat content to evolve based on visitorinteractions and activity acrossany channel and marketing program.The result is content that is alive, adaptiveand always representative of the visitor’scurrent interests.To create such a website, you’d builddynamic content blocks within your site,then set up business rules that determinewhich content different types of visitorswill see.When someone visits your site,the content management system pullsin data from your unified marketing11 database, then displays images, offers,text, etc. based on the visitor’s previousbehaviors and interests.Best of all, every touch point builds on thelast, with your digital marketing platformandCMS feeding information back andforth to make your data smarter.The resultis a seamless customer experience thatmirrors the type of individual interactionspeople expect offline — but rarelyexperience online.QuickTips• Employ progressive profiling togather actionable data.Bothon yourwebsiteandlanding pages, tryusing aprogressiveWebforms builder to posenew questions eachtime a contactvisits, steadilygaining deeper insight
  5. 5. PAGE 5intotheirinterests.Justsetupafewbasicrules,andyoucanaskcontactsforoneortwoadditionalpiecesofinformationateveryinteraction,gatheringinformationwithoutscaringthemoffwithlongforms.• Make it easy for customers andprospects to provide data acrossplatforms. Intoday’smultichannelworld,youcan’tcountoncontactsenteringinformationviayourwebsite,somakesureyouhaveanautomatedprocessinplaceforcollectingdataacrosschannels.Let’ssayafemalecustomervisitsyourchocolateshop.ViaanSMSpromotiondisplay,ascannableQRcodeoraniPad,youcouldcollectthecustomer’semailaddressandfavoritetypeofchocolate,thenautomaticallyfeedthisinformationintoyour master database.Thenexttimethatcustomer opensyour emailandclicksthroughtoyour site,youcouldcustomizeher experiencebyincludingabackgroundimageandrecipereflectingher favoritechocolatetype.• Experiment with customizingdifferent pieces of content.So,whereshouldyoubuildinyourdynamic content rules?Tryprovidingpersonalizedtext, graphics, offers,videos andmore, andsee what moststronglyengages your contacts.Remember to sprinklein contentthat’sfun andeducational as well aspromotional.Personalizing the Web Experience for EveryCustomer Through a CMS IntegrationView the video >>>
  6. 6. PAGE 6Send Personalized, Timely CartRecovery MessagesPeopleabandontheircartsformanyreasons–toomanydistractions,displeasurewithshippingcosts,dauntedbyalongform,uncertainaboutthenextstep,usingthecartasawishlist…yougetthepicture.Many companies give up at this point.But in some cases, a follow-up messageor series of messages delivered with theright tone, content and offers canrecover these lost opportunitiesand translate them into gains foryour company.One study, for example, showed thatthree out of four cart abandoners willrespond to cart recovery emails, whetherto purchase or just to browse1. And whilecart abandonment messages typicallymake up a small percentage of companyThese include incorporating productreviews and ratings (see p. 10), as wellas segmenting based on the order size.For example, you might only offer freeshipping to those whose abandoned cartstotal more than $75.QuickTips• Send multiple emails. Although onecart recovery message is certainlybetter than none, our experience withclients indicates that a multistageseries is the best way to boost results.For example, you might implement athree-part campaign in which the firstreminder is sent with a few hours ofabandonment (in general, the soonerthe better), the second approximately24 hours after abandonment, and thethird about a week later.2 communications, they often garner adisproportionately large amount of gains.How An Integrated Platform Can HelpTheWeb analytics, e-commerce platformor specialized cart/targeting solutionof your choice captures the action ofa customer abandoning a cart on yoursite, and the integration with your digitalmarketing platform enables you to send atriggered message at the designated timesof your choosing, reminding customersthat they have an item(s) in their cart.While best practice is to include the itemname, description and image (pulled infrom whatever third-party system you’reusing), there are a few other techniquesyou might employ depending on thevariety of integrations you’re using.
  7. 7. PAGE 7• Convey a strong-service orientedtone. This might include asking ifthe customer had any problems orif you can answer any questions,offering alternate channels forcompleting the purchase, andreminding the recipient of yourunique value proposition (e.g. freereturns).• Put rules into place to stop acampaign when a customercomes back and buys. In an agein which humanization is critical toboosting engagement and loyalty,it can come across as impersonaland annoying if a customerreceives a promotion for an itemhe or she just purchased.SuccessStory: DEMCOTo better reach the 30 percent ofcustomers who were abandoning theirshopping carts, education supplierDEMCO initiated a cart recoveryprogram.To enable this campaign,DEMCO integrated Adobe andSilverpop through Adobe Analytics,a marketing platform that integratescomplementary third-party applicationswith Adobe products, giving customersa single view into their marketing data.DEMCO utilizes Adobe Analytics onlinedata to identify customers that haveabandoned their shopping cart onDEMCO’s website. DEMCO then usesSilverpop Engage to send a series ofthree cart abandonment emails atone-, three- and five-day intervalsencouraging abandoners to returnto their cart to finalize theirpurchase.There are no incentivesoffered in the first two emails, butin the final message, DEMCO offersabandoners a tote bag when theyfinalize their purchase.“Integrating our Adobe data withSilverpop Engage allowed us totarget those customers that had leftan item in a cart and encouragethem to return,” says Lisa Moling,eMarketing Planner, DEMCO. “Ourresults show that our series of cartabandonment emails delivers 97 timesthe revenue (per thousand) than ourpromotional emails.”TWEET THIS!ReadingSilverpop’s“7DigitalMarketingStrategiesMadeBetterThroughanIntegratedMarketingPlatform”
  8. 8. PAGE 8Employ Both Marketing and Sales Datato Enhance Lead ManagementNurture programs enable you toeducate prospects who aren’t yetready to engage a sales resource andgently guide these buyers throughthe purchase process by deliveringrelevant content such as whitepapers, articles and event invitations.To effectively nurture prospectsthrough the sales funnel, it’s essentialto have a strong understandingof who they are and where theyare in the buying cycle.Yet manybusinesses’ nurturing efforts arehampered by siloed data thatprevents the level of customizationneeded to engage prospects moststrongly. As a result, leads stall ordrop out of the funnel.Ask sales for help in identifying whichprospect behaviors are indicative ofstrong interest or purchase intent,and remember that your scoringmodel should not only take intoaccount the actions a prospect took,but also the frequency and recency ofthese actions.• Nurture based on position in thebuying cycle. Match the content tothe prospect lifecycle. “Interested”prospects might get welcomemessages along with educational andbest practices content. “Engaged”leads could receive messaging suchas reminders of upcoming events,targeted content based on websitevisits or product comparisons.3 How An Integrated Platform Can HelpIf your teams are communicating withprospects based on solely marketing orsales data, they’re only seeing half thepicture, and their interactions will likelybe half as effective. Synchronizing yourdigital marketing platform with yourCRM enables a bidirectional, real-timeflow of data between the two and helpseliminate duplication of records.Youcanthenleveragethiscontactdata forsegmentation,targetingandreportinginyour campaigns,aswellasusingittoscoreleadsmoreaccurately.QuickTips• Work with sales to develop abehavior-driven scoring model.
  9. 9. PAGE 9“Lapsed” prospects might be sentsurveys, incentives to revisit thewebsite, or an invitation to engageyou via another channel.• Get serious about trackingrevenue from lead acquisition toaccount close. Build customizedreports and dashboards thatcombine email,Web and socialactivity with your Salesforce data,enabling you to track exactly whatsources (e.g., Google ads,Twitter,trade show) and offers (e.g., whitepaper,Webinar, demo) resultedin or influenced a sale.Then, usethis information to inform futurecampaigns.SuccessStory: InsideOutInsideOut knew it wasn’t sending themost targeted messages to its audience ofexecutive leaders, HR managers, corporatedirectors and previous clients becauseit didn’t have the capability to segmentits data and easily target its messageaccordingly. In addition, the data that camefrom each email was difficult to translateto the inside sales team, making the leadsgenerated from each email less valuable.AftermovingtoSalesforce.comasitsCRMprovider,InsideOutchoseSilverpopasitsdigitalmarketingplatform.Duringtheonboardingprocess,InsideOutcompleteditsSalesforce.comdataintegrationandstartedusingSilverpopEngageformarketingcampaignsfocusedonpromotingitseducationalworkshops.Inaddition,byimplementingaleadscoringmodelthatintegrateswithSalesforce.com,InsideOut’sinsidesalesteamnowhasasimplewaytoseewhichleadshaveahigherscore.The integration and related efforts were amassive success, with InsideOut boostingprospect engagement, delivering morehigh-quality leads to sales, and notching a6X increase in click-to-open rate. “Throughour Engage integration withSalesforce.com,we’re getting to know our customers betterand are spending more time with the rightpeople,” saysJacques Bazinet, InsideOut’sVPof corporate development and marketing.“We’ve seen a huge boost in new clientpartnerships and revenue.”
  10. 10. 4PAGE 10Incorporate Product Recommendationsand Ratings Into EmailsIntoday’sbuyer-empoweredworld,peoplearedemandinglessgeneric,corporate-drivenmessaging,andmorepersonal,humanizedcontent.Providingproduct,serviceandresourcerecommendationsalignedwiththeinterestsyourcontactshaveshared,bothexplicitly(viaformsandpreferencecenters)andimplicitly(viatheirbehaviors)isasmartwaytoboostrelevance.Inaddition,customersareincreasinglyusingpeerreviewsandratingswhenevaluatingpossiblepurchases.Byincorporatingproductratingsinyourcontent,youprovidebuyerswithaperspectiveonyourproductorservicethatgoesbeyondcorporatemessaging,givingyourmessagingamore“social”feelandboostingcredibilityintheprocess.HowAn Integrated PlatformCan HelpIntegrationbetweenyourdigitalmarketingplatformandarecommendation,ratingFor example, this section mightfeature earrings that match a necklacerecently bought, an extended warrantyfor an item purchased, or a white paperrelated to theWebinar a prospect justattended.Depending on your integrations, youcouldalso include product ratingsand/or reviews for anyofthesuggesteditems you highlighted, building trustwithyour audience andpositioning yourcompanyas a helpful resource.QuickTips:• Test the number of recommendedproducts. Shouldyou include onerecommendedproduct, three, or someother number?Test to determinewhat drives themost revenue withoutovercluttering your messageandoverwhelming your recipients.andreviews,orpersonalizationplatformenablesyoutoincludecustomizedrecommendationsandproductratingsinpre-purchase,promotionalandtransactionalemails.Becausetherecommendationsarebasedonrecipientactionsandinterests,relevanceisinstantlyincreased,whichtypicallyleadstoaboostinrevenue.For example,youcouldcreateapost-purchaseupsell/cross-sellemailwithasectionalertingtherecipientthat“peoplethatboughtItemAthatyourecentlybought,frequentlyalsoboughtitem B.”Your productreview softwareaggregatesandanalyzescustomer behaviorstoidentifywhatcontentcustomerswhoboughtItemAfindinterestingandengaging.Then, via the integration with your digitalmarketing platform, that content can beserved up in your post-purchase email.
  11. 11. PAGE 11• Ask for product reviews. Set upan automated trigger that sendsa message requesting a productreview one or two weeks after apurchase (test timing and use ofincentives).You’ll accumulate moreuser-generated content and gain anextra touch point. Once the reviewgoes live, send a “your rating/reviewhas been posted” email along with arelated discount (if applicable) anda call to action for the recipient toshare with his or her social network.• Reward top content contributors.Give those who review and shareyour content special status, such asproviding them sneak peeks atnew products or offering themspecial discounts.You’ll build loyaltyand likely increase message reacheven more.SuccessStory:SmartPakSmartPak,anonlineprovider of horsesuppliesandequinesupplements,waslookingtomakeitscartabandonmentemailsevenmoreeffectiveandrelevant.ThroughanintegrationwithpersonalizationsoftwareproviderCertona,itbeginpullinginfour productrecommendationsanddisplayingthem atthebottom ofitscartrecoveryemails.Theproductrecommendationsincludeaphoto,productname,priceandcustomer rating.Theresultshavebeenfantastic,withtheseemailsgarneringa10.2percentclick-throughrateand50percentconversionratewhiletallying$4.80inrevenueperemail.“SilverpophasenabledSmartPaktomakeourvisionofmarketingautomationareality,”saysCareyMarstonKegel,emailmarketingmanager,SmartPakEquine.“Asaresult,SmartPakissendingmillionsofbehaviorallytriggeredemailspermonth,andemailisgeneratingaverysignificantportionofallonlinemarketingrevenue.”Integrating Ratings andRecommendations into Your ContentView the video >>>
  12. 12. 5PAGE 12Use Sophisticated Real-Time Multivariate Testingto Drive Engagement and SuccessWhatcreativeelementswillresonatemoststronglywithyourcustomersandprospects?Sometimes,theanswerscansurpriseeventhesavviestofmarketers.Studyingpreviousreportscanhelpinsomecases,butlesssoinothers.Inmanyinstances,testingistheonlywaytoknowforsure.Despitethebenefitsoftesting,somemarketersskipthisstepbecauseof timeconstraints.Othersfeellimitedbywhattheycantestorhowquicklytheycanactonthefindings.HowAn Integrated PlatformCan HelpTypically once an email is sent, itscontent can no longer be altered.Integrating with a testing andoptimization partner can shift thatparadigm.With certain integrations, youThewinning content is then automaticallyservedto the remainder ofthe database,ensuring the best content gets to thelargestportion ofthelist.QuickTips:• Go beyond subject lines. Whiletesting subject lines is an excellentway to improve results, don’t stopthere. Other elements you maywant to test include offers, buttons,images, copy blocks and designelements. Possible comparisonsinclude aggressive CTA versus subtle,action image versus lifestyle, use ofsymbols versus copy only,Web fontsversus design fonts, and much more.• Colors matter. Does it matter if agraphical element is red or green?Youcan test different visual elements in anemail against each other, then have yoursystem choose the winning option in realtime and send the rest of your recipientsthat content.Here’s how it works: Once an integrationis set up, users create special sectionswithin their mailings that dynamicallyrender different content to eachrecipients. For example, you mightchoose two images of a product – onestatic, and one action.When the mailingis sent, the first few percent who openthe mailing are served the differentimage options. Performance of thesecontent variables is monitored in realtime, and when one content element isclearly outperforming the rest, a “winner”is selected.
  13. 13. PAGE 13might be surprised — Silverpopclients have found that sometimessimply swapping colors on a CTAbutton can boost clicks 20 percentto 30 percent.• Test multiple combinations atonce. Different combinationsof content elements may yielddifferent winners. Using partnersthat enable multivariate testing,you can exponentially increasethe number of elements you test,boosting the chance of findingthe perfect revenue-generatingcombination.The numbers addup quick: testing four images withthree options each would yield81 unique combinations.SuccessStory: PeterGlennSportsonlyneeded2,767 readers to determine thewinningimagewitha 100 percent statisticalvalidity.All theremaining recipients saw thebest-converting header image.Theresultswereimpactful,withthelifestyle-focusedemailscoringawhopping63percent increaseinclickrate.“Weallthoughtthatthefirstimage,showingtheproductsthatareforsale,wouldworkbest,butitwasthelifestyleimagethatresultedinasignificantliftinclickrate,”saidDavidMahoney,directorofmarketing,PeterGlennSki&Sports.“We’reveryimpressedwiththe8Secondstechnology.Setuptakesnolongerthan fiveminutes,andourpromotionalemailsareimprovedonthefly!”Peter Glenn Ski & Sports, an outdoor gearretailer, had a successful email programin place, but wanted to see if it couldoptimize its messages even more. UsingSilverpop partner 8Seconds, it decidedto do a comparison of two differentheader graphical images for one of itspromotional emails on water sports.Thefirst email was product-focused (aboveleft), showing all the items on sale thatweek.The second email was lifestyle-focused and pictured people performingfast-paced watersports.Using8Seconds,bothof theheader imageswereexposedtothetestcontrolgrouptomeasurewhichworkedbest.8Seconds
  14. 14. 6PAGE 14Find New Ways To Improve SalesAnd Marketing AlignmentMarketingandsalesalignmentiscriticaltocompanygrowth,butit’snotuncommonforrelationsbetweentheteamstobestrained.Whetherit’sanabsenceofcommunication,alackofprocess,or justachallengingmarketplace,tensionscanbuild,withfinger-pointingaboutonesidenotproducingenoughleadsandtheothersidenotclosingenoughdeals.Butwhilemarketingandsalesmaylookattheworldthroughdifferentlenses,there’snoreasonthetwocan’tworkharmoniouslyandleverageoneanother’sstrengths,especiallygiventheemergenceof newtechnologiesthatmakeiteasier thanevertobreakdownthesilos.Withtherightstrategyandafewsimpleadjustments,marketingandsalescanmoveclosertogether–andcompaniescanreapsignificantprofitsasaresult.salespeople are typically familiar andcomfortable with.And for those times when a salespersoncalls a prospect and discovers, forexample, that he’s a few monthsfrom making a purchase decision, theintegration enables the salespersonto easily drop the prospect into anautomated campaign powered by yourdigital marketing platform. Instead ofstalling or dropping out of the funnel, theprospect is nurtured along until he’s readyto buy.QuickTips• Streamline sales alerts.Time can beprecious when it comes to making asale, so create sales alerts that will letreps know immediately when a leadgoes from warm to hot, so they canHowAn Integrated PlatformCan HelpFor a salesperson, it can be frustrating togo into a call with a prospect with little tono understanding of previous marketingcommunications with that prospect,such as what messages were sent, howfrequently they were sent, and whichsearch terms brought that prospect tothe company website. Instead of quicklyzeroing in on the prospect’s interestsand concerns, the salesperson is forcedto grope around to try and figure out theperson’s pain points.Integration between a digital marketingplatform and your CRM can provideimproved visibility into a prospect’sprevious interactions with the company’smarketing campaigns from within variousleading CRM solutions, such as Salesforceor Microsoft – an environment that
  15. 15. PAGE 15act on it right away. Use multipleforms of communication to conveythe opportunity, such as sending asales alert to the rep’s email inbox,a sales notification to the CRMsystem, and/or a direct push to theindividual sales rep’s lead queue.• Give sales full visibility intobehavioral activities. Behavioraldata allows that first phone callto a client or prospect to be much“warmer.” It’s a nice conversationstarter to say, “I see you’vedownloaded our budgeting andplanning workbook. Can I helpyou put together some planningfigures for your budget for nextyear?”To make this happen easily,the marketing team should makesure that behavioral data is beingcaptured across channels andintegrated into the CRM systemthat salespeople are using to maketheir initial contact.• Provide marketing templatesfor sales to use. Drop marketing-approved email templates intothe Salesforce user interface sosalespeople can grab them at amoment’s notice if needed, sendto a prospect and then track theEnhancing Marketing-Sales Alignment andLead Nurturing via a CRM IntegrationView the video >>>results.The easy accessibility willbuild goodwill, help assure unifiedmessaging across departments,and take advantage of your digitalmarketing platform’s superiordeliverability.
  16. 16. 7PAGE 16Use Predictive Analytics To BoostCampaign PerformanceBig data is all the rage right now, withlots of differing viewpoint on exactlywhat the term means. But no matterhow you define it, there’s no debatingthat marketers have access to morecustomer and prospect informationthan ever, with new communicationchannels emerging each year andtechnologies bridging the gapbetween offline and online behaviorsacross devices.Capturing this data across channels anddevices is critical. But once you have thisdata, the massive volume can becomeparalyzing rather than empowering.How can you take this tsunami ofinformation and turn it into somethingactionable that you can use to deliverthe right message at the right time toeach individual in your database?Let’s say you’re noticing an uptick in thenumber of opt-outs.Through a predictiveanalytics integration, you could gaininsights on aggregate patterns withinyour database. Does a lack of email clickswithin 60 days signal trouble, or is it onlyafter 120 days of inactivity that a contactis significantly more likely to opt out? Or,if a customer stops opening your emailsbut continues to interact with you viaSMS, at what point should you contactthat person to inquire about changingcommunication preferences?Depending on the answers, you mightdecide to set up an inactivation scoringmodel that wouldreduce a contact’sscore significantlyifhe or she went fourmonths without opening an email, perhapsdropping that contact into a reactivationprogram designedto re-engage them.Or,HowAn Integrated PlatformCan HelpIntegrating with a technology companythat specializes in business intelligence orpredictive analytics can help ensure thatyour deep data-driven knowledge of yourcustomers and prospects translates tolifecycle-centered campaigns that increaseengagement levels and drive revenue.These business intelligence platformspredict a set of outcomes based onmeasured variables, assumptions andinputs, working in the background tounderstand how different microsegmentshave responded to different marketingactions – and how they will react in thefuture. Marketers can then use theselearnings to determine how much tospend, who to target, how to differentiateoffers, and how to contact customersover time.
  17. 17. PAGE 17youmightsetup“if/then”rulesetsthatwouldsendacontactdowna“changeyourcommunicationpreferences”messagingtrackifshestoppedinteractingwithyouinone channelbutcontinuedonanother.QuickTips• Create a centralized database. Seeka360-degreeviewofyourcustomersandprospects.Mergethoselists,implementprogressiveprofiling,turnonWebtrackingandbuildintegrations–anythingyoucandotocapturebehaviorsandinterestscross-channelandcross-device.Themoredatayouhave,themoretrendsyoucandiscover.• Think lifecycle. Aggregate datamay reveal new insights about yourcustomers’ and prospects’ needs.Think about the typical journey yourcontacts take during their relationshipwith you, and what content you couldprovide that would deepen theirengagement at different stages duringtheir journey. It’s likely they’ll belooking for different types of contentfrom you at different times.Afterall, the hot chocolate you crave on afreezing cold day probably wouldn’tbe nearly as appealing on a balmysummer afternoon six months later.Using Predictive Analytics &Data Management ToolsView the video >>>• Look at the marketing-salesrelationship in new ways. How mighttheorder, combination andfrequencyofmarketing touches impact sales? Howdoes theeffect oftheseinteractionsdecay over time?Anddoes interactionwithcertain pieces ofcontent designateastronger level ofengagement thanothers?Questions likethesecan helpyouoptimizeyour marketing initiatives.
  18. 18. PAGE 18Conclusion“What are the spaces that diversify, expandyour possibility space, give you more tools andmore spare parts?” asksSteven B.Johnson,best-selling author of Where IdeasComeFrom, in many of his keynotes.The answer, hediscovered, frequently involves collaborationacross disciplines and platforms.Thesametenetsapplytothemarketingworld.Ifyouwanttoserveupthehighlyrelevant,personalcontenttoday’scustomersandprospectsexpect,you’vegottouseeverytoolinthemarketingtoolbox–and,sometimes,addafewcompartmentstopullfrom.Tappingthepowerofintegrationsisoneofthebestwaystoexpandyourpossibilities,increasethemarketingstrategiesatyourdisposalanddeliverahigherreturnonrelationshipforeachpersoninyourdatabase.Whether you’re looking to capture criticalbehaviors, gain new insights into the mindsof your customers and prospects, or discoverinnovative ways to deliver exactly the contentyour buyers are looking for at the exact momentthey want it, an integrated marketing platformcan help you raise your game.Footnotes1-SeeWhy,“TheScienceofShoppingCartAbandonment,”2011Additional ResourcesWhite Paper and ebooks1)AbandonmentIssues:TurningLostTurningLostCarts,IncompleteFormsandInterruptedBrowseSessionsintoRevenue!2)“LettheBuyer BeYourGuide:LeveragingBuyer Behavior inaMultichannelWorld”3)“AlmostEverythingYouWantedtoKnowAboutEmailMarketing”4)“Know theScore:TheUltimateGuidetoScoringProspectsandLeads”5)“MarketingAutomationebook:BestPracticesfor MarketingExcellenceandOperationalEfficiency”Webinars /Slideshares1)“WhereBigDataandRetailMarketingMeet–MakingDataActionableinYourOrganization”2)“Automation:RedefiningMarketing’sGamePlan”3)“Shazam’s Killer ‘RevenueApp’:CombiningUser Behavior andEmail Marketing”4)“Don’tLetaGoodShoppingCartGetAway:Tips for Remarketing withEmail”5)“BrowseAbandonment Remarketing”Blogs1)“Behavioral Marketing:What It Is andWhyIt’sSo Exciting”2)“Post-PurchaseEmailsThat Drive HigherRevenue, Engagement”3)“GuestQ&A:AgiloneonOptimization,SmartData andMultichannel Marketing”4)“Social Measurement from DemandtoRevenue”5)“3Ways Behavioral Marketing ImprovesSalesandMarketingAlignment”Videos & Demos1)“Behavioral Marketing Defined”2)“Moving fromOne-OffEmailCampaigns toBehavior-DrivenSeries orTracks”3)“What to Expect in 2013: Big Data”4)“Re-EngageInactiveSubscribers”5)“Silverpop andSalesforceDemo”
  19. 19. PAGE 19Silverpop PartnersFollowingisapartiallistofSilverpoppartners.Forafulllistof partners,includingdatamanagement,Webconferencing, event managementand more,visittheSilverpopPartnerspage.Content ManagementAdobeExperienceManagerEPiServerE-Commerce /WebAnalyticsAdobeAnalyticsBarillianceCoremetricsInvodoMagentoRevtraxSeeWhyWebtrendsWindsor CircleSilverpop’s digital marketing automation platform was designed to make it simpleto build hyper-personalized campaigns, creating individualized experiences for everyrelationship.Watch our demo to see our product in action, and contact Silverpop tosee how we can help you accomplish your marketing goals for 2013.CRMMicrosoftDynamicsNetSuiteSalesforce.comRecommendations, Ratings &ReviewsBaynoteBazaarvoiceCertonaTesting &Optimization8SecondsAdobeTargetBusiness Intelligence /PredictiveAnalyticsAgiloneAnalyticsIQ