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Bloomers!schoolyard deck

  1. 1. Bloomers! It’s an island of experiential learning.
  2. 2. “Time in nature is not leisure time; it’s an essential investment in our children’s health.” ~ Richard Louv, Founder, Children & Nature Network
  3. 3. Gardening is a form of interaction with nature giving children a sense of accomplishment, improved self- esteem and a sense of ownership.
  4. 4. Bloomers! Schoolyard integrates a hands-on gardening and healthy eating program with an educational online game.
  5. 5. Bloomers! is designed specifically for early learners. The online game reinforces lessons learned outside in a fun and entertaining way…
  6. 6. …while encouraging outdoor play. By visiting any botanical garden or arboretum in the U.S. kids can “check-in” via a mobile app, and receive 500 points in the game.
  7. 7. A year-long program aligned with common core standards, it includes everything needed to grow two crops of vegetables.
  8. 8. Eating habits are established young and Bloomers! aims to help make those habits healthy ones.
  9. 9. Bloomers! has found over and over that when a child grows a vegetable, they will eat it!
  10. 10. Bloomers! Schoolyard includes a fully vetted product…
  11. 11. …tested for over two years in Los Angeles County schools.
  12. 12. The program is currently ongoing in 60 private and public preschools and elementary schools in Los Angeles and Orange County.
  13. 13. Bloomers! Schoolyard is wrapped in rich supporting materials such as storybooks and posters.
  14. 14. The full curriculum meets over 85 standards in math, science, and literacy.
  15. 15. It incorporates flexible lesson plans…
  16. 16. …that are synchronized with gardening activities.
  17. 17. Included is a full range of educator “how to” videos, online, and offline resources.
  18. 18. Bloomers! is much more than gardens and seeds. It’s a world of engagement between parents, educators, and students.
  19. 19. Testimonials: “I am delighted with how the children responded to the Bloomers! Schoolyard program. It shows me the value of a curriculum framework and the assistance it can provide a teacher.” ~Lori Davidson, Executive Director,Alpert JCC, Early Childhood Development Center
  20. 20. More Testimonials: "It's amazing how much children love fruits and vegetables when they grow them themselves.This should be a part of every school's healthy- program." ~Lourdes Padgett, Preschool Teacher, Alpert JCC Preschool. “Bloomers has provided numerous experiences and opportunities for the children enrolled in the preschool program at Long Beach City College and Learning Lab.  Their overall design has been creative and unique, and developmentally appropriate for 3-5 year old children. We continue to enjoy working with Bloomers, and plan to use them more in the future.” Stacey Smith-Clark, Director, Long Beach City College Child Development Center & Learning Lab. “I wanted to thank you again for letting our school be a part of the Bloomers! curriculum project.  The children are really enjoying growing the snow peas and reading the stories.  They want to read all the stories all at once instead of one a week.  The know that at the end of each story Mr. Banyan hugs his tree house a little tighter and the next page says the end.  They have even started to notice the small Professor Sage picture that tells us to stop if they are not listening to the story- that was a great addition to the books.  The other reason I am writing to you is that one of our preschoolers – Benjamin is really in love with the stories and the Bloomers.  He is a little “obsessed”- as mom calls it.  He has starting drawing amazing pictures of all the characters and tells all of our new teachers the whole story and who everyone is.  He has made his own Bloomers books at home (17 volumes right now) and wrote the stories from memory.  I was wondering if there was any way that we could get his parents a discount of the collection of printed stories.  He wants his mom and dad to print out the whole stories in color so he can read them again and again.  I would love to scan and send you some of his art work of Bloomers if you want to see it. You may have a future employee one day here.” ~ Jodi Morinaka, Child and Family Center Director, Part Time Lecturer, Child Development and Family Studies, California State University
  21. 21. Bloomers! was founded in 2008 by Cynthia Wylie Ms. Wylie grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania which is where she developed a love for all things green. She received her B.S. in Agriculture and was subsequently awarded a full fellowship to Georgetown University where she obtained a graduate degree in Economics. An early proponent of technology for early learners, her article, Connecting Nature +Technology in the Classroom was recently published in the CAEYC Connections Magazine, and she was one of 20 selected out of over 300 applicants to present at their 2013 conference. The Bloomers! online world was nominated for a 2011 Virtual Excellence Award by the Association of Virtual Worlds. She has raised four children inVenice, California, but is still a part- time farmer, planting blackberry bushes on the family farm, and working to develop the perfect bottle of blackberry syrup.
  22. 22. Our Advisors: Lourdes Padgett, Educational Director •  B.S. Childhood Development •  Early childhood educator for 12 years •  Nominated for L.A. County PreschoolTeacher of theYear •  Member of Long Beach Early Childhood Education Committee •  Passionate about gardening with her students Lourdes was a teacher at Bloomers! first pilot program school. She loved it so much that she joined the team! Richard Cohen, Educational Advisor Director Project ABC •  Ed.M. Harvard, Ph.D. Educational Psychology, UCLA •  Career spent at the intersection of ECE & Child Welfare •  Westside Children’s Center •  Head Start multiple cities director •  UCLA Laboratory School
  23. 23. Bloomers! It’s an island of experiential learning.