Beyonce Run the world anaylsis


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anaylisis of run the world by Beyonce .

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Beyonce Run the world anaylsis

  1. 1. +Beyoncé –Run the worldAnalysis By Cynthia Musaka
  2. 2. +Andrew Goodwin’s theory. 6 characteristics and features that are found in music videos. There is relationship between lyrics and visuals. There is a relationship between music and visuals. Music videos demonstrate genre characteristics. The artist may develop motifs , which recur across their work (visual style ) Frequent reference to notion of looking , particularly voyeuristic treatment of the female body. Intertextual reference
  3. 3. Relationship between lyrics and +visuals . Endless power, with our love we can devour Youll do anything for me Girls, we run this motha (yeah!) Who run the world? Girls! [x4]
  4. 4. + Relationship between lyrics and visuals . The title of the music video is ‘ run the world ( Girls ) and Its by RnB singer Beyoncé . There is definitely a link between the lyrics and the visuals ; the song is about women , taking over , rising up and standing together. this is shown through out the video ; All the dancers are female and they are seen as being quiet aggressive towards the males, who are all dressed in military clothing , which makes them seem dominant and authoritative
  5. 5. + Relationship between music and visuals . The artist is incredibly in synch with the music through her dance choreography. The non diegetic music , consists of drums and the artist jerks and jolts her body to the precise sound and the entire angry and aggressive tone and atmosphere of the visuals reflect the music The beat then slows down to just one slow drum and it changes location to what seems like a dessert and all she does is sway to the beat and this reflects the lyics and the mood the music is trying to convey
  6. 6. + Genre characteristics Run the world is a Hip Hop music video and consists of many conventions for hip hop i.e. there is a dance choreography to accompany the chorusIn most hip hop videos if they feature women , Another typical trend theythe women are usually seen as sexual followed which is usuallyobjects and the men are usually portrayed to present in the genre is thebe powerful and dominating . Even though mixture of a narrative andthis music video is about female performance based musicempowerment , they clothing and dance videoroutine still shows them as sexual objects
  7. 7. + Visual style The artist in the music video is known for always having two back dancers in her videos , and this is one trait that we her identify her . It’s iconic because it’s used in most of her videos and has created a recognisable brand identity for her .She is also known for dressing sexy andtasteful as she is usually singing about femaleempowerment and she reinforces this with herclothing and on live performances she alwayshas an all female band
  8. 8. + Notion of looking Notion of looking in music videos , for example is where they maybe , screens within screens , mirrors , stages and cameras. This video doesn’t incorporate much of that , but we get addressed through the camera , as the artist directly looks at the audience making them feel involved. Also all the dancers are positioned to form a stage . In most hip hop videos women are typical seen to be sexual objects and this video is no exception ; even though it contradicts the message of the song.
  9. 9. + Intertexuality.I didn’t find any evidence of intertexuality but the song is heavily sampled from another song called pon de floor by artist Major lazer. The start of the music video starts of like a film with non diegetic sound and different shots of location that will be in the performance later on in the video.