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Make Content Marketing Work in Social, Mobile World


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Make Content Marketing Work in Social, Mobile World

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Make Content Marketing Work in Social, Mobile World

  1. 1. Make Content Marketing Workin a Social, Mobile World CONTENT MARKETING A TOP PRIORITY to drive awareness, generate leads, and convert sales NINE OUT OF TEN marketers plan to use content marketing in 2012[1] In a world of social media and self-directed discovery, RICH CONTENT still draws audiences across channels where traditional marketing tactics fall short Consumers are 70% through the sales process before they engage directly[3] VIDEO can tell your product and brand stories from the very beginning THE BEST STORYTELLING MEDIUM for Content Marketing VIDEO If a PICTURE is worth 1000 words, 1 MINUTE OF VIDEO is worth 1.8M 35% GRO WT WORDS[4] BRANDED CONTENT 25% VIEWS fr o m Views of BRANDED CONTENT grew 35% H 32 Q from Q4 2010 to Q4 2011 — and more than 25 percent 0 11 fro m to Q between the third and fourth quarters of 2011[5] 4 2 011 42 Q 010 84% to Q 4 2 0 11 of Internet users in 56 COUNTRIES watch video at home on a computer at least once a month[6] VIDEO-CENTRIC CONTENT MARKETING increases awareness, engagement, leads, and sales 96% [9] Adding video to a landing page Video in EMAIL marketing can DOUBLE conversions[11] INCREASES CTR BY 53x Best-in-class companies use video-based marketing to achieve 2x THE WEBSITE CONVERSION Online retail shoppers who watch video RATE of all other companies[8] spend 2 MINUTES LONGER 64 on-site and are Videos are 53 TIMES MORE USING % LIKELY than text pages to appear VIDEO more likely on the first page of search results[7] OTHERS to buy [10] BEST IN CLASSBUT MULTI-CHANNEL CONTENT MARKETING IS HARD ON SOCIAL Video views across the social Web grew 40 % in Q1 2012 [12] NUMBER OF USERS VIEWERS & NEW USERS 157 MILLION 845 MILLION+ post a billion items/day[13] unique viewers/month[14] 465 MILLION+ tweet 175 million times/day[15] Almost 19 MILLION unique visitors/month[19] 90 MILLION growing by 635,000 every week[16] 10 MILLION 15 MILLION+ growing 50% every year[18] new users every 10 days[17] 1/2 of all social media users FOLLOW BRANDS on social sites — more than 1/3 POST BRAND-RELATED CONTENT [20] ON MOBILE People spend MORE TIME in MOBILE APPS than desktop and mobile web[26] MOBILE WEB APPS 72 mins 94 mins per day per day Apple SELLS MORE iPHONES in a day than there are babies born in the world[22]Within 4 years, more consumers will access Internet content VIA MOBILE DEVICES than PCs[25] ONE IN TEN US consumers owns a tablet 28% at least & AS MANY will over the next 4 years[23] 56 at least % once/day 2016 once/month 2013 2014 2015 Global online consumers WATCHING VIDEO on MOBILE[22] EVEN ON WILL OWN APP-ENABLED CONNECTED TV 38 2012 OF U.S. HOUSEHOLDS % TVs BY THE END OF [28] WHICH LEADS TO ...PLATFORM FRAGMENTATION HIGH DEVELOPMENT COSTS CONFUSING ANALYTICS MORE99ADOBE FLASH % penetration on notebooks desktops, laptops, Total Cost of Ownership for a single iOS app? SCREENS & PLATFORMS ... but doesn’t run on iOS, and only $ 113k to $ 330k MORE on some Android devices [29] VIDEO DESTINATIONS iOS & ANDROID MANY VERSIONS + of each in use an equivalent ANDROID APP MORE (separate team and skills) + DATA Different metrics forHTML5 an optimizedStill a work in progress BROWSER-BASED experienceLimited DRM, analytics, performance, (separate team and skills) BROWSERS vs.and platform compatibility APPS YOU DON’T HAVE TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM all on your own A new breed of CLOUD-BASED SOFTWARE & SERVICES has emerged — specifically designed to help you succeed WHAT YOU NEEDonline video platform BUILD LOYALTY EXPAND YOUR REACHTHE FOUNDATION Make your brand “must-see Reach audiences on everyfor managing, delivering, TV” with high quality video content that attracts visitors screen with Smart Players that recognize device types and playmeasuring and and keeps them coming back content optimized for the back for more screen and platformmonetizing digital mediaacross all devices and DETAILED ANALYTICS DRIVE BUSINESS VALUEplatforms Measure real-time content Leverage an extensive ecosystem performance, viewer habits and of partners and integrations with device behaviors across third party content management platforms and geographies with systems and audience deep out-of-the-box analytics measurement tools mobile app platform The base for BUILDING AND OPERATING rich native mobile apps that connect consumers with your content SUPPORT FOR iOS PUSH MESSAGING PARTNER ECOSYSTEM & ANDROID with the ability to send Easy integrations with third Cost-effectively develop and targeted notifications party ad networks and manage apps for iOS and servers, content management Android devices with HTML5 systems and audience ANALYTICS measurement tools Understand app performance and user behavior BEING WHERE YOUR AUDIENCE IS Good for YOU, Good for YOUR BRAND & Good for YOUR AUDIENCE FOR INFOGRAPHIC SOURCES & PDF DOWNLOAD, VISIT ©2013 Brightcove, Inc.