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Stomach cancer


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Published in: Education
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Stomach cancer

  1. 1. MEET AUSTIN… HE DIED OF STOMACH CANCE Photo Credits: trazomfreak
  2. 2. He was always at high risk for stomach cancer because he… Ate a diet low in fruits and vegetables… Consumed a lot of salt-cured, smoked, and nitrate-cured foods… And had a family history of this type of cancer. Photo Credits: muammerokumus Photo Credits: TheBusyBrain Photo Credits: brizzlebornandbred
  3. 3. He noticed he had indigestion a lot. And sometimes he even had a loss of appetite. A few months later he had severe abdominal pain and was vomiting blood. But it was not until he noticed black blood in his stool that he decided to go to the doctor. Diagnosis: STOMACH CANCERPhoto Credits: runran
  4. 4. Austin could have increased his consumption of fruits and vegetables and should have chosen foods that were lower in salt. He could have also gone to the doctor on a regular basis for a complete check-up. But the most important thing he should have done was to find out his family history. Photo Credits: gagilas
  5. 5. If Austin had been more aware of his family history and had taken more of an interest in his diet and lifestyle choices, He would have been living his dream as an Alaskan Fisherman; And he would have been around to marry his high school sweetheart. HE HAD IT ALL… And let it slip away! Photo Credits: tastybit Photo Credits: MiniD