Kalypso General Introduction 2011


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Kalypso General Introduction 2011

  1. 1. Introduction to Kalypso<br />2011<br />
  2. 2. www.kalypso.com<br />8/18/2011<br />The Innovation Engine<br />Our services are designed to help companies become more innovative and provide a systemic view of new product and service development.<br />Business & Innovation Strategy<br />Front End<br />Of Innovation<br />Portfolio & Pipeline<br />Management<br />New Product Development Execution<br />Pricing & ValueManagement<br />PLM Technology<br />Leadership & Learning<br />Intellectual Property Management<br />
  3. 3. www.kalypso.com<br />8/18/2011<br />The Kalypso Difference<br />Kalypso is a consulting firm focused exclusively on innovation. Our people are leading business professionals who combine experience in select industries with product and process innovation expertise. <br />
  4. 4. Our Vision <br />We will be the world’s premier innovation consulting firm. <br />We will combine a comprehensive set of world-class capabilities to deliver on the promise of innovation while becoming the world’s most respected provider of objective technology advisory and implementation services.<br />As a private partnership, we serve clients, not shareholders. We are a platform for professionals to grow personally and professionally by creating friendship, eminence, excellence and prosperity.<br />www.kalypso.com<br />8/18/2011<br />
  5. 5. Our Values<br />We are a diverse group of professionals with a common set of core values that shape our culture and set us apart.<br />Leaders behind the leaders<br />Professionalism, integrity, and quality<br />Commitment to business partners<br />Passion for personal development<br />2011 Consulting Magazine<br /><ul><li>Seven Small Jewel</li></ul>2010 & 2009 Consulting Magazine<br /><ul><li>Hardest Working Firm</li></ul>Characters with character<br />Power of creativity and innovation<br />
  6. 6. www.kalypso.com<br />8/18/2011<br />Industries We Serve <br />We serve industries where we have the specific knowledge necessary to provide the guidance our clients expect.<br />Technology<br />Consumer Business<br />Manufacturing<br />Life Sciences<br />Aerospace & Defense<br />Energy<br />Services<br />Process<br />
  7. 7. www.kalypso.com<br />8/18/2011<br />Where We Are<br />We are wherever you need us to be.Our offices are located near core industry clients in large metropolitan areas. Kalypso serves clients all over the world.<br />London<br />Amsterdam<br />Minneapolis<br />Paris<br />Boston<br />Munich<br />San Jose<br />Chicago<br />Milan<br />Cleveland<br />Europe<br />New York<br />Los Angeles<br />Cincinnati<br />San Diego<br />Seoul<br />Asia<br />Raleigh<br />Dallas<br />Sydney<br />Atlanta<br />Houston<br />Taipei<br />Austin<br />Bangalore<br />North America<br />Australia<br />Manila<br />Kalypso Locations<br />Kalypso Affiliates<br />
  8. 8. www.kalypso.com<br />8/18/2011<br />Proprietary Tools and Methods <br />We have developed over 40 proprietary tools and methods enabling us to accelerate work on a project and increase the probability of success. <br />Innovation Engine Diagnostic<br />Capabilities Benchmarking Assessment<br />Innovation Engine Results<br />Business Case Development Tool<br />PLM Capabilities Framework<br />Comprehensive PLM Analytical Tool <br />Rapid Results<br />Business-Driven Implementation Method<br />PMO Framework<br />Guide for Creating a Project Management Office<br />Phase Gate Optimization<br />Pre-Defined Phase Gate Model<br />R&D Management Framework<br />Key Dimensions for R&D Excellence<br />Innovation Climate Assessment<br />Organizational Behavior and Design Assessment<br />Innovation Roadmap<br />Market, Product & Technology Roadmapping <br />Complexity Management<br />Complexity Management and Methodology<br />Social Product Innovation<br />Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 Strategy<br />Value Management Diagnostic<br />Capabilities Benchmarking Assessment<br />PLM Evolve<br />PLM Evolution and Upgrade Methodology<br />Nova for PPM<br />Innovation Process Management Fast-Track Model<br />PLM Vivo<br />Pre-configured PLM Solutions<br />
  9. 9. www.kalypso.com<br />8/18/2011<br />Strategic Capabilities<br />Product Strategy and Roadmaps<br />Stage Gate<br />Ideation & Idea Management<br />Product Portfolio Management<br />Program Management<br />Resource Management<br />Design Capabilities<br />Data Management Capabilities<br />Collaborative Capabilities<br />Supply Chain<br />Design Workbench<br />Configuration Management<br />BOM<br />Design Collaboration<br />Recipes<br />& Process<br />Specifications<br />Formula<br />Management<br />Sourcing & Cost <br />Management<br />Software Development & Quality Assurance<br />Asset <br />Management<br />Label & Artwork<br />Packaging<br />Service<br />Requirements <br />Management<br />Sales<br />Software Code<br />Compliance & Regulatory<br />PLM Capabilities Framework<br />Foundational Capabilities<br />Component/Materials Management<br />Document Management<br />Engineering Change Management<br />Technical Infrastructure<br />
  10. 10. www.kalypso.com<br />8/18/2011<br />We have extensive knowledge of and implementation experience with the leading PLM and product innovation software providers. Our goal is to provide objective guidance and hands-on implementation expertise.<br />Software Expertise<br />
  11. 11. Summary Messages<br />Exclusively focused on innovation, product development, commercialization, and lifecycle management<br />Integrating a comprehensive set of business and technology capabilities to deliver sustainable results<br />Deep expertise in select industries backed by experience and extensive investments in research<br />Nimble, flexible, and responsive to your needs. Working beside and behind you every step along the way<br />Your trusted partner for tough challenges. Committed to you and the success of your organization<br />