DevicePro Ultimate 2009 - Efficient Data Loss Prevention Solution


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DevicePro 2009
intuitive device management in real-time
no AD group policies or schema extensions required!

CryptionPro 2009
individual encryption of external mass storage media on a file by file basis

CryptionPro 2009 HDD
soft- and hardware based hard disc encryption with pre-boot-authentication (UserID with password, token or SmartCard)

ApplicationPro 2009
protects your clients through white list based application control

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DevicePro Ultimate 2009 - Efficient Data Loss Prevention Solution

  1. 1. DevicePro Ultimate 2009Device Management made simple and easy<br />DevicePro 2009<br />ApplicationPro 2009<br />CryptionPro 2009<br />CryptionPro HDD 2009<br />
  2. 2. Did you know that<br />up to 80% of all IT security violations<br />and up to 70% of all identity theft<br />happen within a company?<br />
  3. 3. Is a Germany basedcompanywith a strongand clear focus on security and device management<br />Is the vendor of one of the hottest newproducts for device security on the marketDevicePro 2009<br />Is managing more than 325.000 seats with its software DevicePro<br />Is extremely customer oriented and dedicated to its customer success<br />
  4. 4. Solution Overview<br />
  5. 5. DevicePro<br />ApplicationPro<br />CryptionPro<br />CryptionPro HDD<br />
  6. 6. Device Support<br />DevicePro<br />DevicePro 2009 supports the following devices:<br /><ul><li> Floppy Disks
  7. 7. CD & DVD Rom
  8. 8. USB Mass Storage
  9. 9. SD/MMC Cards
  10. 10. Infrared
  11. 11. Firewire
  12. 12. TV Tuner
  13. 13. Bluetooth
  14. 14. Smartphones
  15. 15. Blackberries
  16. 16. Bluetooth
  17. 17. WiFi
  18. 18. Parallel Port
  19. 19. Serial Port
  20. 20. PCMCIA Cards
  21. 21. PCI Express Cards
  22. 22. and more…</li></ul>ApplicationPro<br />CryptionPro<br />CryptionPro HDD<br />…<br />
  23. 23. DeviceProArchitecture<br />DeviceProSerrver<br />MSSQL DB<br />Notebook Clients<br />Desktop Clients<br />AD Domain Controller(s), Novell eDirectory<br />DevicePro<br />Online<br />WAN / Offline<br />xmlRPC<br />TAN<br />ApplicationPro<br />xmlRPC<br />CryptionPro<br />Synchronize<br />CryptionPro HDD<br />
  24. 24. Intuitive User Interface<br />DevicePro<br />Very user friendly yet powerful User Interface, designed to suit Administrators and Help Desk Workers at the same time<br />Different administrative areas can be authorized using different levels of rights depending on who is using the application<br />Helps to achieve a fast ROI as it is optimized for the fewest possible mouse clicks<br />Multilingual <br />ApplicationPro<br />CryptionPro<br />CryptionPro HDD<br />
  25. 25. Intelligent Infrastructure<br />DevicePro<br />Automated synchronizationwith MS Active Directory / Novell eDirectory<br />DevicePro does not make changes to AD but reads and updates a local copy<br />Unlike other solutions, DevicePro does not just create AD policies which also allows to manage clients which are not known by AD<br />Ability to create proprietary directory<br />Automated agent deployment & update (Push/Pull)<br />Kernel Driver tominimizeressource allocation on the client<br />ApplicationPro<br />CryptionPro<br /><ul><li>Network utilization &bandwidth management
  26. 26. Client downloads and setting updates can be scheduled as well as utilized</li></ul>CryptionPro HDD<br />
  27. 27. Intelligent Infrastructure<br />DevicePro<br />Full offline supportusingsecureTAN‘s<br />Even if a useris offline, a tray bar iconallowstointeractwiththeDeviceProagent and accessrightrequestscanbegrantedbyentering a secure TAN<br />ApplicationPro<br /><ul><li>AuditTrailforfulltransparency (SOX compliance)
  28. 28. All rightschangesthataremade on theserver will betracked and savedtothedatabase
  29. 29. Anyactionthatisconsidered as a violationofthedefinedrules will betracked and reported</li></ul>CryptionPro<br />CryptionPro HDD<br />
  30. 30. Sophisticated Rights Management<br />DevicePro<br />Built in Ticketing System for User Helpdesk<br />Supports singleclick right assignments<br />Eliminatesneed to caller-mail to User HelpDesk<br />Abilityforadminstochangelocalrights remote sessionwithouthaving to log out<br />Support for multiple modes of devicerights<br />Ability to (pre)scheduledevicepermissionassignments<br />Support for Device Whitelist<br />Support for Individual Devices accordingtohardwareID‘s<br />Support for different device right levels<br />Ability todefineowndeviceclasses in case a deviceis not properlyrecognized<br />ApplicationPro<br />CryptionPro<br />CryptionPro HDD<br />
  31. 31. Sophisticated Rights Management<br />DevicePro<br />Intelligent Content Header Filter<br />Controls all file types and can prevent specific files or types from being opened or copied<br />Supports nearly any standard file format<br />Reads file header information to prevent security breaches through renaming<br />Provides the ability (Wizard) to define own file type classes<br />Integrated Reporting Console <br />Overview Reports<br />Reports on Device Types<br />Search for unallowed file access<br />Access statistics<br />Rights analysis<br />ApplicationPro<br />CryptionPro<br />CryptionPro HDD<br />
  32. 32. Rights Management Models<br />User centered<br />Machine centered<br />DevicePro<br />ApplicationPro<br />CryptionPro<br /><ul><li>Rights Management can be user centered, machine centered or combined
  33. 33. DevicePro rights management can be easily adjusted to each company‘s philosophy
  34. 34. In case a combined model is used, machine rights go first, combined rights get second priority and in case this doesn‘t match, user rights will be taken into account</li></ul>CryptionPro HDD<br />
  35. 35. Reporting Console<br />DevicePro<br />Detailed rights overview<br />All access rights can be reviewed live at any time with a click of the mouse<br />All changes in rights can be tracked down to when, who and why<br />All changes within a defineable period of time can be reviewed at any time<br />ApplicationPro<br />CryptionPro<br />CryptionPro HDD<br />
  36. 36. Reporting Console<br />DevicePro<br />User access statistics and rights updates<br />All user access operations can be logged down to devices and even file names<br />„Missing“ files can be tracked down to <br />The user who has access edit<br />The device which it was copied to<br />The time it was accessed last<br />ApplicationPro<br />CryptionPro<br />CryptionPro HDD<br />
  37. 37. DevicePro<br />ApplicationPro<br />CryptionPro<br />CryptionPro HDD<br />
  38. 38. ApplicationPro Features and Benefits<br />DevicePro<br />Intelligent learning mode<br />Simplylauchtheintegratedlearning mode and all applicationsstartedduringthe time recorded will beshown<br />Select theapplicationsyouwantyouruserstoworkwithandapplythem to an application packet<br />Definition of roles and packets<br />Create applicationpacketsaccordingtoapplicationnamesandtheirhashesthathelptoidentifyapplicationsuniquely<br />Create roleslike Helpdesk or Administration andassignapplicationsorapplicationpackets to them<br />ApplicationPro<br />CryptionPro<br />CryptionPro HDD<br />
  39. 39. DevicePro<br />ApplicationPro<br />CryptionPro<br />CryptionPro HDD<br />
  40. 40. CryptionPro Features and Benefits<br />CryptionPro supports several ways to encrypt <br />Automatic Encryption<br />Individual Encryption<br />Encryption Type: AES 256 Bit<br />Encryption Type: Blowfish 256 Bit<br />Offline encryptionthroughMobileCryption<br />Master Password Management<br />Central Password Management<br />Access rightsbased on groupsorfor individual users<br />Individual User Notification<br />DevicePro<br />ApplicationPro<br />CryptionPro<br />CryptionPro HDD<br />
  41. 41. DevicePro<br />ApplicationPro<br />CryptionPro<br />CryptionPro HDD<br />
  42. 42. CryptionPro HDD Features and Benefits<br />CryptionPro HDD Software-based Full Disk Encryption (FDE) <br />Encryption driver in NTLoader and Microsoft Windows<br />Transparent encryption with strong algorithms<br />AES, Triple-DES, Blowfish<br />Encryption key can be chosen or random generated<br />Partition based encryption keys<br />Sector based encryption per partition<br />Encryption of operating system, data files, temp filesand hibernation file<br />Emergency recovery mechanisms based on Bart-PE<br />Encryption of external storage devices (USB and PCMCIA)<br />DevicePro<br />ApplicationPro<br />CryptionPro<br />CryptionPro HDD<br />
  43. 43. CryptionPro HDD Features and Benefits<br />CryptionPro HDD Pre Boot Authentication System (PBA) <br />Boot computerfromhardenedLinuxsystem<br />Integrated authenticationmechanisms<br />Transparent Mode (withoutauthentication)<br />Smartcard / PKCS#11 token<br />Windows Credentials (username, domain, password)<br />Integrated Boot Manager<br />Single Sign-On to Windows and Novell<br />Username, domain, password<br />X.509 certificate<br />HelpDesk Integration in logindialog<br />Offline challenge/responsewithuserhelpdesk<br />Unblock Smartcard<br />Login withoutsmartcard<br />DevicePro<br />ApplicationPro<br />CryptionPro<br />CryptionPro HDD<br />
  44. 44. CryptionPro HDD AuthenticationMethods<br />Transparent Mode<br />Nouserinteractionrequired<br />Key isobfuscated on harddisk<br />Laptop bootstill Windows logindialog<br />Minimal level of protection<br />DevicePro<br />ApplicationPro<br />CryptionPro<br />Minimal<br />CryptionPro HDD<br />Obfuscation<br />Disk Key<br />Security Level<br />
  45. 45. CryptionPro HDD AuthenticationMethods<br />Windows Credentials Mode<br />Pre-Boot-Authentication withhardenedLinuxKernel<br />Key isencryptedwithuserspassword<br />Single-Sign-On to Microsoft Windows, Novell<br />Multi usersupport<br />Medium level of protection<br />Authentication<br />Authentication<br />Authentication<br />Username<br />Password<br />Domain<br />Username<br />Password<br />Domain<br />Username<br />Password<br />Domain<br />DevicePro<br />ApplicationPro<br />Medium<br />CryptionPro<br />Decryption<br />Disk Key<br />CryptionPro HDD<br /> User 1<br /> User 2<br /> User 3<br />Security Level<br />24<br />
  46. 46. CryptionPro HDD Features and Benefits<br />Smartcard Mode<br />Prebootauthenticationwithhardened Linux Kernel<br />Key isencryptedwithuserspassword<br />Single-Sign-On to Microsoft Windows, Novell<br />Multi usersupport<br />Maximum level of protection<br />DevicePro<br />Maximum<br />ApplicationPro<br />CryptionPro<br />+ PIN<br /> User 1<br /> User 2<br /> User 3<br />CryptionPro HDD<br />Decryption<br />Disk Key<br />Security Level<br />
  47. 47. CynapsProGmbH
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