Etudes Summit Google+ Hangout


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How to livestream office hours in Etudes using Google+ Hangouts.

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Etudes Summit Google+ Hangout

  1. 1. Just a test
  2. 2. • Getting a Google+ Account • Syncing it with YouTube? • Getting the link/embed code • Embedding YouTube video in Etudes If you already have a Gmail account that IS NOT connected to YouTube skip to slide 18!
  3. 3. Getting the Google Plus Account 1. Go to 2. Click on +You
  4. 4. Click Create an account
  5. 5. This is the symbol for YouTube
  6. 6. Click Continue to Google+
  7. 7. Click upgrade
  8. 8. Click Continue
  9. 9. Click Finish
  10. 10. *Note if “Hangouts On Air” does not appear, simply hover your mouse over the Home tab.
  11. 11. Click “Hangouts On Air”
  12. 12. Hangouts On Air Home Page
  13. 13. Click “Start a Hangout On Air”
  14. 14. Click “Connect account”
  15. 15. Click “OK”
  16. 16. You now have a YouTube account! It is automatically connected with Google+
  17. 17. You now have a YouTube account! It is automatically connected with Google+ Click the Google+ tab to return to the hangout page
  18. 18. Click Start a Hangout On Air
  19. 19. YouTube may need to verify the account. Follow the verification instructions.
  20. 20. Enter your phone number then click Submit.
  21. 21. Enter the verification code, then click Submit.
  22. 22. Once verified, click Continue
  23. 23. Click the Hangouts tab to return to the hangout page
  24. 24. Click Start a Hangout On Air
  25. 25. Name your Hangout On Air
  26. 26. Click Start Hangout On Air
  27. 27. Check “I agree…” and click Continue
  28. 28. Go back to hangout page and click Start Broadcast
  29. 29. Read disclaimer then click OK
  30. 30. You are recording your welcome video
  31. 31. When you’re finished click Stop broadcast.
  32. 32. Click on Links in the lower right corner to display the link/embed code.
  33. 33. Copy the video event page link (youtube ID) and paste in text edit/word. Do the same for the embed code.
  34. 34. Paste the link/embed code anywhere that Etudes asks you for it. • Homepage Link • Announcements Embed Code • Syllabus Embed Code • Discussions Embed Code • Modules Embed Code • Site Links Link* *When creating a site link check the box that says “open in new window”
  35. 35. Go to your homepage in Etudes
  36. 36. Click the edit icon (looks like a gear) to the far right of the home tab
  37. 37. Under Home Items Click Add
  38. 38. Type in a title. Click on the small calendar icon and pick a release date.
  39. 39. Click “Select a YouTube Video”
  40. 40. Paste your YouTube ID (not the embed code) in the YouTube ID text box
  41. 41. The video will show in the preview window. Click publish.
  42. 42. Students can watch the video on your homepage
  43. 43. Please pass this presentation along to anyone interested in enriching their online class with Google+ Hangouts Thank you!