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Looking for full service landscape company, Landscape Gardens offers landscape design, hardscape, landscape installation with water features. We are also providing high quality large project landscaping.

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Landscape gardens

  1. 1. Website Email Id ken@landscape-gardens.comWebsite:- Email:
  2. 2. About Landscape GardensWe are a full service landscape company. We handle the entire project fromdesign to implementation as well as upkeep and maintenance. LandscapeGardens offers landscape design, hardscape, landscape installation with waterfeatures. We are also providing high quality large project landscaping. We canhelp you transform your property into how you’ve always dreamed it could be. Website:- Email:
  3. 3. Landscape Garden Design Need a solution for your garden space? Our Professional landscape and garden designers offer stunning Landscape Garden Design. Our standards for workmanship are very high and we will use only the finest materials on your project. Landscape Gardens will enhance the aesthetic qualities of your property while you focus on enjoying your life and free time.Website:- Email:
  4. 4. Hardscape Design For the past 30 years Landscape Gardens has built hardscapes that are aesthetically pleasing and add a natural beauty to outdoor settings. We can create walls, patios, decks, driveways and walkways in variety of materials.Website:- Email:
  5. 5. Water Feature and Outdoor Garden Fountain DesignThe perfect enhancement for any landscaping is the addition of a water feature.Our experience installing water features will create the right solutions for yourproperty. We can handle all your water feature needs. Fountains, waterfalls, pondsand more. A waterfall or water fountain can add elegance to your property. Website:- Email:
  6. 6. Residential Landscape InstallationWe offer complete residential landscapeinstallation and construction. We havethe technology and know-how to installanything you need. Our installation iscustomized to your needs. We have longstanding relationships with the topdesigner, landscape architects andbuilder in the area ensuring that thewhole project gets completed at onceand one time. Website:- Email:
  7. 7. Commercial Landscape Installation Our installation is not limited to residential properties. If you are a business owner looking to update your property, we can help. We can install a variety of hardscape and landscape materials to give your property that added touch. To keep your valuable investment in your business looking its best allow Landscape Gardens to provide year round care.Website:- Email:
  8. 8. Landscape Renovation Out team of experienced professionals that can solve any of your landscaping problems. We are experts in reconstruction and can help you better utilize your outdoor space; combining beauty with function and design.Website:- Email:
  9. 9. Large Project LandscapingIf your landscaping project is large in scale—maybe you’re looking tocompletely transform your entire backyard—or you just need something thelandscaping company down the street can’t handle. Then you are in the rightplace.We use reliable trades, that show up on time, do the work they’re supposedto and warranty it the way it should be. We completely eliminate anyresponsibility on your part of making sure the job gets done on time, onbudget and exactly the way you envisioned it. We coordinate every aspect ofthe project from design to implementation. Website:- Email:
  10. 10. Contact Us Landscape Gardens 1761 W Clarkston Rd Lake Orion, MI 48362 Phone No : (248) 364-3900 Hours: Mon-fri 9am - 5pm Email:ken@landscape-gardens.comWebsite:- Email: