Essential Tips for Project Management Meeting


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Project Manager acts as a facilitator in the meeting. Managing the meeting more effectively is more important to get the actual status of project. Project Management Templates are very useful for the meeting before the meeting, during the meeting and after the meeting.

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Essential Tips for Project Management Meeting

  1. 1. There's a meeting with your team on Thursday. In this meeting you have to discuss about the project status. As you are project manager, if the project got successful, then credits goes to whole team or if gets failed, then you are responsible for it. Every project team members are very eager to know about the project status. During meeting you have to act as normal.
  2. 2. Each & every team member of project should know about the meeting and it's timing. Along with time mention the duration of meeting and agenda so that team members will manage their task.
  3. 3. During meeting make everyone relax, whatever your status of project. People are afraid of speaking if they are under pressure. This will help you to know the truth of project progress from their individual contribution.
  4. 4. Though some people have knowledge, but they are not much talkative. So, always communicate to everyone. Some members are more talkative leaving the main scenario. Let them speak, but bring them on track otherwise it would be unnecessarily total waste of time.
  5. 5. Keep your diary with you, not blank – In diary you must mention the points to be discussed during meeting, in advance.
  6. 6. Select the format for writing the key points during discussions. Stick to that format only, otherwise you would require more time to regain the points or you would lose the important points.
  7. 7. Meeting rooms are not comfortable, pens run out at just critical moment. Plan for everything.
  8. 8. When your meeting is over, ask for feedback. You could do this directly at the end of the session or after a few days later. It’s good to get some feedback as it helps you work on what to improve for next time.
  9. 9. To carry out all the process before, during and after the meeting effectively, use the project management templates. You can schedule meeting, meeting agenda, share status report, meeting minutes and communicate with members once the meeting has ended.