UUCLC lending library brochure


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Circa June 2009, a letterfold brochure explains check-out procedures for the UUCLC Lending Library. The document was created with Adobe CS2.

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UUCLC lending library brochure

  1. 1. “This small volume can be avaluable resource. In it, youwill find no creed of belief towhich you must subscribeto be a Unitarian Univer-salist, no statement of doc-trine. Unitarian Universal-ists valuethe in-dividualspiritualjourneyand be-lieve thatthere isno one right way to lead areligious life. For us, reli-gion is ultimately not aboutwhat you think. Religion isabout how you live. Ours isa faith of deeds, not creeds.”— Unitarian Universalist Pocket GuideFrom the preface to the fourth editionbyUUA President William G. SinkfordUnitarian UniversalistCommunity ofLake CountyLending LibraryUnitarian UniversalistCommunity of Lake Countywww.uuclc.orgGraphicdesignbyCynthiaParkhill•June22,2009Checkoutour...
  2. 2. UUCLC Lending LibraryThere is a notebook that accompanies the UUCLC Lending Library. Eachbook in the library has a sheet in this notebook for logging check-outsand returns. The sheets are arranged in alphabetical order by title of bookwith other identifying information that can include name of author, pub-lisher and what edition of the book (i.e. hardcover, trade paperback or massmarket).Additional supplies (borrower’s cards, date stamp, etc.) are kept in a file box.When a borrower wishes to take a book from the UUCLC Lending Library,please follow this procedure:Checking out books:1. Record the borrower’s name, e-mail address and date of check-out (thedate of the current Sunday service) on the notebook sheet corresponding tothe book in the lending library.2. Remove book’s sheet from its place in the binder and place in the binder’sinside back cover pocket.3. Take a borrower’s card from the file box, stamp or write-in due date (fourweeks from date of check-out) and slip into envelope on the book’s insidefront cover.Checking books back in:1. If the book has a borrower’s card in the envelope in its inside front cover,retrieve this card and return to file box.2. Retrieve book’s status sheet from pocket in inside back cover of binder.3. Note date of book’s return and replace its sheet in alphabetical order backamong the others in binder.4. Once book has been logged back in, it can be replaced on the shelf.Welcome! As a visitor or as amember of this congregation,we hope you will make use of theUUCLC Lending Library.The lending library is housed insidethe annex at the Kelseyville SeniorCenter. It contains a wide variety ofbooks.If you are new to Unitarian Uni-versalism, you may want to considerthe “Unitarian Universalist PocketGuide.” Various writers have contrib-uted essays addressing the UU faith,ministry, religious education, workfor social justice and diversity androots. It includes important dates inUnitarian Universalist history andinformation about the UUA and theChurch of the Larger Fellowship.Other books explore other aspectsof spirituality and religion — andsome are, quite simply, a good read!Please follow the procedure to theright if you would like to borrow abook.Note that the library is not a bookswap or exchange. If you remove abook, please return it. Many of thebooks were donated by members ofour community with a desire to en-rich the entire congregation.Howtocheckoutbooksandlogthembackin