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Setup Salesforce Developer Tools - COSD Free Workshop


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Central Ohio Salesforce Developer user group conducted a free workshop to setup your developer tools. Bradley Large walked us through setting up our dev tools for SFDC development. Sponsored by Cyrtene.

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Setup Salesforce Developer Tools - COSD Free Workshop

  1. 1. Free Workshop-Setup your Dev tools & Summer Release highlights!
  2. 2. Introductions Host : Yogesh R ;; Co-Hosts : Shastri S Brad Large SPONSORS :
  3. 3. How to Setup VSCode for Salesforce ◦Six Months - No Setup ◦Requirements ◦VSCode, Salesforce CLI, Extension Pack ◦Authenticate ◦Play ◦Resources Agenda
  4. 4. Install VSCode and Salesforce CLI Excuse me, Capt. Obvious… ◦ Install VSCode ◦ ◦ Install the Salesforce CLI for the appropriate operating system ◦ Available for Windows, Mac, Linux ◦ ◦ Install the Salesforce Extension Pack in VSCode
  5. 5. Setup VSCode for Development You can use a Trailhead Playground, Dev, Prod Org You need a username and password to authenticate Once authenticated you can execute code/deploy using the terminal
  6. 6. Authenticate Command + Shift + P on Mac or Ctrl + Shift + P - Opens the terminal >SFDX: Authorize an Org Press enter to accept the default login url or enter custom login url Enter your login credentials Allow the Org Close browser, check VSCode output window for authentication/integration success
  7. 7. Create, Query, Deploy with Ease SFDX: = Possibility Given a snippet like the one below you can highlight the SOQL query And execute it from the terminal. You can also deploy code directly to the dev environment public with sharing class AccountController { public static List<Account> getAllActiveAccounts() { return [SELECT Id,Name,Active__c FROM Account WHERE Active__c = 'Yes']; } }
  8. 8. Resources Trailhead Project - Downloads - Resources/Toys -