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with what your breath might smell like?

Bad Breath Can be Very Embarassing,,,especially if you are trying to impress your date

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with what your breath might smell like?

  1. 1. ==== ====Bad Breath Cure ====Suffering from smelly breath can be quite embarrassing especially for those who are trying toimpress their date or when speaking in front of other people. The best way to avoid this kind ofscenario is to attack the problem from the roots.Before finding bad breath cures, get to know the causes first. Halitosis occurs when bacteria startto build up in the mouth that is caused by food particles fermenting. This can be cured easily withthe aid of remedies available today.Bad breath cures come in many forms. The first one is by brushing your teeth regularly particularlyevery after meal.It is recommended to brush your teeth after drinking or eating products with milk content as well asmeat and fish to remove any deposits lingering in your mouth. Regular brushing is one of the mosteffective smelly breath cures of today.The second bad breath cures is tongue cleaning. This should be done while brushing your teethsince the tongue can contain millions of bacteria that come from foods. The tongue can containfood particles as well that can cause smelly breath.Scraping the tongue with a tongue cleaner or the edge of a spoon can help you remove thesebacteria and leave the tongue fresh and healthy.Avoid using mouthwash that contains alcohol or dyes. This is the third remedy in curing smellybreath that you should know about.Choose a mouthwash that contains antibacterial agents such as chlorine dioxide, zinc, or sodiumchlorite since they can reduce or at least control the amount of bacteria present in your mouth.Bad breath cures such as this can reduce the risk of smelly breath in the long run.The fourth among the list of bad breath cures today is chewing herbs like gum. There are severalherbs that can be chewed like a gum and among these are fennel, cardamom seeds, thyme,cinnamon bark, clove, anise seeds, parsley, basil and coriander.They are great in producing saliva that is needed to wash out bacteria in your mouth. This type ofbad breath solution works well and comes highly recommended to people suffering from smellybreath.Eating plain yogurt is the fifth cure in the list of bad breath cures today. Plain yogurt helps ineliminating bacteria found in your mouth by as much as 80%. Try eating this kind of yogurt for six
  2. 2. weeks and you will notice that your breath smells sweeter than before.Bad breath cures such as this is becoming popular nowadays in getting rid of halitosis.Sixth, bad breath cures such as visiting the dentist should be done regularly. Not only does havinga regular dental check up remove the chances of having decaying teeth but the dentist can alsodetermine the root cause of bad breath.There are instances, although rare, where smelly breath becomes a symptom of another kind ofdisease. And when this happens, consult a doctor immediately.Drinking plenty of water everyday is the seventh bad breath cures that is very easy to do. Yourbody needs to be well hydrated to function well and since water passes through your mouth,bacteria build up is less likely to happen.People who are getting old need to follow bad breath cures if they want to be free from thisembarrassing problem. Drink at least eight glasses of water every day and see the effects of ahealthier body and a fresher breath.These cures are commonly used today to get rid of halitosis. Not only are they safe and easy to dobut they dont cost too much as well. Use these cures today and be free from those awkward andembarrassing moments due to halitosis.For the absolute best information on bad breath cure and how to cure it, tips tricks and besttechniques for having the sweetest smelling breath around visit Marc The Smelly Breath CureGuys website at Here you will discover the finest facts onhaving the best breath around!Article Source: ====Bad Breath Cure ====