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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Todobebé Completes First Study in National Health Research InitiativeResearch be...
Todobebé Completes First Study In National Health Research Initiative
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Todobebé Completes First Study In National Health Research Initiative


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Health & Wellness Research Initiative

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Todobebé Completes First Study In National Health Research Initiative

  1. 1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Todobebé Completes First Study in National Health Research InitiativeResearch begins to measure the potential impact (attitudes, perceptions and behavioral outcomes) of health information and messaging specifically targeted to the Hispanic family~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~July 28, 2009, Miami FL. Todobebé, Inc, a leading family media company dedicated to the adventures of parenting has completed its first multi-disciplinary healthcare survey focused on Hispanic mothers in the United States with children 0 to 5 years old in the home. The survey is the first step in a national health research initiative aimed at helping to verify the attitudes, perceptions, knowledge base, determinants and behaviors that influence child and maternal health among Hispanic families in the United States. 

Todobebé's initial study was developed with inputs and questions from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Office of Minority Health, Environmental Protection Agency, National Head Start Association, American Diabetes Association, March of Dimes, Safe Kids Worldwide, One Economy and the Alliance for Consumer Education. The preliminary results included responses to over 100 questions which covered six major areas (see below), and are the first of a series of surveys that will be conducted by Todobebé on a quarterly basis. The preliminary results were presented by Todobebé in Washington DC on July 16 and are being submitted to the White House Secretary of Education and Secretary of Health.The 1,138 survey participants were drawn from Todobebé's annual U.S. Hispanic opt-in panel which includes over 10,000 Spanish-speaking moms 18-39 with children 0 to 5 years old in the home who were recruited during the yearly Viva la Familia Event.Hispanic families in the United States are now responsible for raising close to 25% of the children under 5 years, children who are born as United States citizens with full rights to care. The positive mental and physical health and development of children during the ages of 0 to 5 years old directly impacts the economic potential and health care costs of the country in the next decade and beyond. Understanding and reaching Hispanic mothers who are the primary caregivers during this window of time, is a huge opportunity to influence positive and lasting change for the next generation." As a nation we face tremendous issues related to our health care system which directly impacts us as individuals, parents, employers and providers. Ongoing collaboration among government, non-profit, and between entertainment and research can help to change health outcomes; we are happy for the chance to build on the last 10 years, and continue to help to take the lead in this area. Step 1 is asking the questions" , said Cynthia Nelson, COO of Todobebé.The six major areas covered in the first study included:General Health Messaging, Health Insurance & Access to Health CarePersonal & Family Health HistoryChildren's Health HistoryEarly Education & Child Development including TV, Reading and Parental InvolvementMeal Preparation, Fast Food and Family GatheringsHome & Child Safety Demographic data on the participants include HH income, acculturation, education and language usage.For access to research or more information about upcoming initiatives, please contact Lois Mosgrove, VP Marketing, lmosgrove@todobebe.comQuick Links...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TodobebeViva la FamiliaCorporate SiteTodobebe,<br />