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Future with will interrogative


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Future with will interrogative

  1. 1. Let’s go to see a movie.Use Will for Rapid decisions (no plans) Ok. I will call my.father. See you in the mall.
  2. 2. The teacher says”Complete exercise 2”Use Will for Rapid decisions (no plans) Ok. I will do my. homework
  3. 3. Look at the sky…Use Will To MakePredictions It will rain a lot.
  4. 4. The radio says… Use Will To Make PredictionsAlan Garcia will be the next Mayor of Trujillo
  5. 5. Use Will To make an offer or promises “lomito saltado” I will invite you some ice cream.I promise, tomorrow I will cook “lomito saltado”
  6. 6. Use WillTo make an offer or promises I will have 20 on my tests.I promise, I will practice more English.
  7. 7. To make an offer or promisesUse Will Rapid decisions For? (no plans) To Make Predictions
  8. 8. Use will for affirmative or won’t for negative sentencesI will study English.I won’t eat ceviche.Use WILL I ; WILL SHE ; WILL HE … for interrogativesentences will you study English? Yes, I will will she eat ceviche?. No, She won’t
  9. 9. Will they watch tv in the morning? Yes,they will. They will watch tv in the morning simple form Will they work in the morning? They won’t work in the No,they won’t. morning.
  10. 10. Will they study English at night?Yes, They will. They will study English at night. simple form Will they dance perreo at night? No,we won’t. We won’t dance perreo at night.
  11. 11. Will you read a book at 4 p.m?Yes,I will. I will read a book at 4 p.m. simple formWill you play soccer at 3 p.m?No,I won’t. I won’t play soccer at 3 p.m