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Writing my hobbies


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Writing my hobbies

  1. 1. Rammar: WRITING Grammar: can,Topic: My hobbies and personal information
  2. 2. Steps in a writing1. BrainstormingAge: I am 14 years oldNationality I’m Canadian. I’m from CalgaryOccupation I’m a studentSchool Hasting CollegeInterest: I’m interested in Languages.Good at: French and spanishI can: Speak German…Hobbies Hockey and painting…
  3. 3. 2. Graphic Organizer Hobbies My name is.. Hockey and painting… age: 14 I can My hobbies and personal Speak German information nationality Good atI’m Canadian. I’m French and spanishfrom Calgary Interest School Occupation I’m interested in Hasting College Languages.I’m a student
  4. 4. My name is Isabel. I’m fouteen years old and I amCanadian. I’m from Calgary and I am a student at HastingsCollege. I’m interested in languages, and I am good at Frenchand Spanish. I can speak English,French and Spanish and Ican speak three words of German and two words ofInuktitut.(a native language in Canada) My hobbies are hockey and painting.
  5. 5. Now your turnTASK: your hobbies and personal information