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  • Hello, I am me…isn’t this cool. For those of you who know me, do I sound the same when you can not see me? For those of you who don’t know me, feel free to picture Selma Hyack or Hallie Barry….
  • I first approached Sophie about doing this webinar after a Legal Resources workshop I attended. I wanted to take away the feeling of dread for others as was done for me. When I changed careers, I always joked good/evil. What happens when someone approaches you desk and asks for help finding information on finances? Budgeting? Investments? Data?
  • *The Information Our Public Needs *What resources do we have, will we have, rent vs. own *More and More interactions are virtual—these resources are easy to push via a variety of media *Generally easier to use than most of our database options, provide real answers via calculators, non-commercial options are abundant, but hard to find…
  • There are plenty of resources available that are easy to use and can be easily integrated into library resources—Socail Media, Chat Reference, Tech Classes, etc.
  • Finance industry charges—the best tools are expensive (also more comprehensive and complex), Free stuff tends to come with a pitch, have to be careful—is the tool providing advice? Stick with Respected News Sources, Organizations like FINRA, and tools directed at teens (where there is less sales pitch, more edu).
  • Discuss Budget Cuts, Legal Issues, Loss of Materials, Loss of Staff…Give Overview of How the Rest of Webinar will Proceed
  • Introduce Topics: Budgets, Savings, Loans, Mortgages, Insurance, Consumer Rights, Bankruptcy, and tangentially job loss/job resources.
  • Introduce Topics: Budgets, Savings, Loans, Mortgages, Insurance, Consumer Rights, Bankruptcy, and tangentially job loss/job resources.
  • With These 4 Resources, you will be able to provide the public with tools and education covering all of the topics. These are all non-commercial, except Microsoft. I choses Microsoft, because most libraries have Excel for public use and these tools are designed to work with Excel.
  • Demonstrate the Website’s Capabilities via Share Your Desktop…
  • Demonstrate the Website’s Capabilities via Share Your Desktop…**Call attention to, especially legal topics…Demonstrate Excel Templates…have Excel open.
  • Demonstrate the Website’s Capabilities via Share Your Desktop…
  • These resources are interactive and very well done. First 3 are commercial, last is related to 360 Degrees and geared toward Young Adults and Early Media Adopters.
  • Prices, where to learn, where to get data—company web pages, exchanges, SEC files, DJ Indexes, plenty of commercial sites available, but all have serious heavy pitches….Wall Street Journal provides some data for free.
  • Show AT&T Investor Relations, Assume They Know About Yahoo**Bottom Line, when people need valuations, this is the job for a professional—tax ramifications. Be very careful when answering these questions…
  • With These 4 Resources, you can find all the information needed to evaluate an investment—however, they do not provide answers, advice, or organization.
  • Go to Website—show how/where, but move on quickly. Show Investor.govVery difficult to use, but has EVERYTHING you need to analyze a company, especially if combined with company website & valueline or similar….
  • Go To Website to Highlight Areas of Interest….professional designations, check out your broker, education, tools and calculators, GRANTS FOR LIBRARIES>>>
  • Show AT&T and JP Morgan Chase as examples. International companies sometimes the only information available is on webpages.
  • Global Exchanges often only source of information (esp. in English) for foreign companies. Exchanges have an interest in providing information to investors—without it, they do not function….
  • Cover Mostly In Process of the Presentation…
  • Cover Mostly In Process of the Presentation…
  • Free financial

    2. 2. CYNTHIA M. LAMBERT CYNTHLAM007@GMAIL.COM$ Adult Services Librarian, SCLS Mary Jacobs Library₵ 10+ years of experience as a financial analyst for Bloomberg News and Dow Jones Indexes.
    3. 3. DO YOU FEEL LIKE A DEER IN THE HEADLIGHTS?$ Focus on Education and Tools Help with Evaluation of Resources
    4. 4. WHY FREE FINANCIAL RESOURCES? •Economically Challenging Times •Budget Cuts for Materials & Staff$ •Changing Nature of Libraries₵ •They are very good!
    5. 5. The Good  Free!  Easy to Use!  Abundant!  All Skill Levels!  Ability to push content!
    6. 6. The Bad  Hard To Find  Sales Pitch  Soooo much stuff!
    7. 7. TODAY… Personal Investment Program Ideas
    8. 8. PERSONAL FINANCE:TopicsToolsEducation Too Much Information!
    9. 9. PERSONAL FINANCE TOPICS: Budgets Savings InsuranceMortgages Loans Consumer Rights Bankruptcy Too Much Information!
    10. 10. Personal Finance Resources US Government Rutgers Cooperative 360 Degrees of Finance Microsoft Templates
    11. 11. MYMONEY.GOV Captures Information & Resources from Across Agencies Provides both Tools & Education Updated Regularly to Reflect New Legislation & Topics  VERY EASY TO USE!!
    12. 12. NJAES.RUTGERS.EDU  Very Relatable  Tools & Education Advice & How To Information  Sort of Easy To Use  Microsoft Templates
    13. 13. 360FINANCIALLITERACY.ORG  American Assoc. of CPAs  Tools & Education  Covers All Stages of Life Every Aspect of Financial Life
    14. 14. PERSONAL FINANCE: TOOLS & EDUCATION Excellent Supplements  Your Money NY Times  CNNMoney  AARP  Feed The Pig
    15. 15. INVESTMENTSValuationsEducationData/Tools Too Much Information!Evaluation
    16. 16. STOCK PRICESYahoo Finance!Gold Sheet Stock PagesCompany Web-SitesFinancial Or TaxProfessionalsStock Exchanges Unless paid for—all quotes online are delayed
    17. 17. INVESTMENTS: THE RESOURCES SEC FINRA Company Sites Exchanges
    18. 18. SEC.GOV •Everything You Need •Very Difficult to Use •
    19. 19. FINRA.ORGFinancial IndustryRegulatory Authority•Excellent Tools & Education•Broker Check•Report Complaints•Grants to Libraries
    20. 20. COMPANY WEB PAGESExcellent SourceInvestor RelationsComplex CorporateActions ExplainedContact InformationFor International Companies, this may be the ONLY free source…
    21. 21. STOCK EXCHANGES, ETC.NYSE & NASDAQ Main USGlobal ExchangesNews Providers Bloomberg Wall St. Journal MSNBCAnnual Report Service (US) Rest of World
    22. 22. PROGRAM IDEASSlide ShowsPathfindersProfessional Speakers You Can Do It!Classes/Games
    23. 23. PROGRAM IDEASClasses:•CNN Money 101•Academic Earth•Open Culture The work is•I-tunes U done for you!
    24. 24. PERSONAL FINANCE: THE LINKS  www.MyMoney.Gov       money/index.html    finance.html?mod=WSJ_topnav_personalfinance _main
    25. 25. INVESTMENTS: THE LINKS Company Specific Websites Stock Exchanges     (Preferred Stocks) (Bonds)
    26. 26. Thank You!!FREE FINANCIAL RESOURCESCynthia M. Lambertcynthlam007@gmail.com609-924-7073, ext. 4
    27. 27. CREDITS/ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS All photos are from Microsoft Clip Art or are my own photographs Much Thanks to Sophie Brookover, without whom, I would still be on the ledge. Thanks Jon for all that you do!