Vista grande elementary working towards zero waste


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Vista grande elementary working towards zero waste

  1. 1. Mrs. Hansen, PrincipalLaura Valvassori and Shannon Kong, Presenters WELCOME!
  2. 2. What is the Green Team?A group of volunteer students and parents who strive to educate the student body about reducing waste, recycling, and reusing.
  3. 3. Green Team GoalsTo reduce waste/trash in the lunchroom as well as classrooms focusing on reuse and recycling. Educating and engaging the student body in a variety of Green areas including reducing water and electricity usage.
  4. 4. Creating a Green Team1. Announce applications for students to join Green Team  Accept up to 20 4th and 5th graders
  5. 5. VG GREEN TEAM APPLICATION Wanted: GREEN TEAM Members for 2011-12 School Year Do you want to help teach VG kids about recycling? Are you interested in protecting the environment? Do you want to make a difference in how VG helps the world? WE WANT YOU! Explain why you think you would make a good GREEN team member. Let us know what you want to do if you are part of VG’s GREEN Team. We’ll pick 4 students from next year’s 4th and 5th grades to be our lead VG GREEN teammembers. Your job will be to help make changes around VG – like monitoring recycling in the lunch room and deciding new environmental projects VG will take on. Name: Grade next year: (If this is not enough room, write on the back.) Turn into the office by May 20th. Good Luck and thanks for applying!
  6. 6. Note In Wednesdays envelopes: VG Green PRIDE Wanted: GREEN TEAM Members for 2011-12 School YearCalling all 3rd and 4th graders who are interested, Have your mom or dad download the Green Team application from the VG website. Applications due May 27th, 2011. Good luck!
  7. 7. 3. Recruit Green parents who are excited about reducing waste, going green. This can be a challenge.You will need parents to volunteer in the lunchroom for about 3 weeks until everyone is trained and the students are comfortable monitoring the bins independently. Send out letter to all parents announcing Green Team.
  8. 8. Dear VG Parents,We’re proud to present the members of Vista Grande’s first Green Team.Our 4th graders and 5th graders include (list of kids names)For this first year, our Green Team will educate, engage and empower our children to live more sustainably at school, home and in our community. Our Green Team will spearhead two key efforts on our campus: 1) reduce waste in the lunchroom and 2) reduce waste in our classrooms.Here are some of the ways you’ll see our Green Team at work: Our Green Team will serve as campus leaders helping fellow students recycle more in our lunchroom and encourage re- usable products like sandwich bags and water bottles – keep an eye out for their green vests. In the classroom, our Green Team members will provide ideas for reducing and reusing paper and materials. They will guide VG’s environmental efforts helping to teach all VG students that “every choice counts”. Monitoring recycling in the recycle cans around school. At Carnival, we will have a booth to display many ideas for packing a more environmentally friendly lunch including re-usable bags and bottles. We will be selling VG logo’d metal water bottles as well as a plastic option. On VGTV, stay tuned for our Green tip of the week. During PRIDE bake sales, the Green Team will encourage students who bake the treats to transport their goodies to school in creative ways other than individual plastic baggies. Some ideas would be in a shoe box or wrapped in parchment paper. Then students purchasing the goodies will be given a wax baggie to place their treats in as they buy. Field trips to other schools that have a Green Team in full force such as Lafayette’s Burton Valley; possibly a field trip to the recycle center in Martinez. Other green efforts include Girl Scout Troop 30830 assuming our Green Fundraiser from last year, which entails bring electronic waste into the office for recycling. In turn, our school is receives cash for the electronic items sent in for recycling.We want to extend our thanks to Laura Neary, Adam Liebow and Caitlin Mino who will serve as our teacher mentors. We are looking forward to an exciting year as we educate and excite our students in not only the 3 R’s of schooling but also the 3 R’s of our environment. We’ve included several flyers that can serve as helpful reminders on how to reduce waste and recycle in your home. We hope that you’ll hang them up as friendly reminders.Thank you for your support,Your VG Green Team moms,Jen Romano, Shannon Kong, and Laura Valvassori
  9. 9. 3. Organize lunch room Each exit: 3 trash cans 2 recycling cans 2 buckets for liquidscrate for good uneaten food to be donated Several GT members One adult to assist when possible
  10. 10. 5. Create signage Show students:  What goes in the trash bins  What goes in the recycling bins  Signs on each bin Poster size on walls in lunchroom
  11. 11. 6. Getting Custodian on board Deciding what is doableAgreement on level of commitment Two-way communicationEmphasize that the work now will result in less work for him
  12. 12. 6. Fundraising Efforts At Carnival, we sold: Seedlings: $42 profit Water bottles:*Pouch Pals = $120 *Metal bottles = $150VAPUR (no profit but greatencouragement for kidsto use reusable bottles)
  13. 13. 7. Educating Student Body Wastebusters presentation Peak Corps Presentation Earthcapades assemblyRegular reminders in the lunchroom about not making trash
  14. 14. 7. Educating Student Body VGTV Weekly “TV” going into every classroom with Green Team members giving Green Tips of the Week Introduction of the program Pounds of food wasted in a week Turning off lights and energy vampires Cutting back on water usage Carnival fundraiser Eliminate plastic baggies Waste Audit Post consumer waste paper Alternative Christmas wrapping paper ideas Recycling Christmas trees Bringing your own bags to stores Recycling on the road while on vacation
  15. 15. 8. Educating Ourselves Visit to Burton ValleyAlliance with Sustainable DanvilleAttending Green Summit meetings
  16. 16. Emerson Good Samaritan Act Gave liability protection to businesses who donated food to nonprofits and charities Revised December 2011 Now includes schools in liability protection when donating excess food. “From Bill H.R.2112: – Sec. 734. Section 9 of the Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act (42 U.S.C. 1758) is amended by adding at the end the following: `(l) Food Donation Program- – `(1) IN GENERAL- Each school and local educational agency participating in the school lunch program under this Act may donate any food not consumed under such program to eligible local food banks or charitable organizations.” Still in the process of finding out how this applies to us.
  17. 17. VG Green PRIDE
  18. 18. VG Green PRIDEHow longdoes it livein ourlandfill? A plastic bag 10-20 years A plastic bottle 450 years Styrofoam Forever
  19. 19. VG Green PRIDE Did you know?The United States has only 6%of the world population,but produces 1/2 of the worldsgarbage. Americans throw away enough aluminum every 3 months to rebuild all of the airplanes that we use.
  20. 20. VG Green PRIDE How can VGReduce, Reuse and Recycle in the lunch room? Using re-usable products instead of single-use products
  21. 21. VG Green PRIDE Here are some earth friendlylunch room ideas
  22. 22. VG Green PRIDE Re-usable Bottles: Vapur $5$12 Metal Plastic (BPA free) $6
  23. 23. VG Green PRIDE Plastic baggie alternatives: Re-usable containersPLASTIC METAL CONTAINERS REUSABLE BOXES/LUNCH BAGSTupperware lifewithoutplastic ecolunchboxesGLAD amazon onesmallstep
  24. 24. VG Green PRIDEPlastic baggie alternatives: Wax paper bags (they decompose quickly) One Earth Health (Danville)($3.50/box of 50) Re-usable sandwich bags •Lunchskins ($8.95 each) •Pouchpals ($9.00 each)
  25. 25. VG Green PRIDE Recycle. Reuse. Reduce.If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem
  26. 26. Other Reuse Ideas
  27. 27. Classroom Party Package Teachers and a parent coordinate a box filled with reusable items for parties. Includes cloth napkins, plates, bowls, cups and flatware. Package stored at a home or within classroom. At time of a party, items are used then are sent home with one or several students to be cleaned then returned to party box.
  28. 28. Reuse DrivesAs part of the Sister School program Book drives Stuffed animals Stinky sneakers Sports equipment One warm coat End of the year school supplies Next year: red ribbon reuse
  29. 29. End of the Year School Supply Drive Purpose:  To donate our school supplies to organizations that redistribute the used school and office supplies (including text books) to those in need. Teach the kids to recycle and reuse. History: Vista Grande has had 3 successful years of providing end of the year supplies for specific beneficiaries.  Beneficiaries, in order of priority: (details of each organization on following page) – Sister School, EM Downer Elementary – Dumpster Diversion (will provide collection barrels) – Books for the Barrios
  30. 30. End of the Year School Supply Drive When: Items collected last week of school. Organizing and drop-off/pickup occurs week after school. Volunteer time commitments: During last week of school 2-3 hours; week after school out 6-8 hours. Action Steps: – Allow schools to opt into the program – Determine whether sister school would like used supplies and mode of delivery or pickup – Communicate to school parents and staff about the collection – Identify parent volunteers and HS leadership kids to assist with collection, organizing and possibly dropping off goods – Assist with organization of collecting supplies and delivery / pick up to beneficiaries