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Him professionals work everywhere


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Careers must have a career path. Choose a career path in Health Information Technology.

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Him professionals work everywhere

  2. 2. WONDERING WHAT’S NEXT? OK, you’ve seen the statistics:  22% expected growth between 2012-22.  Fastest growing and in demand more than the average job.  186,000 jobs held in 2012 alone.  Above-average pay rate.
  3. 3. WONDERING WHAT’S NEXT? So you have….  Selected an accredited program or school;  Completed your coursework;  Completed and took full advantage of the required practicum;  Graduated;  Sat and passed required exams for certification.
  4. 4. WONDERING WHAT’S NEXT? You start your job search…  Sent out resumes;  Did volunteer work;  Attended local HIM meetings;  Used social media;  Researched your new career for ideas;  Cried; complained and you still haven’t found work.
  5. 5. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? Perhaps you are thinking of your newly found opportunity as a job rather than a career.  Change your prospective.  Start thinking this is my new career.  I must start to think “outside” the box. 
  6. 6. CAREERS MUST FOLLOW A CAREER PATH Traditional Career Paths in HIM:  HIM Director  HIM Systems Manager  Information Security Officer  Chief Privacy Officer  Corporate Compliance Officer  Consultant
  7. 7. CAREERS MUST FOLLOW A CAREER PATH Traditional Career Paths in HIM:  Health Data Analyst  Clinical Coding Specialist  Patient Information Coordinator  Physician Practice Manager  Financial Specialist  Director of Quality Management
  8. 8. CAREERS MUST FOLLOW A CAREER PATH The time and effort put into educating yourself should not be left to chance. A well-thought out career plan can help to make those crucial career choices a lot less daunting. Know where you want to go and how you are going to get there. Knowing how to get there takes research and may not always be achieved through traditional methods. Certain variables like economic and personal life changes can sometimes push you in directions that you did not anticipate. That’s okay, every plan needs revisiting from time to time. Make necessary adjustments but keep the GOAL in full view. Staying focused and not becoming discouraged is the key. Think P.I.G., Persistence, Integrity, and Guts.
  9. 9. I’M THINKING CAREER PATH I’ve decided on a career path, now what?  Research the requirements to get there.  Find a mentor in your area. (visit for info on mentors in your area).  Think outside the box when looking for employment.
  10. 10. HIM PROFESSIONALS WORK EVERYWHERE Hospitals  Ambulatory Care Facilities  Physician Facilities  Managed Care Organizations  Long-term Care Facilities  Consulting Firms  Information Systems Vendor 
  11. 11. HIM PROFESSIONALS WORK EVERYWHERE Insurance Companies  Worker’s Comp Lawyers’ Offices  Rehabilitation Centers  Mental Health Organizations  Colleges & Universities  Government Agencies  Accreditation Organizations 
  12. 12. HIM PROFESSIONALS WORK EVERYWHERE Release of Information Companies  Large Corporation who have onsite medical facilities for their employees  Pharmaceutical Companies  Internet-based Healthcare Companies 
  13. 13. HIM PROFESSIONALS WORK EVERYWHERE Accreditation Organizations  Healthcare Research Organizations  From Home, as Independent Consultants  Health Clinics  Employment Agencies 
  14. 14. GOOD LUCK!! Cynthia Brown, MBA, RHIT, CCS AHIMA approved ICD-10 CM/PCS Trainer CyntCoding Health Information Services Phone: 404-992-8984/E-Fax: 678-805-4919 P.O. Box 3019 Decatur, GA 30031 or Coding Yesterday’s Nomenclature Today®