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Powerpoint For Linked In

  1. 1. Some of the projects by Hilton Head Design Artists to show our capabilities. This presentation is for LinkedIN Date: June 2010 of the projects
  2. 2. A Hint of the capabilities of Hilton Head Design, LLC. The following photos were projects done by artists in the Hilton Head Design Consortium. We are one stop shopping for all sorts of artisan crafted glass in many types of applications. We are wholesale for the trade, on time and always on budget. We do this with a smile and a dedicated liaison for your project so you always have someone to answers your questions and track your project…you will always have a return call or email within 4 hours of your inquiry.
  3. 3. ABOUT HILTON HEAD DESIGN Hilton Head Design is a consortium of the most talented glass and metal artists available. We translate our clients’ design vision into custom pieces of art (functional or simply fabulous) for residential, hospitality and commercial applications. Using the latest in technologies and always considering sustainability we can take anything you can imagine and transform it into a beautiful reality. Any color, form or texture is possible in the world of Hilton Head Design. Our artists have extensive experience working with aluminum, bronze, copper, cast iron, stainless steel, pewter, wood, glass and plastics. Patterns and molds are made in house. Hilton-Head-Design.com is a continuously changing gallery of our latest works. Welcome, we hope you view our site regularly. Not only do we pride ourselves in our artistry, but our customer service is second to none. A designer will always be available to assist you with your project needs-with prompt responses to your calls or emails. We can quickly design and create high-quality, professional, three-dimensional renderings for you. We can also locate a studio at the site of your project if the scope of the work demands. Hilton Head Design is proud to be an “MWDBE” (Minority, Woman-owned or Disadvantaged Business) as we are 100% woman owned. This designation is often beneficial on commercial projects. We have the capability to make lighting with all the needed listings for any part of the world. We look forward to working with you in the near future!
  4. 4. CUSTOM METALWORK In-House Metal Capabilities: All custom pieces start its life as a raw metal casting. This casting receives special attention from our artisans to remove the slag and mold parting lines inherent to foundry castings. At this point, the metal can be finished in a variety of ways. Our favorite option for aluminum is the special custom process that results in the natural, soft finish we call Natural River Rock (pewter grey, subtly speckled, organic, uncommonly beautiful). Bronze castings can be left raw and exposed to develop a deep patina over time. Bronze or aluminum can be given an artist patina, a unique piece of art applied by hand and torch. Raw or patinated, aluminum or bronze, castings can be sealed in a tough powdercoat finish, either clear or in any of an infinite variety of colors. We will be able to metal castings to enhance our glass projects. Bronze, brass, aluminum and steel…Raw, powder-coated or with a variety of artist patinas. We will also add the fabrications of sheet metals; extrusions and castings …this adds another layer to what Hilton Head Design has to offer its clients. We have just added a retinue of fabulous metal artists that are well known for their restoration and reproduction abilities. With them comes a complete foundry and metal capabilities that add a completely new layer to the Hilton Head Design Consortium.
  5. 5. LIGHTING Following are selected photos of various types of lighting installations…you can see the variety of artists in our group! We have no inventory…we make only custom pieces that are commissioned. As you view these pieces you will understand that we have a team that can create ANY TYPE OR SIZE of lighting installation…all we need is your call.
  6. 6. Lobby of Sheraton Hotel In Dublin
  7. 7. 14 of these gold leafed glass spiral chandeliers are in a specialty hotel in Singapore.
  8. 11. Four Seasons Hotel In Moscow…a series of these sandblasted glass and brushed stainless steel chandelier are situated in the in the lobby.
  9. 12. Not only was the chandelier made for this space, but the glass slab floor, also.
  10. 13. 300 piece hand blown glass chandelier in a private palazzo in Italy.
  11. 14. Hand blown, chandelier with various forms of cane in the arms. Three of these are in a private palazzo in Italy. Diameter is 22 feet.
  12. 16. 20 foot long hand blown crystal chandelier
  13. 17. Hand blown “page boy chandelier-shown in two colors
  14. 18. Glass mosaic “swag or canopy” ceiling installation
  15. 19. 6 of our “grape cluster” chandelier were featured in a wine cellar in a private home in Los Angeles. Each cluster is 6’ x 4’.
  16. 20. Hundreds of blown glass bubbles lit with fiber optics adorn this Montreal Nightclub. Inset is matching ceiling fixture that was also used in the space.
  17. 23. Chandeliers in the Vancouver Hilton…inset shows that matching fixtures were used in various configurations to tie the theme together throughout the hotel.
  18. 24. Wells Fargo Building in Yakima, Washington…chandelier measures 25 feet in diameter and 38 feet tall.
  19. 25. The Exclusive Elizabeth Lofts in Portland, OR…the “three spoon sconces & pendants and metal art are all continuous throughout the building.
  20. 27. The Metal work on the façade of the Elizabeth lofts was also fabricated by our team to match the “three spoon” theme that runs throughout the building.
  21. 28. Ritz Carleton Hotel in Denver, Colorado
  22. 29. It is obvious that several of our team were students of Chihuly and this is a “chandelier” made of blown glass plates and fiber optics.
  23. 30. This is a “vertical Bellagio” 4 ft x 6 ft with an 9 inch width front to back. Hand blown plates on both sides of the vertical…excuse the beam in the way!
  24. 31. 8 of these hand blown chandeliers are in the lobby of a well known hotel that is not yet open for business and, thus, we cannot name it.
  25. 32. Chandelier in the Atrium of the hotel. 30 feet in length.
  26. 33. Casino lighting for the Fontainebleau Hotel/Las Vegas. Unfortunately, this project was stopped by the creditors of the hotel. Linear 18 foot long fiber optic lighting…here is almost 30 linear feet completed with hand blown ornaments…there was to be almost 300 linear feet of these light. To compliment this lighting were to be several sizes of round chandeliers with the same fiber optics and blown elements.
  27. 34. Lotus flower chandelier
  28. 35. Multiple tiered chandelier in an embassy.
  29. 36. Two types of our wonderful work in optically clear glass
  30. 37. These pieces show out wonderful metal work and the use of favrille blown glass.
  31. 39. The bubbles on the LaJolla chandelier were irregular in shape (which is much more difficult than blowing round bubbles and were color matched to the materials used in the room.
  32. 40. Airy chandeliers are useful in filling space without being heavy.
  33. 41. Large multi-colored glass and metal fixture with fiber optics.
  34. 42. Hand blown “old world Italian” crystal fixture. The fixture is wonderful…we question the paint color!
  35. 43. Hand made linear optically clear glass and metal chandeliers
  36. 44. Does anything need to be explained? (9 feet long)
  37. 45. Elegant gold and crystal chandeliers in a private hotel in Budapest.
  38. 46. Gold Orene glass has been used for multiple disk chandeliers.
  39. 47. Optically clear glass chandeliers in two sizes used in the same ballroom of a hotel that is yet to open.
  40. 48. Flame chandelier with hand made glass and wrought iron
  41. 50. “ cloud” chandelier seen from below…each cloud is approximately 30 inches in diameter
  42. 54. Rustic glass chandeliers in a ski lodge in Vail, Colorado
  43. 55. Lotus inspired hand blown chandelier that sits close to the ceiling. 4 ft diameter
  44. 56. Hand blown chandelier over hand made glass slab table with hand blown bowl to match in an iridescent glass.
  45. 60. We do many custom shapes and make all the metal in house
  46. 67. Outdoor lighting-all metal (including the fence) and glass done by the artisans of Hilton Head Design.
  47. 68. Outdoor lighting and metal/glass roof at the Hilton Hotel in Vancouver, Canada
  48. 69. Stacked Glass Stacked Glass consists of many layers of precisely hand (or laser) cut glass that is stacked and deep-carved to form a three dimensional sculpture. It can be either a free standing sculpture, mounted to walls, floors, stands or banisters. Glass has a green cast to it…but we can use optically clear glass in our stacked glass that does away with the green tint. There is an example of optically clear stacked glass in the following pages. All of our designs are hand carved and hand placed by skilled artisans. Deep carved glass and stacked glass can also be bent. This adds another level of possibilities for this technique of glass.
  49. 70. Close up of a stacked glass sample
  50. 71. 6 CAMDEN LANE · HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SC 29926 · 843-592-2323 · WWW.HILTON-HEAD-DESIGN.COM 38 foot stacked glass wall with decorative glass bead installation
  51. 72. 40 foot high stacked glass wall (this could also be a water feature)
  52. 73. 42 foot high stacked glass wall with carved side as the front or feature
  53. 74. Example of CAD drawing for a stacked glass project
  54. 75. Optically clear stacked glass banister base (there is no “normal” green cast to this type of glass).
  55. 76. Carved, cast, painted and bent glass Hilton Head Design makes all glass to order according to the customers need. Deep carved glass is a specialty designer glass made through finely detailed sandblasting (we use 120 grit silicone carbide) on prefabricated flat glass. The artist carves one side into three dimensions, leaving the opposite side smooth. You can choose to have the artistic carving forward or backward facing. Cast Glass is an art glass type made by heating glass to a high temperature, and as the glass melts it conforms to a mould. Both sides of cast glass carry the design whereas Deep Carved Glass normally has carving on one side only. Bent glass is exactly that—bent to a radius specified by the client. entire piece to provide opaque or translucent effects. Art glass then can be intricately painted with airbrushed enamel. All designs may be back finished in any selective areas or across an entire piece to provide opaque or translucent effects. Painting can be done on carved glass or cast glass with a pattern cast into the glass. Due to our truly custom nature…any image or color can be attained. We work from 3/20" (4 mm) to 2" thick (50 mm).
  56. 77. Bent glass columns (carved and painted on the inside). The flowers are displayed on stacked glass columns
  57. 78. Cast patterned glass with back painting used as wall panels
  58. 79. Cast patterned glass with back painting used as moveable wall to divide a hotel ballroom
  59. 80. Large carved panels that have been back painted and lit from behind .
  60. 81. Large carved and back painted and back lit , bent glass backdrop at a hotel concierge desk.
  61. 82. Bent glass column that is back painted. The top section of this column is a fish tank—this photo seems to “shy” fish!
  62. 83. Cast glass that has been back painted to match the inspiration painting this this bedroom.
  63. 84. Restoration capabilities Hilton Head Design is pleased to offer complete restoration and retrofitting services for luminaires going well beyond just cleaning and rewiring.  We can also replicate moldings and various decorative pieces with plaster.   Capabilities:   -Conducting research as needed to assure historic accuracy of restoration (or replication)   -Disassembling and cleaning all parts -Stripping paint and old finishes from metal -Duplicating missing components -Refeinishing metal parts -Replacing missing globes and panels, etched glass and art glass -Replacing all electrical components, rewiring -Replace lamping bases with CFL pin bases or hardwired LED lamping in order to save energy -UL listings or listings needed for various countries -Reassembling and testing -Creating archival drawings The following photos are of the Portland Museum of Art major renovation project.
  64. 85. Restoration of fixtures at the Portland Museum of Art Top photo is the old fixture/bottom is historically accurate restoration
  65. 86. Restoration project—we were given one partial fixture and with historical research accurately cast solid brass with an added patina to replicate these fixtures in a restored Virginia mansion.
  66. 87. Restored outdoor bronze sconces at the Portland Museum of Art
  67. 88. Restoration includes complete rewiring & refinishing of metal and glass
  68. 89. Restoration of moldings and other decorative pieces are also within our range of services. On the left is the capital of a column we were asked to replicate. On the right is the piece we made to reinstall on the column.
  69. 90. The inset photo is the close-up of the restored pendants shown in the photo. The chandeliers were also part of the restoration project.
  70. 91. Portland Museum of Art-restored and replicated chandeliers and ceiling medallions
  71. 92. Portland Museum of Art-restored brass chandeliers
  72. 93. The Fontainebleau Hotel/Las Vegas The following are slides of an incredible feat of engineering of glass to make 35 foot high columns of glass and light with no visible internal structure. These were executed from the drawings (from David Collins Studio in London) on the following page. Hilton Head Design took that drawing and went through the engineering stages and , after 1 year, produced the first column prototype. With a 22K gold leaf capital and blue Bahia marble base…these promised to be fabulous in the main lobby of the Fontainebleau Hotel. Unfortunately, the hotel was not completed!
  73. 94. These were the drawing we were given to completely engineer (with stamped drawings) and construct 6 columns for the Fontainebleau Hotel in Las Vegas. They are 30 ft tall with gold leaf capitals and blue marble bases. There is no internal visible structure and is lit from within the column
  74. 96. Prototype column –without base in daylight
  75. 97. Prototype column –without base in nighttime setting
  76. 98. Raw base of the Fontainebleau Hotel/Las Vegas column
  77. 99. Other ways to incorporate metal & glass into your design.
  78. 103. A wonderful sculpture made by HHD and the red glass slab tiled wall to match!
  79. 114. Blown glass art installation at the Charleston, SC Civic Center. This is 14 feet across.
  80. 115. Slab glass counter with integrated sink…available in any color or design! Please view our websites for many photos of slab installations and various inspirations for slab colors
  81. 117. Classic three bowl set
  82. 119. 30 inch sculpture
  83. 121. 2 inch thick glass slab center island with polished edges in iridescent cobalt blue
  84. 122. Carved Glass Screen
  85. 125. CLIENT TESTIMONIALS "We hired Cynthia and Hilton Head Design to design, build and install two large chandeliers in our home; one above our dining room table and one above our custom floating stairwell. When we hired her, we didn't really have any design concepts in mind and asked her to be creative. She created the most breathtaking chandeliers that are just quite frankly master pieces. When we have guests over the house, the beautiful art is always one of the first things noticed and admired by our guests. Really enjoyed working with Cynthia and continue to be completely satisfied and proud to display the art she created for us." Steve Altman President, Qualcomm San Diego, California “ Cyndi and her team at Hilton Head Design provided custom designed decorative columns for the hotel lobby at the Fontainebleau Las Vegas Resort. Energetic, creative, dedicated and personable describe Cyndi and her team. They worked tirelessly to maintain an aggressive schedule and were able to deliver an excellent result. Cyndi and her team are very professional, work well as part of a team and are active problem solvers. I highly recommend Cyndi and HHD, and look forward to working with them on other projects.” Louis DeSantis President, Louis DeSantis Architect La Vegas, Nevada Formerly, VP Architecture and Interior Design at Fontainebleau Resorts CLIENT TESTIMONIALS
  86. 126. CLIENT TESTIMONIALS “ I hate the fact that customers come in and cannot stop raving about the glass chandeliers!” Robert Irvine Chef, EAT! restaurants Food Network Personality **NOTE FROM HILTON HEAD DESIGN: DON'T WORRY CHEF, THE REASON THEY KEEP COMING BACK TO YOUR RESTAURANTS IS BECAUSE OF THE FANTASTIC FOOD! “ Enthusiastic, friendly, accommodating and supportive; Cyndi and Hilton Head's team of engineers and artisans allowed us to realise an extremely challenging project- setting a new standard of glass-work construction.” Steven Saunders Senior Designer, David Collins Studio London, England “ I love all the fish chandeliers in my Hilton Head house! They are so much fun! I plan on leaving them lit even when we are not here so that anyone walking along the beach can enjoy them as they pass the house! I am happy to recommend Cyndi to anyone.” Bert Ellis Ellis Communications Group Atlanta, Georgia 30318
  87. 127. CLIENT TESTIMONIALS “ I worked with Cynthia on a restaurant project and the results were OUTSTANDING! Her knowledge and creativity was a great asset to the design team and I look forward to working with her again.” Anna Gustafson LEED AP, Designer, KS McRorie Interior Design Hilton Head Island, South Carolina “ Cynthia knows her business very well. She is very creative and not afraid to get out of the box to achieve the highest perfection. I had the pleasure of working with her as she created a mockup for a 25 foot tall, internally lit glass tubular column. The product was stunning. A pleasure to work with.” Jeff Ashley Project Manager, Fontainebleau Hotel Las Vegas, Nevada “ Cynthia is a very proficient, organized woman. She is also a great trouble shooter & can do the "hands on real work". Working with her & HHD on projects has always been exciting, & pushes the limits of my skills set as a glassblower. A deep rooted sense of style with the ability to make it happen is how she operates.” Tim Drier Master Scientific Glassblower, Dow Chemical Saginaw, Michigan