Smart IPTV solutions
confidential                                     28-2-2012       Total solution for IPTV next generation                  ...
confidential                                                                                    28-2-2012    1. Capture so...
confidential                                                                                  28-2-2012    2.. Transcoding...
confidential                                                                                28-2-2012    3. P2P video dist...
confidential                                                                      28-2-2012    3.a Content Management Syst...
confidential                                                                                28-2-2012    4. CYMTV Set Top ...
confidential                                                                                    28-2-2012      4.a UPnP/DL...
confidential             28-2-20124.a UPnP/DLNA solution                                     9
4.a UPnP/DLNA solution                         10
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CYMTV\'s january 2012 presentation

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  1. 1. Smart IPTV solutions
  2. 2. confidential 28-2-2012 Total solution for IPTV next generation 2
  3. 3. confidential 28-2-2012 1. Capture solutionIn order to capture all feed varieties, CYMTV offers a professional capture server. In partnership with Technisat, CYMTV developed a reliable and high quality capture solution. Low cost Proven track record Source from DVB-C, DVB-T, DVB-S(2) Support for CAS systems through CI slots Fully redundant 3
  4. 4. confidential 28-2-2012 2.. Transcoding server softwareCYMTV developed in cooperation with Nablet GmbH a unique solution, to secure reliable transcoding of live video(TV) stream and Video on the demand. The solution is based on the well known CODEC of MainConcept, which is used by many large enterprises all over the world.The transcoding solution can be used for all excising video formats and distribution processes, and is very easy to implement. Transcoding both Live as well as on-demand audio & video stream Secures stable, high quality video/audio performance Very easy to implement Best in class, very competitive in price Supports many different hardware options Redundant with integrated Watchdog technology 4
  5. 5. confidential 28-2-2012 3. P2P video distribution softwareThe end to end distribution platform is based on P2P technology; users share (upstream) bandwidth with their closest and most convenient concurrent user (the other “PEER” ). The more users, the more bandwidth to share. This P2P principle has huge advantages regarding capacity and costs, which is getting very relevant in case of e.g. live events Efficient use of bandwidth capacity, based on P2P technology Constant high video quality (NO adaptive bandwidth selection) Sharing content via user upstream capacity Saving up to 90 % capacity & costs Servicing unlimited concurrent users Live stream and VOD stream Clients; TV, PC (pc/mac/linux), Smart Phone & Tablet ( IOS, Android, Windows, Symbian) CMS; see next page 5
  6. 6. confidential 28-2-2012 3.a Content Management SystemCYMTV developed a CMS tool which controls  User management those server in a centralized way. Through a control centre, the CMS system can adapt  Channel management the working status of all physical and virtual servers, thus improving the system overall manageability.  Template managementSince the CYMTV system can distribute video to  Distribution management multiple terminals like PC, IPTV, 3G mobile, etc., the CMS supports the unified  Billing management management for different terminal users. The CMS system enables channel management  Subscription management and video distribution for different types of terminals, thereby achieving multi-terminal cooperated video distribution  Encryption / DRM management  Advertisement management Website content management Statistics management 6
  7. 7. confidential 28-2-2012 4. CYMTV Set Top Box CYMTV developed a Tier 2/Tier 3 Set Top box, supporting both P2P, linear, as DVB streaming content. Friendly user interface  Email 1 menu for DVB content and IP content  STB: IP only, DVB-T/IP, DVB-C/IP, DVB-S2/IP Easy to use menu selection  Prepared for CYMTV P2P stack (smart streaming solution) Low costs, high performance  Prepared for CYMTV UPnP/DLNA stack (WiFi& Internet browsing Ethernet) Pre-defined website Web shopping Social media 7
  8. 8. confidential 28-2-2012 4.a UPnP/DLNA solutionCYMTV developed together with Arkuda Digital World first UPnP/DLNA enabled STB, for exchangingaudio and video file’s, as well as TV streams via WiFi and/or Ethernet.The UPnP/DLNA solution is also available for OEM/ODM projectsTo watch TV content on your PC or mobile device, Watch the pictures from your cell phone onvia WiFi and/or Ethernet the big screen of your TVTo watch video from your laptop on your TV Watch different TV channel on your mobile device, TV and PC at the same timeTo listen to music from your cell phone on your media Watch TV channel from your STB on yourcenter laptop.To send photos from camera and watch them on TV To send photos to your printer for printing 8
  9. 9. confidential 28-2-20124.a UPnP/DLNA solution 9
  10. 10. 4.a UPnP/DLNA solution 10
  11. 11. Thank You!