Google's Hummingbird and the Entity Search Revolution


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Google retooled its search engine late last year, introducing a new system called "Hummingbird" that moves beyond keyword search and into "entity search." Learn the difference between entity vs. keyword search on both Google and Bing, and how SEOs can _ and should _ take advantage of this change.

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  • Great piece @cyrusshepard I couldn't have presented it any better myself. :0)
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  • I had not seen that post yet @cyrusshepard, and it certainly adds a lot of context to the slides I called out. Thanks for the share. Excellent read.
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  • Thanks for all the fun participating life journey of communication
    thank you to loin us
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  • @undefined Good point. The difference for me is that I can think of no other site that got review stars without markup except for Amazon, and Google regularly generates breadcrumbs for sites without structured markup. That, and the review stars tend to be a much more enviable piece of rich snippet real estate.

    Wrote a post about it:
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  • One quick mention - on slide 53 and 54, that may be incorrect. It seems Amazon pages do not get the review stars - HOWEVER it should be noted that they are getting Bread Crumb rich snippets with out the use of any type of structured data.

    Considering how inconsistently Google hands out rich snippets to all websites, it would be erroneous to point to Amazon as an example of 'No More Free Rides' just yet. While breadcrumb enhanced listings may not have as much draw as reviews, the fact that they get ANY rich snippet without the use of a structured data markup is an example of a free ride.
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Google's Hummingbird and the Entity Search Revolution

  1. 1. Hummingbird & The Entity Search Revolution Cyrus Shepard @cyrusshepard
  2. 2. Matthew J. Brown Structured Data and Semantic Search Authority With tips from this guy @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  3. 3. Let’s go on a journey… @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  4. 4. The Many Colors of Google’s Algorithm Animals vs Panda and Penguin target spam and manipulative SEO @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  5. 5. doesn’t specifically target web spam The Many Colors of Google’s Algorithm Animals @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  6. 6. Many saw Panda and Penguin like this
  7. 7. Where Hummingbird looked like this @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  8. 8. A different type of algorithm requires different tactics @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  9. 9. Misconceptions @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  10. 10. Hummingbird is not: •  Entities • •  Synonyms •  Knowledge Graph •  Google Now @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  11. 11. Many elements together for improved query and content matching Synonyms   Knowledge   Graph   Conversa7onal   Search   En77es  
  12. 12. Conversational Search Traditional Conversation “how old is Bill Clinton”
  13. 13. “who is he married to” Conversational Search Traditional Conversation
  14. 14. “how tall is she” Conversational Search Traditional Conversation
  15. 15. Better Answer Boxes Answer is bolded, not the keywords Does this affect traffic?
  16. 16. Does this affect traffic? (Not for this specific answer box) @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  17. 17. But, does this affect traffic? painful
  18. 18. Query Rewriting @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  19. 19. Keyword “doubles” “hairstyle with bangs” vs “bang hairstyles”
  20. 20. Fewer long tail results
  21. 21. Still a long way to go… @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  22. 22. When individual keywords take a backseat to meaning… •  Authority metrics •  Relevance •  Trust = Stronger sites win
  23. 23. Decreasing Domain Diversity
  24. 24. A sidetrack into entities @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  25. 25. Different keywords apply to the same entity President of the United States POTUS Barack Obama Commander in Chief Michelle Obama’s Husband First African American President @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  26. 26. Disambiguation: Plant Same keyword applies to multiple entities
  27. 27. Triples
  28. 28. Triples Subject Predicate Object Object Property Value Barack Obama Height 6’ 1”
  29. 29. AlchemyAPI
  30. 30. See what entities can be extracted from your content
  31. 31. Gauge how relevant your concepts are
  32. 32. Content tools of the future From keyword scoring to concept scoring
  33. 33. DBpedia Twitter industry internet
  34. 34. ConceptNet
  35. 35. ConceptNet
  36. 36. Making Connections
  37. 37. The Hard Way1. The hard way
  38. 38. (hard, but worth it) @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  39. 39. MJB Says... 585 million URLs have structured data now, up almost 50% from last year. is half of the total.
  40. 40. 585 million URLs sounds like a lot!   Out of 2.2 Billion Parsed Common Crawl URLs
  41. 41. MJB Says… Almost 75% of the Top 100 sites in Alexa contain structured data markup Over the Top 1 Million sites in Alexa, that drops to 20% Big Sites: Ahead of the Game @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  42. 42. Total adoption may be much lower “Only 0.3% of the studied domains were found to include integrations.”  
  43. 43. But Schema makes big impact in SERPs This could be because large, successful sites are quicker to adopt  
  44. 44. Does give sites a ranking boost? @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  45. 45. Summer 2013 Ranking Factors study says “no”   This study happened a few months before Hummingbird.  
  46. 46. 0   5   10   15   20   25   30   With   Without   Searchmetrics study says “maybe” Higher average ranking  
  47. 47. Tools and Tips to Assist
  48. 48. The Granddaddy of Data
  49. 49. MJB Says… Roll your own Knowledge Graph
  50. 50. Marking it up
  51. 51. This stuff is hard
  52. 52. Data already structured in a database is a prime candidate @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  53. 53. No free rides @cyrusshepard #smxsydney review stars
  54. 54. today @cyrusshepard #smxsydney No organic review stars
  55. 55. MJB Says… JSON-LD lets you send markup using JSON instead of HTML
  56. 56. Schema in Meta Tags *use sparingly @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  57. 57. Google Webmaster Data Highlighter
  58. 58. Wordpress Has Lots of Options
  59. 59. Validate with Structured Data Testing Tool
  60. 60. New SEO toolbar Top  Secret!  
  61. 61. Relationships without markup
  62. 62. Keywords yep, good old fashioned keywords Title Tag Length 512px @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  63. 63. Doesn’t have Still creates relationships
  64. 64. Explore your topic in depth Does this article provide a complete or comprehensive description of the topic? Does this article contain insightful analysis or interesting information that is beyond obvious?
  65. 65. Answer more Questions! •  Ratings •  Reviews •  Poster •  Showtimes •  Description •  Photos •  Trailers •  Actors •  Director •  Cast •  News •  Related Films •  Stills @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  66. 66. Build Authoritative Resources @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  67. 67. Links yep, good old fashioned links The original way to establish relationships online @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  68. 68. Build strong content architectures @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  69. 69. Each new piece of content can improve the performance of the previous content
  70. 70. Anchor Text & Co-occurrence @cyrusshepard  #smxsydney  
  71. 71. Google+ for Local Connections
  72. 72. Google+ = Relationships Galore! •  Location •  Name •  Hours •  Website •  Photos •  Contact Info •  Maps •  Reviews •  Phone Number •  Videos •  People •  Category •  Neighborhood
  73. 73. What is Hummingbird optimization?
  74. 74. Hummingbird optimization is SEO
  75. 75. Go kick butt! Cyrus Shepard @cyrusshepard