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PreConference presenttion for NJLA Conference 2013 presented in conjunction with Melisa Brisbin and Heidi Schwab.

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  • Everytime a book is not available in e-format is a chance to sell the patron the audiobook, which is probably available or has a MUCH shorter wait list. Most e-readers can play audio books.What’s next? Video? Magazines? Graphic Novels?CARs CARsCARs - Target Your Commuters! This is NJ after all—everyone is in a car or on a train or bus or subway or PATH. Audio works in ALL These locations….ebooks do not!
  • 54% very important the themselves or their community. More likely to use library services themselves, to participate in library activities, and to say they would support expanded services.Focus Group Comments:
  • 33% of readers surveyed now own an e-reading device (up 15%); while dedicated e-readers increased 9% to 19% and tablets increased 15% to 25%. E-reader sales have declined YOY and that is expected to continue (per WSJ). No reason to upgrade, and if upgrade, why not a tablet?So far in 2013, preliminary reports show e-reader device sales falling YOY, while Tablets continue to climb.
  • How do we convert patrons into users? Training for Staff / Training for Patrons / Increase Our Access / Targeted Outreach /
  • 67% of the people surveyed by Pew said they would likely use stand alone download stations like Kiosks—of those, 33% said they were very likely.Commuters / Seniors / PARENTS
  • Last Year at this time, more said no than yes (or only said yes, but….). This year, everyone is at least wading into the water….Give the databases speech—we currently have a (tiny) voice, but the window will close (and might already be closing).
  • As of May 1 this year, all of the Big Six now allow e-books to be sold to libraries. Yes, there are still restrictions, but the publishers are beginning to understand, library’s purchase A LOT of books. So what’s changing? Follow the Money…
  • Source: PW May 15, 2013 report from Book Stats by the American Association of Publishers
  • Educational materials have been hit hard by the shift to digital--
  • E books are now about 20% of the total market for both adult and Children/YA
  • Self published e-books are making even a bigger spash in 2013—an average of 7% of the titles on the best seller list are self-published books ; PenguinHouse combined account for 40% of the best selling e-books in 2013; Harlequin has struggled to make it with digital, despite the enormous popularity of romance ebooks.Hachette 88 ; Random 87 ; Penguin 42 ; Dawson 22 ; MacMillan 18 – Amazon Publishing made 11 appearences, making it number 8 on the publisher power list…..
  • All have written several times that the choice to not sell e-books to libraries is short-sighted and a bad business practice. All site studies (no clear information as to what studies) showing library users buy books—always have.
  • Leave it Rupert to say nothing…and blame it on being in talks to spin it out…..
  • E books & nj libraries

    1. 1. An Overview of e-books and readingCynthia M. LamberteContent & Libraries: NJ and AccessMelissa BrisbinEmpowering Librarians to SupportOverdriveHeidi Schwab
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    4. 4. 89% Print Books30% e-books17%Audio Books
    5. 5. NotRememberMe!!!
    6. 6. Very Important* Parents of minor children81% say reading PRINT books isVERY IMPORTANT for their children!
    7. 7. 30 to 49 $75,000 or More
    8. 8. • 33% of AmericansOwn an E-Reading Device+15%
    9. 9. Time to RethinkOur Cell PhonePolicies!?!
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    12. 12. Down No Information Given
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