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Cardio and weight training


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Cardio and weight training

  1. 1. Photo Credits: The US Army
  2. 2. Photo Credits: skippyjon
  3. 3. You need the combination of cardio and weight training for overall fitness. Cardio training uses large muscle groups in a continuous rhythmic manner for a certain period of time. These exercises elevate the heart rate of the body and increase the supply of oxygen to all parts of the body. It is great for the heart. Weight training is the focus of improving muscle strength and muscle tone. For men, this means an increase in muscle size, called hypertrophy. It can increase your lean body mass and increase your metabolism. Photo Credits: Tobyotter Photo Credits: Familymwr
  4. 4. Weights make it hard; Cardio gets rid of the lard! IMPORTANT: set aside two to three times a week for muscle-conditioning. Weight training helps to tone, lift, firm, and shape your body. Leave time for rest to restore energy, damaged muscle tissues, and exhaustion from exercise. REGULAR: cardio work outs increase the size of capillaries in the muscles which also eliminates body waste and helps relax sore muscles. RECOMMENDED: to do weight training and then cardio to prevent exhaustion and injury. COMBINATION: cardio and weight training helps build muscle mass. Doing both will help you to develop a well toned body. Photo Credits: quinn.anya
  5. 5. For more about cardio and weight training, check with the American College of Sports Medicine online. And beneficial information can also be found from and Photo Credits: ExtraKetchup