Art Notes, Fall 2007


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Newsletter created for the Lake County Arts Council using Adobe CS2.

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Art Notes, Fall 2007

  1. 1. by Suna Flores“Fiddler on theRoof” is com-ing in October. LakeCounty ReperatoryTheater and LakeportCommunity Playersare teaming up to pro-duce one of the mostbeloved musicals of alltime.Set in 1906 Russia,“Fiddler” is the warmstory of a family andtheir traditions setagainst a backdrop ofchanging times andrevolution.In spite of the seri-ous issues involvedin the story, Fiddler’srich musical score andhumor have made thisshow a classic. “Fid-dler on the Roof” willfeature some of thearea’s most admiredsinging and acting tal-ent accompanied by anelegant orchestra.Memorable sets andchoreography willcomplete a theaterpresentation that LakeCounty will rememberfor years.Evening performanc-es are scheduled for7 p.m. Oct. 5, 6, 12and 13. Matinees arescheduled for 2 p.m.Oct. 6, 7, 13 and 14at The Little Theater,Lake County Fair-grounds.Tickets for reservedseating will be avail-able at Catfish Books(263-4454) in Lake-port only.General Admissiontickets may be pur-chased at ShannonRidge (998-9656) inClearlake Oaks, WildAbout Books (994-9453) in Clearlake andthe Lake County ArtsCouncil (263-6658)in Lakeport. Ticketsare $12 for seniors,youth and LCRT/LCPmembers, and $15 forall others.Tickets went on saleearly in September.Hurry to get yours asthey are sure to sell outquickly. See you there!ArtNotesQuarterly members’ magazine for the Lake County Arts CouncilFall‘Fiddler on the Roof’ to appear on local stageXian YeaganRod Levenduski as Tevye in “Fiddler on the Roof.”Set in 1906Russia, “Fiddler”is the warmstory of a familyand their tradi-tions set againsta backdrop ofchanging timesand revolution.To life!!‫ים‬‫יּ‬ַ‫ח‬‫ל‬
  2. 2. Page 2 • ArtNotes, Fall 2007Business card size.............................................................................$25(2.375" high x 3.666" wide)Quarter page...................................................................................$35(2.375" x 7.5" or 4.91" x 3.666")Half-page........................................................................................$40(4.916" x 7.5" or 9.705" x 3.666")Full Page.........................................................................................$60(9.705" x 7.5")Payment is arranged through the Lake County Arts Council; contact Executive DirectorShelby Posada (263-1871,, for more information. Ads must besubmitted in .pdf or .jpg format to INARTNOTES!Slam in Lake CountyBy Dante DeAmicisAnother attempt wasmade to introduce“slam” poetry to LakeCounty at the July l3 OpenMic at the Java Express.Slam poetry is poetry thatis performed as well as read.Usually that means thepieces are also memorized.Unlike the various “readfrom journals” styles ofpoetry, slam is primarilymeant to be entertaining.Sometimes people com-pare slam to rap “music.”But rap wants no part ofthe poetry scene and useseverything from drummachines, loops, back-upsingers and musicians tobe able to market itself asmusic. Slam believes anytype of sound back-up orcounterpoint detracts froma poetry performance.There have been twoother occasions when slammade an appearance atour second Friday openmic. These poets were justpassing through so theyjust stunned everyone andkept going. No one stayedbehind to keep the torchburning after striking thematch. The nearest regularquasi-slam event is in SantaRosa.The reason I chose todemonstrate a slam poemwas practical. Our openmic is for both music andpoetry. When we go fromone to the other the energylevel almost always chang-es. Encouraging the poetsto ramp up to slam modeshould keep the energy up.I have to warn thosemaking the transition thatthere is a down side. Slampoets have to work harder- as hard as musicians. Ittakes me three hours towrite a two page poem theold way. Then I’m done.This night’s slam poemwas the result of 30 hoursof writing, rewriting soit could be performed,memorizing, and rehears-ing delivery.As an art form in itselfthere are payoffs. Coor-dinating memorized lineswith movement is excellenttraining and conditioningfor the theater. The effect isto promote and not just topresent your writing. Slamis popular with youth andthe best develop positivepeer followings. When or-ganized into slam competi-tions the poetry becomesa dynamic regional touristattraction.Slam gatherings are ananswer to the youth ques-tion “What is there to do?”The operative word hereis “do” which is differentfrom brain candy to pas-sively watch. These eventsdon’t cost a lot to put on,involve adults as mentorsrather than just supervi-sors, build confidence, andpromote self discipline. Inthe best case scenario, thekids will start becominggood role models for someof the parents.Slam is not poetry forsissies. By the time I endedthe piece I was John RossWhile the cleanup of the underground storage tank leakcontinues, the renovation of the Soper-Reese Com-munity Theatre, a project of the Lake County Arts Council,picked up with intensity in June.“Phase I construction is proceeding along on schedule andon budget”, reports committee chairman, John Ross. “This isour community’s donations at work! When completed beforethe end of this year, we will be able to occupy the theatreonce again and utilize it while we continue fundraising forPhase II.”  Where does almost $500,000 go in this type ofconstruction, you ask? Some of the expenditures to date areabout $47,000 to install a fire-sprinkler system throughoutthe building that includes a new water main across MartinStreet, about $60,000 for a state of the art heating, ventila-tion and air conditioning system, about $7,000 to removeasbestos insulating material from the walls around theprojection booth and contracts have been signed to providea new roof for about $36,000 and completely replace theelectrical systems for about $70,000. The Management Committee, led by Taira St. John, isworking closely with the Lake County Arts Council WinterMusic Fest Committee to produce that event in the theatrein January of next year. This will be the first event to be heldin the main part of the building in many years.Your donations at work ...See SOPER-REESE, Page 4
  3. 3. ArtNotes, Fall 2007 • Page 3From the Executive Director ...Clear Lake Perform-ing Arts held its annualmembers’ meeting onSunday, Sept. 9. The cur-rent slate of officers haveagreed to serve another term.They are President Paul Brewer,Vice President Ed Bublitz, Trea-surer Lynne Dodson, SecretarySandy Ross and CLPA AuxiliaryCo-Presidents Shirley Kadlecekand Pat Mattina.CLPA’s fall concert seriesincludes:• Oct. 14 — Celtic harpistPatrick Ball.• Nov. 18 — Lake CountySymphony Winter Concert.• Dec. 16 — Annual Christ-mas concert.Concerts begin at 3 p.m. inthe Kelseyville High SchoolStudent Center.Admission is $10 for CLPAmembers and $15 for the generalpublic. Children younger than18 will be admitted free. Forconcert information and reserva-tions, call 279-0877. Informa-tion can also be found on theCLPA Web site,­Cynthia ParkhillOur First Friday Flings are becoming “the place to be” because of thenew art, artists,  music, and the convivial guests. These openings wouldnot take place without the coordination of the Gallery Committee, and ourparticipation in “Taste of Lakeport” was very beneficial in our exposure tothe community, the wineries, businesses, and we experience fair sales. TheGallery will also be open for the Dickens Faire Nov. 24.  “Art in the Park” was a wonderful success, thanks to our sponsors:Applerain Nursery and Florist, Angelina’s Bakery and Cafe, The BuckhornClub, Candy Chaos, The Healing Earth, The Kitchen Gallery, Sandi’sInteriors, Shore Line Realty, Watershed Books and our colorful pastel art-ists who filled up the entire walkway, and especially to Betty Lou Surber,Patsy Mitchell, Richard Seisser and Xian Yeagan, who manned the eventall day, and Karen Magnesun for her creative poster. The day’s festivitiesincluded wonderful sounds from the Gazebo by Dan Meyer, Harmony withLittle Deer, Orion, and Little Ritchie, Scott Sommers, Ian Shaul and PhilMathewson and Friends and, of course, the always entertaining Bert Huttas MC.Congratulations to Nina Marino, Mike Adams, Amy Casey, WalleyFuller, Taira St. John, John Ross, Chef Nicholas and staff, auctioneer EdNickerman, the musicians and for all the others whose efforts made for awonderfully choreographed and successful  “Evening Under the Stars” atCeago Vinegarden. We are so close to meeting Jim Soper’s  “Challenge”thanks to your hard work. And to all of you who attended the event, thankyou for your continued support of the Soper-Reese project. Next on the agenda for LCAC is Children’s Creative Art Day at MuseumPark on Saturday, Oct. 27, 2007.  This will also include the ScarecrowContest to which we donate $50 for each participating classroom.  PatsyMitchell will be out seeking sponsors so that we can accommodate as manyclassrooms as possible.  Anyone wishing to donate their time, dollars, orideas can contact me  at 263-1871, Patsy or the Gallery at 263-6658. Plans are underway for an annual meeting to be held from 2 to 4 p.m.Nov. 18 at the Lakeport Yacht Club; so, please watch your newspapers formore information as to date and time. We would not be the organization that we are without all of you whovolunteer at all of these events and work behind the scenes doing publicity,setting up and cleaning up, hosting the Gallery, arranging the gift shop, anddoing other “grunt” work.  Because of your efforts, LCAC continues on andgrows.  Thank you!­Shelby PosadaExecutive DirectorLook forward to thewines of Zoom Wineryand the music of Ian Shaulat The Main St. Gallery’sOctober First FridayFling.  In November enjoya real treat as you listento the harmonies of theVintage Quartet whilesipping Ployez’s fine wines.December’s festivities arelivened up by Teale Lovewith his Celtic guitar andthe music of BrassfieldEstates.  All this whilebeing surrounded with anarray of fine art in variousmediums.You can look foward toat least three new artistseach month in addition tofurther appreciating theartists of the earlier shows.Thank you to all the finemusicians who have con-tributed to our openingsand to Rosa d’Oro, TulipHill, Steele Wines, TerrillCellars, Wildhust andShannon Ridge for pouringtheir delectable wines.What’s coming upat the Arts Council’sFirst Friday Fling?
  4. 4. Page 4 • ArtNotes, Fall 2007Facca’s ‘Award of Excellence’by Ray FarrowRichard Seisser, chair of theMain Street Gallery commit-tee, is delighted to announce theopportunity for our community toview the pastel and oil paintings thatgarnered for Joan Facca  an “Awardof Excellence for Body of Work” atthe Art “Showcase #4,” a prestigiousart venue presented by the Plaza ArtCenter, Healdsburg.The paintings will be on viewOct. 1 through 30. Come congratu-late and celebrate with Joan at thegallery’s First Friday Fling, 5:30 to 7p.m. Oct. 5. n “Small Wonders”Come share the viewing pleasuresof art miniatures when 10 LakeCounty artists show their work in“Small Wonders,” the first of whatwe hope will be an annual show ofminiature paintings. The “Small Wonders” are minia-ture paintings of 144 square inches(including frame) or less and will beshown in the Main Street Gallery,Nov. 24 through Dec. 30, 2007.Opening festivities will be duringthe First Friday Fling, Dec. 7.Join us as we celebrate the Christ-mas season with art, wine andmusic and remember this will alsobe an opportunity to browse theGift Shop for those artistic one-of-a-kind gifts for family and friends. Painting by Joan FaccaMeanwhile, the fundraisingcommittee, led by Nina Marino,successfully completed the second-annual “Concert Under the Stars” atCeago Del Lago on Sept. 8. It was awonderful event that raised another$25,035 and a donation of $10,000from the Priest Family Foundation,leaving only $16,567 remaining tomeet the “Soper Challenge” to raise$300,000 in the community that Jimand Florence Soper will then matchwith another $200,000.This project has come a long wayand support from our communityhas been heartwarming. But thereis still a lot more to do before ourCounty has a professional Perform-ing Arts Theatre that we can all beproud of. For information on howyou can help, please contact JohnRoss at 263-6120.SOPER REESE, from Page 2Xian YeaganKPFZ recently hosted an openhouse to celebrate its new stu-dio space at 149 N. Main St. inLakeport.New home forradio stationClasses at the Main Street Galleryby Xian YeaganWe have enlarged the back room inorder to have more space for meetingsand classes, and we have indeed had moremeetings. We have not had very manyclasses this year, however, and this is anoversight we need to correct.We have had many classes at the Galleryin the past, and they have been worthwhilefor everyone. We have had photographyclasses, classes in specific watercolor tech-niques, in abstraction, in writing poetry, inpublishing books, in crafts. We have hadclasses for adults, for children, for seniorsand for all the above.The teachers get most of the tuition fees.The space rental is inexpensive, the ArtsCouncil takes care of all the record-keepingand most of the promotion for the class,and the artists of Lake County learn newskills at a reasonable cost. This is a win-win-win situation.If you have a skill that you think othersmight like to learn, contact us. You set theminimum and maximum class size to suityour teaching style.
  5. 5. ArtNotes, Fall 2007 • Page 5Children’s art day in LakeportXian YeaganThe Lake County Arts Council will host Children’s Cre-ative Art Day on Saturday, Oct. 27, at Museum Park inLakeport. The LCAC will donate $50 to each classroomthat participates in its scarecrow contest; it invites sup-port from local sponsors. For more information, to makea donation or volunteer, please call Shelby Posada at 263-1871, Patsy Mitchell or the gallery at 263-6658.One thing that I have learned from the “Artnews from around the world” pages on ourWeb site is how effective plein air painters havebeen in their use of blogs.There are many plein air artists who maintaina daily or weekly blog showing their most recentpieces along with a little story about the locationwhere the painting was done or something else ofinterest about the work. The paintings are of-fered for sale on the blog, but I have no idea howsuccessful the sales are. Whatever therewards forcreating these blogs may be, there seem to be anumber of them.You can view plein air blogs by clicking on the“Plein Air News, Blogs, and Web site Links fromAround the World” link near the top of the ArtsCouncil opening page ( page that has been showing someinteresting returns is “Community Theater News,Blogs, and Web site Links International,” whichis updated weekly. It is found in the “TheatricalNotices of Various Kinds” section of the openingpage.A new Web site has been created, sponsoredby Konocti Adult School, which is dedicatedto showing the artwork of Lake County artists.This is a wonderful effort, and the folks doing ithave committed to a lot of work. They should behonored for it.You can take the link to it from the Arts Coun-cil Web site or go to Thereis no charge to show your work, and I gather thatthere is help available to get your work photo-graphed for inclusion. You can write to or for more infor-mation.Xian YeaganLCAC Web masterArtists, consider a blogThis is your last chanceto see the Lake CountyOutdoor Sculpture Walkfor 2007. Exhibits willremain up through mid-October in the Middle-town County TrailsidePark. Information:‘Art in the Park’ a successXian Yeagan“Art in the Park,” held Saturday, Sept. 1, was a wonder-ful success thanks to the artists, musicians, volunteers andsponsors who participated.
  6. 6. Page 6 • ArtNotes, Fall 2007Executive Director:Shelby Posada, 263-1871; ESP352@aol.comBoard of Directors:President — Sandi Ciardelli, 263-0663 (home), 263-8132 (work); designwomen@saber.netVice President — John Ross, 263-6120; pogo2@sbcglobal.netTreasurer — Betty Lou Surber, 263-4721; surber@jps.netSecretary — Susan Krones, 263-2251; krones@zapcom.netAnnie Barnes, 263-3010 (work), 274-9251 (home)Carol Dobusch, 279-1169; hansdobusch@mchsi.comJoan Holman, 263-1345Glenneth Lambert, glenneth@thefine-artcafe.orgKristi Peake, 279-1130 (home), 349-4316 (cell);kristi747@netzero.netLuwana Quitiquit, 263-5553Norman “Wink” Winckler, 279-2965 (home), 349-0934(work); wink162@msn.comFloyd Surber, 263-4721; surber@jps.netVoris Brumfield (Board Member Emeritus), 987-3461Staff and Office Volunteers:Betty Lou Surber, The Great OzDiana Liebe, Gift ShopJohn Ross, MembershipLCAC Media:Webmaster — Xian Yeagan, yeagan@xianyeagan.comArtNotes Editor — Cynthia Parkhill, 277-0296 (home),295-7554 (cell); cparkhill1730@sbcglobal.netGallery Committee Members:Floyd Surber, Mary Lawson, Bonnie Ewing, Diana Liebe,Gaylene McComb, Pat Courtney, Ray Farrow, JohnEells, Ron Snider, Richard Siesser, Gwen Ravino, PatsyMitchellSoper-Reese Committee:Mike Adams, Amy Casey, Sandi Ciardelli, Carol Do-busch, Wally Fuller, Nina Marino, Donna Peterson, JohnRoss, Taira St. John, Floyd SurberVaudeville 2008 to openthe Soper-ReeseTheatreby Xian YeaganThe initial phase ofconstruction of theSoper-Reese Theatre will beover in January. There willbe an interim period whenperformances will be held inthe unfinished (but greatlyimproved) hall, during whichfunds will be raised for thefinal contruction push.The first show to beheld in the Soper-Reesewill be the Winter MusicFest/Vaudeville 2008. Thatwill be held on Jan. 26 and27. Letters announcing theaudition will soon be goingout to previous Music Festparticipants, but anyonewho would like to try outshould contact the ArtsCouncil and leave contactinformation. The Music Festis held for the benefit of theLake County Arts Council.For Winter Music Fest2007 we developed ourmodern vaudeville format,incorporating more than thepurely musical acts we hadused before. It was a lot offun and was well received.For this show we arelooking for solo musicians,singers, and small musicalgroups. We are also look-ing for jugglers, magicians,trained dog acts, Shake-spearian monologues, slack-wire performers, slapstickduets and stand-up come-dians. A unicyclist singingtorch songs in Lithuanianwould be nice.Audition date is Dec. 8 atthe Main Street Gallery. Ap-plications will be mailed tothose who wish to partici-pate, and must be back atthe office by Nov. 11.Once we have the ap-plications, audition timeswill be set for the individualacts and the artists will benotified of their scheduledappointment by phone, orthey will be able to come inor call to find that out.Due to the success of ourpolicy of no pre-recordedmusic in the show, we willbe continuing that practicethis year. This is made pos-sible thanks to the assistanceof the extraordinarily versa-tile pianist David Neft. Anyvocalist who does not havea live accompanist will beaccompanied by David, andhe will set up rehearsal timesas needed.Preference will be givento acts that are polished andperformance-ready at thetime of the audition.Costume is importantin this format. Even ifthe act is to be “good olddown home,” the costum-ing should be done withskill and intent, and standout. This is vaudeville, afterall. Tuxedos are acceptablegarb; bikinis, bandoleirosand babushkas are in theretoo, as are feathers, veils,coveralls and balloons.This is going to be a hotshow. You’ll want to be init, and part of a momentousoccasion in the cultural lifeof the valley of the lake.Momentous!
  7. 7. Would you like to become a member or do you need to renew? Use this handy form!ArtNotes, Fall 2007 • Page 7by Sandra WadeWriters’ Circle with Poet Laure-ate Sandra Wade on the firstThursday of each month continues tobe enjoyable and productive. Come toshare or just to listen.There are now several opportunitiesfor writers to participate in open micvenues:• Every Friday (so far), 6 to 8 p.m. atTerrill Winery, Tuscany Village next toLower Lake Post Office;• First Friday: Open mic, 7 to 9 the Bookkeeper, Cobb Village (nextto Hardesters);• First Saturday: Open mic, 7 to 9p.m. at La Sirena deli and sandwichshop, corner of State Route 175 andMain Street at downtown traffic lightin, Middletown.;• Second Friday: Open mic at JavaExpress, Lakeshore Drive, Clearlake, 7to 9 p.m.; and• Last Friday: Acoustic & Poetry“Unplugged,” 3 p.m. at Wild AboutBooks, 14290 Olympic Drive inClearlake.To perform at an open mic, arriveand sign up 30 to 15 minutes earlierthan start.n Dancing Poetry FestivalOn Sept. 29 Sandra Wade and yogastudents Cynthia Parkhill, JoAnn Sac-cato and Jonathan Donihue performedin the Dancing Poetry Festival.The event, organized by EmbassyArts International, was in the Califor-nia Palace of the Legion of Honor, SanFrancisco. Two poems by Sandra Wadewere interpreted to music by ShawkieRoth, in yoga and dance.n OctoberFrom 4 to 6 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 13,and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday, Oct.14, Clive Matson will again inspirewriters to get creative at a “Flash Fic-tion” workshop. Call the LCAC at263-6658 to register. Fee is $55.Oct. 15 has been named NationalPoetry Day and is also the 151st an-niversary of Oscar Fingall O’FlahertyWilde’s birthday. Celebration TBA.n Poet laureate applicationsApplications are invited for theposition of 2008-2010 Poet Laureateof Lake County. E-mail or call 995-9121 fordetails.Deadline is Jan. 15, 2008 so that thenew incumbent may be announced onMarch 15 at a reception with readingsby all who applied. April is Interna-tional Poetry Month!Lake County Poet Laureate’s report ...
  8. 8. Page 8 • ArtNotes, Fall 2007Main Street GalleryWe have been working on the Main Street Gallery andthe Arts Council office for the last couple of years, and theresults have been pretty satisfactory. Especially satisfyinghas been the enlarging and brightening of the StudentGallery, which we see as being a very significant part of ourwork.Most of the work in the Student Gallery is submittedby private or public art teachers from the work of theirstudents. Perhaps once per year, students will get in touchon their own, and if they have enough work ready to hangthey can have a one-person show; if they don’t we can putthem together with another student.There is no charge to hang in the Student Gallery, andwe can be of help in preparing the work for display.During the summer, when school is out, we don’t getthe teachers’input, and we are more dependant on theindividual students, but we are open to individual studentsat all times. If you are a student in any school system andwant your work to be seen, please come and talk to us.Xian YeaganHours: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday; 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. SaturdayNon-ProfitUSPostagePaidLakeport,CA95453Permit#75LakeCountyArtsCouncil325N.MainStreetLakeport,CA95453(707)263-6658ArtNotesArtNotesisproducedfourtimesayear,inJanuary,April,JulyandOctober.Editorialandadvertisingdeadlinesareonthe15thdayofthepreviousmonth.PleasesendarticlestoCynthiaParkhill, call for student artwork in the gallery ...Lake County Arts Council MembershipsPlease welcome our new members (March through August 2007)New Student MembersDiane GatesDonna HollandDenise Hueners New Individual MembersBeatrice BarberPat BrewerGail ErasmyDan GibsonPatricia KalisYaela KolbergLeslie LevitasChris MallockGayla MaxwellPatsy MitchellJoe Bastida RodriquezShannon Tolson New Family MembersCorrine AndersonBob & Merilark JohnsonTerry & Sabrina RogersThank you!