5 min Social Retargeting Primer


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5 min Social Retargeting Primer

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5 min Social Retargeting Primer

  1. 1. USE RETARGETING TO DRIVE MORE CONVERSIONS FROM SOCIAL CHANNELS 866.497.5505 | www.bizo.com | Follow us on Twitter: @bizo
  2. 2. Prospects continue to spend most of their time online on social networks, andmarketers continue to spend more dollars on social marketing in an attempt toreach and engage these potential customers. And yet, most B2B marketers strugglewith how to use social media to generate qualified leads and get at a meaningfuldefinition of social ROI. Social retargeting can help.What is display ad retargeting?Ad retargeting is when businesses use cookies to create specific retargeting poolsof visitors who have previously taken specific actions, such as visiting a websiteor searching for a particular product, even if they did not convert at the time.Retargeting allows you to repeatedly display your ads to prequalified prospectsas they travel across the Web, encouraging them to return to your website andeventually convert into buyers.What is social retargeting?Social retargeting represents a huge leap forward for today’s social marketerswhen it comes to increasing conversions and tracking ROI. Because social mediaaudiences represent some of your most engaged prospects online, having theability to keep your brand in front of them, even after they leave your socialnetworks, can help you generate more qualified leads.With social retargeting, you can now use the links shared through Twitter,Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social channels to create your retargeting pools.When prospects click on a shared link, a cookie is placed on their browsers, placingthem into a retargeting pool so that you can now keep your brand and messagesin front of these social prospects, continuously moving them down the conversionfunnel. Audience clicks SmartLink on your social feed SmartLink applies cookie Mysite.com Mysite.com 1 2 Othersite.com Othersite.com AD Mysite.com Mysite.com AD 4 3 Audience sees ad while browsing Your brand stays fresh in their mind A basic look at how social retargeting works.
  3. 3. How can social retargeting help increase my conversions?Hardly anyone converts the first time they see an offer, especially when it comesto B2B purchases. Let’s say you share a link on a social channel that leads to awhitepaper download. Even if the majority of people don’t fill out a form toreceive the whitepaper, if they simply click on your link with social retargetingin place, you’ll have the ability to serve highly relevant display ads to theseprospects after they leave your social channels, and increase the chances thatthey’ll convert later on. What’s more, even when you share links to third-partycontent, which is often the case in social media, those who click on your links willenter into your retargeting pool, even if they’re not directed to one of your ownlanding pages.How do I measure my social retargeting campaigns?One of the biggest challenges for social marketers today is how to measure socialmedia ROI. Is it about how many followers and likes you have on Facebook?Or the clicks and retweets you’ve received on Twitter? While all of these socialmetrics play an important role, B2B marketers still need to know how manyactual conversions their social marketing investments are giving them, whetherthe conversion action is visiting a landing page, signing up for a webinar, ordownloading a free trial. With social retargeting, you can see how many peoplehave performed a specific conversion action as a result of clicking on yourshared social link, and associate these conversions to your actual spend on socialchannels.For many marketers using display advertising, social retargeting is just one typeof retargeting done in conjunction with other forms of retargeting. For example,as you see in the table below, you can create retargeting pools of people whovisit your entire website or your homepage, blog visitors, people clicking on youremails, or in the case of social retargeting, people clicking on the links you share viaTwitter. RETARGETING LINE ITEMS TOTAL CONVERSIONS Your homepage 20 All yourcompany.com 25 Twitter 50 Blog 10 Email 15 Social retargeting is just one way to retarget your prospects. You can also utilize website retargeting and email retargeting to increase conversions.
  4. 4. Because people you retarget are already familiar with your brand, you’re likely tosee greater conversions and lower costs per lead than you would with a displayadvertising campaign that was reaching new prospects for the very first time. Get Started with Social Retargeting Visit http://bizo.com/marketer/social_retargeting today. 866.497.5505 | www.bizo.com | Follow us on Twitter: @bizo